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William's Intro

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I've been playing for a while now but I wanted to introduce myself properly to the community.

My DarkRp name Is William Wilson (Was Ultra Instinct Shags on former servers)

I'm ex staff from RanchRp, Problems did occur from my side and theirs resulting in my demotion and A quick permanent ban for me doing dumb shit (which I do not plan on doing on Poseiden so don't worry folks) I'm always happy to speak to others what happened and no I'm not proud about it but you live and learn.

I'm pretty friendly, I hate conflict ill try sort it out as soon as possible without staff but I definitely own up to my actions if I know I've done something wrong and will usually result in me asking if they want comp money and I always like to leave a situation with a happy ending.

I'm really helpful and will always try help players to enjoy their DarkRp experience on any server.

I don't plan on becoming staff due to previous reasons but that won't stop me from helping the Poseiden community out with minor issues.

Now I've probably said enough so I'm going wrap it up here. I hope you enjoy my presence on the server and remember if you have an Issue with anything me always feel welcome to speak to me. 

-sincerely William Wilson  


I know this sounds like an app lol

I just like to introduce my self with big sentences ( big PP + big things )

all who comment have big PP energy 

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Just clarifiying

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