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Guide to Donations

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Howdy Player! If your reading this your either here because the notifications told you or because your interested in donating, So lets get into it!

How to navigate to donations!

By now im making the assumption you have already signed into the forums, If not do that and return to this guide.

  • Firstly head over to the donation bar at the top under the Poseidon Logo. 45673543243242.PNG.0c3dd58d2b466a2c5e0ddf14f1968bac.PNG
  • You will next be redirected to https://poseidonservers.net/#Donate  
  • You will notice the page has a couple boxes, A payment option and Information regarding donations, This guide will basically just be a more Visual/Informative way you could say of that page.

How the payment works!

Alright this page provides most if not all basic information regarding Poseidon donations. But let me help you get your SteamID to actually donate.

  • To get your steamID head over to:  https://steamid.io/
  • Once your on the site get your profile link and paste it into the box to get your ID.
  • Your page should now look like the following, Get the SteamID box outlined in the picture.23455555555555555553.PNG.e80e05c4b4da36f1f72b12dc4e23579a.PNG
  • After getting your steamID head back onto the donation page and  put in the amount and SteamID along with the game mode.
  • After slam in the necessary Paypal information and relog onto the server.

If you are experiencing issues contact @Jamie Or any of the owners.

Extra information & Donation perks!


  • Exclusive Donator/Trusted jobs.
  • More tools.
  • Donator printer access.
  • And of course a shout out in the chat box!.

Forums Donator

  • Donating 10$ gives the following.
  • Donator rank on forums with Yellow name.
  • Animated Profile picture and headers.

Trouble in Terrorist Town

This information may be outdated, I recommend asking around rather then relying on this guide for TTT Perks.

  • 10$ gives the following:
  • Your Donation Tier Displayed on the Scoreboard.
  • Access to Primary Weapons & Grenades in the Loadout Menu.
  • Access to Nominating Maps in the Mapvote ("!nominate" in Chat).
  • 20$ gives the following:
  • Previous Donation Tier Bonuses +
  • Double the Weight/Power in Mapvotes
  • Spawn with Max Ammo in all your Weapons
  • 30$ gives the following:
  • Previous Donation Tier Bonuses +

Terms of Service(Based off donation page)


Conclusion & other helpful guides!

Even though I did make a warning previously regarding the inaccuracies with the donation page, Donating still helps Poseidon grow by lots! 


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Why's this in DarkRP? Someone move this to news and announcements or somewhere where it can be seen for everyone.

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Can we make this a tab in the MOTD because it's more useful than you think. 

Thanks Ecock ❤️

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Just fixed a issue with one of the pictures miseleading to another tab, 


Apologies 🙂

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