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Discord Improvements

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Poseidon Servers

Discord Changes/Improvements & Whats to come.


  • Server Staff- This role is basically a gift to all the server staff, whatever server you staff on, you'll be given a Server Staff role to show your commitment and dedication to Poseidon and its individual servers, it sets you apart from the community. (If you are staff on Poseidon and havent got this role, PM me on discord or just shoot me a message in general)
  • Reconstructing the server categories so its more neat.
  • Forum staff rank. (They'll be moderating the discord too)
  • Acorn bot (Thank @Jamie)
  • Sexy new emojis.

Whats to come:

  • Server Mapper and Server Developer ranks (Will not be separate from other ranks but a background rank with featured colors and permissions.)
  • Integration of the tiny servers that are not really active into the Official Discord.
  • Re work of the Poseidon bot
  • Sub categories for the new servers, e.g. Change logs, suggestions for those servers etc.
  • Donator Rank (Integration with the Gmod servers?)

(Please feel free suggest anything you like relating to the discord server)

Plenty more as the time goes on,




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Yo uh, someone locked this sorry, feel free to suggest below ❤️

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Very late on this thread but I just thought about an idea that’s most likely very difficult.

Ban’s from all Poseidon Servers maybe showing on the main discord, This could be done with Acorn but I imagine it would be quite difficult. @Jamie

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