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When should you apply for "insert DarkRP rank here".

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Many people aren't aware of when you should go for a certain rank on the server, but here is an idea of when you should write up your app.

When going for Trusted:
~At least have 72 hours logged (3 days) or more.
~Must have a good attitude and give a good impression towards staff members.
~Be a good person on the server and don't get banned.
~Be active on the server.
~Must be responsible to the tools that'll be given to you.
~Good knowledge of the server rules

For Trial Moderator:
~At least 170 hours logged (7 days) or more.
~Must be responsible, active and mature to staff.
~At least 15-16 years old preferably 18 years or above (but their have been younger exceptions like Vladimir).
~Must have a working microphone, even if it's a piece of shit like mine.
~Have a responsible attitude towards everyone.
~Good Attitude in admin sits (This is important).
~Can handle stressful situations, cause trust me you're going encounter autism a lot.
~Great knowledge of the server rules

However in the case of Administrator:
~A comprehensive idea on the server rules
~Have at the very least 3 months logged.
~Handle the most stressful of situations
~A very mature attitude (This too is important).
~Kind and bold personality.
~A great charisma.
~Overall be a good person to be around and be trustworthy with the decisions made.

This is a personal view on how the process should be done in general and hopefully you should follow these ideals to the letter.

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