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Murder Admin guidelines

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Every time a staff member punishes someone, they must warn them using awarn
If anyone has any questions regarding the guidelines. Feel free to add me at  http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197980597411/
*() If continues
Severity One rules - Warn/Mute/Kick/Slay
False callout | Warn ( Gag/mute)
delaying | Tell them to move (Kick/Slay)
RDM | Slay/Warn (Ban)
Prop Surfing | Verbal Warning (Slay/Warn)
Door Blocking | TP/Warn (Slay/Warn)
Collecting Look With Weapon | Warn (Slay/Warn)
Gun Camping | Verbal Warning/TP (Slay/Warn)
Avoiding Gag | Permanent Gag/Warn
Mic Spam | Two Round Gag (Double Rounds)
Chat Spam | Two Round Mute (Double Rounds)
Teaming | Slay/Warn (One Day Ban)
Map exploiting | Slay/Warn (Ban)
Racism/Sexism | Four Round Mute/Gag (Ban)
Advertising Application/Server | Two Round Mute/Gag (Double Gag/Mute Rounds)
Prop Blocking | Slay [(Warn, kick and ban for 2 hours in that order)
Metagaming using Player Models/ using playermodels at an advantage l Warn (Ban, length is up to admin, max length is 1 week.
Spawn Killing | Slay and warn (Kick, Ban for 2 hours)

Severity Two Rules - Temp Bannable

Avoiding Mute | Two Hour Ban (Double Ban Time)
Teaming | Two Day Ban (Double Ban Time)
Mass RDM (4+ RDMs) | One week ban (Double ban time, if continues after being banned 2 times, permanently ban them.
RDM and Leave l Ban, Length is up to the admin, maximum length is 1 day (Double ban)
Metagaming 2 week ban, Add to watchlist (Permanent ban with little chance of successful appeal)

Severity Three Offenses - Permanent bans
Metagaming+ Minge | Permanent Ban (Add to watchlist)
Hacking | Permanent Ban (No Chance of appeal if evidence is supplied)
Ban Evading | Permanent Ban
DDoS Threat | Permanent Ban
Bullying/Harassment | Permanent Ban
Attemping to get/phish people IP's | Permanent ban (Very little chance of getting accepted if appeals.)

Guidelines supplied by Monkey
Formatting by Tyger

Every time a staff member bans someone they must put them on the watchlist as a ban history by typing !watch <name> Banned for <reason>
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