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PropHunt MOTD

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Please ensure you read and understand the rules as you are accountable if you break them.
For information on our donation packages please refer to:
[General Rules]
- Do not mic spam or flood the chat box.
- Do not evade a punishment by leaving & rejoining the server
- When a staff member asks you to stop doing something you stop, no questions asked
- Do not release the personal information of players without their consent.
- Do not bully or harass people. If someone is abusing you either mute them or tell a moderator
- No sprays with shock material (gore/torture/etc), non human/adult nudity, or with sexual acts
- Do not use hacks, scripts, bugs or any other exploits, such as map exploits, to give yourself an unfair advantage. This will result in a permanent ban!
- DDOS Threats or any other kind of threat towards a player or Poseidon Servers will be dealt with by permanent bans. You have been warned!
[Prophunt Rules]
1. Use your common sense and stop if you feel like you're doing something wrong.
2. Do not hide in places where others can't kill you, see you or in inaccessible spots. (Such as behind a wall in the map)
3. No team switching all together. Especially avoiding being a Hunter. (Repeat offending will result in a ban)
4. No Meta-gaming/Ghosting; this means you cannot tell your team or friends when something is coming or what is happening when you are dead. 
5. Do not reveal map exploits or server glitches to others, Tell the admins about it with "@ <message> in chat or contact the server manager through our forums.
6.  Do not delay rounds as Hunter; either by not playing actively as Hunter or not trying to kill Props. 
7. No Propblocking is allowed. This means you cannot use props to block doorways (Such as a door with barrels).
[Banned Spots / Props]
Props - Computer part
Spots - Underneath green car
Spots - Under or behind stoves in kitchen
Under the bed
Spots - Under or behind box clusters
Props - Circular light
Spots - Behind washing machines or fridges
Spots - Inside of Tree Base and Tree Branches
Note: Any spot in which you cannot be seen by hunters is considered against the rules, use your common sense when hiding in areas that may not be accessible to hunters.
Rules are subject to change at anytime
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