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Murder MOTD

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Welcome to Poseidon Servers Murder!
General Sense
Every single server you've ever been on has the same general rules.
1. Do not do anything to harm the server or its players.
2. Respect all fellow players. No shit-talking, trolling, discrimination, etc.
3. Do not use a bug or exploit to your advantage. If you're caught, you will be punished.
4. Do not harass admins and/or other players.
5. Do not avoid punishment in any way. Leaving the server while you are being spoken to will result in you being banned for longer.
6. Use admin chat (@message) appropriately, use it only for situations in need of an admin.
7. Do not argue with a staff decision. Staff always have the final say.
8. Do not post any malicious links in the chat.
9. Any rules not listed in this MOTD are marked under admin discretion. See #7
10. Do not prop block (using props to block any doors or pathways so that it is harder for someone to pass through).
11. Do not prop surf (using props to push/lift yourself to an otherwise inaccessible location).
12. Do not spam text or voice chat. This includes singing.
Murder Rules
1. Do not attempt to hold off the round, such as by purposely not murdering people as the Murderer, not attempting to shoot the Murderer as a bystander, etc.
2. Do not name somebody the Murderer just so that you can pick up the gun once they have been shot. If you do this, both you and the shooter will be punished.
3. Do not name somebody the Murderer randomly. You must have seen them a) holding the knife, b) emanating black smoke or c) sprinting to legally do so.
4. Do not metagame. Metagaming is classified as communicating information to friend(s) privately. Teaming with a friend you are communicating with also counts as metagaming.
5. Do not gun camp. Although you may think it is a tactic, it's unfair to the bystanders and delays the round.
6. Do not camp or hide. Doing so will result in a slay as it holds up the round for everyone else.
7. Do not spawn kill as the Murderer. You must wait 20 seconds into the round (9:40 on the round timer) before you can start killing.
8. Do not spam taunts.
Bystander With A Secret Weapon Rules
1. Do not kill someone randomly. This is classified as RDM (Random Deathmatch) and will result in a slay and a warning.
2. Do not kill people upon suspicion; you must have conclusive proof that someone is the Murderer before you can shoot them, or under the conditions listed in #5-8.
3. Do not collect loot as it is stealing off other players who do not have a gun.
4. If someone is AFK, do not kill them until their body is emanating black smoke.
5. You may shoot someone if they get close to you only AFTER you have warned them to stay away through text chat and given them ample time to retreat.
6. You may shoot someone if at least three different players have named them as the Murderer.
7. You may shoot someone if they confess to being the Murderer regardless if they actually are or not.
8. If people are performing suspicious activity, such as following you everywhere, you may shoot them AFTER you have warned them to stop their activity and they continue doing so.
Staff Rules
1. Do not abuse your powers.
2. Respect all players and do not abuse them in any form.
3. If you suspect a player of hacking/metagaming spectate them for a few rounds to make sure they are before punishing.
4. Do not use the murder admin panel to your advantage. It is unfair to ALL players. If you use the admin panel, you are not allowed to tell others who the murderer is unless you have found that out through normal means.
5. Do not accept anything that isn't a proper song into the Jukebox.
6. Do not advertise other communities/server networks.
7. Do not give ANY INFORMATION about an exploit to users. Any staff member caught doing so may receive an instant demotion.
8. Do not joke around with AWarn. The management team needs serious warns only!
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