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William's Guide to Guns and Grenades

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Have 10,000 metric tonnes of salt before reading my guide, you'll need it.

Dual Elites - Trash, for noobs who can't aim
Deagle - The most popular secondary, is well known for it's one-shot-headshots
Canary - Suggested for noobs who can hit at least body shots, Deagle still superior due to higher rate of fire (Use Deagle instead)
All other secondaries - Can be used on maps where Deagle ammo is scarce: e.g Camel
The P2 has a secondary use, it can be used to troll people into think you have a grapple/prop disguise

MAC10 - SMG with a large cone that draws quickly, effective only at short ranges
MP5 - SMG that's more accurate than the MAC10, draws slightly slower
P90 - Draws quickly and has a large cone but a huge clip, a mini HUGE
Galil - Requires better aim than MAC10 and is better at medium range
FAMAS - Laser pointer, can get kills against noobs
AUG - Scoped AR, low DPS but high accuracy
AK-47 - Very accurate with a very high accuracy but extreme recoil, highly effective when recoil is controlled
M-16 - More accurate than the AK, low DPS
Shotgun - Very ineffective against experienced players can occasionally get kills at short range, can get cheap RNG kills
Rifle - A Deagle with a scope with a slower fire rate and draw time
SG-552 - Scoped semi-auto rifle with a small cone, much worse than the rifle but can still get kills, can't 1shot
HUGE AKA Dusk's Bane - A weapon fit for a god! Only those who are worthy may truly utilise this doomsday weapon! If you can't get any kills with this, you aren't worthy.

M4A1-S - Very quiet and accurate, draws nearly instantly
USP-S - Accurate and silent pistol
Flare Gun - Deals 28 damage over time and fires with complete accuracy, typically used to burn bodies rather than in combat, sometimes offsets aim and causes panic
[Removed] Poison Dart - Pretty bad as you can just buy AWP BUT AWP might be too loud
Bee nade: Generally a waste of a credit, can kill low health players or when magneto sticked. Best used as a distraction.                                      Invis cloack: Very good against noobs, experienced players typically can see ypur outline.                                                                        Newton: Can launch people far away from a dustance, effective when target is at a height.
SLAM: Heavily relies on skill for both modes, a guide by Profwhale, famous for using the SLAMs himself, can be found here: 

TLDR: Noobs should use SMGs or other automatic weapons coupled with Dual Elites or Deagle (when you've practiced your aim)
People who can hit shots can and will use rifles and Deagles.

Feel free to correct me

Edited by William
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