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Introducing: Triton City 2.0

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Version 2.0 of Triton City is a major overhaul and fresh take of the classic Downtown layout built from the ground up, it is in no way similar to the original Triton map. It features major performance improvements, a significant amount of detail, as well as custom content. Version 2.0 improves on 1.0 in every way and fixes a lot of issues I made when I had first started to learn to map with Hammer.

My original plan was to make a completely new map of which I shared a few screenshots of in the DarkRP Discord, but ultimately decided to scrap the project halfway through and aim to remake Downtown. Originally this was to be a polished and optimised version of Downtown V2 or V4, but again I changed my mind and planned out a fresh take of the map to bring Downtown into modern times.

The map is still a work in progress but should be finished very shortly. Once the map is completed it will undergo some early testing shortly which will allow me to gather feedback and make some last minute changes. The launch of this map will be much smoother than what the original Triton was. The majority of issues relating to the first few versions of the original Triton were simply based on my lack of experience with Hammer.

Notable Features:

    - Significant performance improvements (for real this time).
    - A totally new layout that has hints of the original Downtown whilst still being easy to navigate.
    - A clean and modern aesthetic across the map.
    - Set during late afternoon/early night for a different feel. (I do have plans to make a day version but this will only happen down the track).
    - Certain businesses have lockable safes in the backroom for extra security.
    - Certain buildings have blinds that can be toggled, reducing the number of props needed to build your base.

I won't go into detail on further specifics of the map and buildings at this stage, but enjoy a few screenshots to tide you over until the official release, stay tuned for more details!







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This looks fucking spectacular, keep up the fantastic work mate.

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it looks wonderful! so much detial in the lighting and atmosphere which for RP is just perfect... and just when i discoverd evey little secret and detail the current map has to offer haha!

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