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Jailbreak Release Delayed.

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Hey, so as many of you know, Jailbreaks release date was originally going to be this Friday. I'm very sorry to say that I need to delay it for a few reasons. I really hope you understand.

Firstly, IRL stuff. Now as many of you may notice, I do have stuff to do IRL, mainly school. Now is the worst time for me to be focusing on Jailbreak as I have Internals/tests to do at this specific time. 

Secondly, how late I've been up working on Jailbreak. Usually, I sleep at around 12, which is late but normal. I now usually sleep at 1 am, I know it doesn't sound like much but it's becoming very consistent. I feel very horrible the next day.

Lastly, the number of tests and homework I've been getting considering. Like I mentioned earlier, for the next 2ish weeks I'll be having loads of tests and homework to do. I've been focusing on Jailbreak (When I know I shouldn't) instead of my actual work that needs to be done. 

To basically sum it all up, I've been feeling really stressed out from having to get a Jailbreak server up in like a few days and dealing with all the Internals at school. 

I'm very sorry that I have to delay the date that most of you were expecting. If you do understand, Thanks very much. I can't say much about when it's released but I'll definitely let all of you know when I come back (In around 1-2 weeks). After everything that keeps me up is over, I'll definitely be putting all my time into Jailbreak.

Thanks for Understanding. Sorry again.

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