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Kaptian Core (Russ)


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+1 smh, if we did get new hardware, try it out for a weekend or some shit.

Literally nothing to loose for running a test and getting some data over a weekend.

Personally had no issue with disabling the scripting shit, Lights and Lamps, for everything under moderator/admin. 

Even putting a rolling time restriction on using wire, where the longer you play the more you unlock to mitigate some of the trolling 

Or having the majority of the tools only available in a job with limited slots that also contains ranks, this would do a similar function to how police only spawn with particular items depending on rank, but would allow use of more wire tools as you rank up. It would be easier to deal with Wire Abuse, as you could just kick the player and remove d/c props.

If you could prevent people from using 'certain methods' on the sound emitters to get them stuck in walls, should be golden there too.








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I think this thread speaks for itself really. Although I can sum up some points:

  • Terrible on performance
  • Not made for DarkRP
  • Various exploits used with the most common tools
  • Takes the most basic interactions away from RP

Yeah wiremod is cool, for a sandbox server. Also, the new hardware doesn't really mean anything because the server limits the amount of resources it uses regardless.

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