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Poseidon Servers | Rules Thread

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Poseidon Servers Posting Rules and Etiquette

Rules may vary based on circumstances, follow them regardless. These rules also apply to the chatbox, we will take serious action against those who don't follow these rules there too.

General Rules

  • Do not threaten to harm the community and/or it's players. This rule varies based on the severity/legitimacy of the threat.
  • Do not dox/reveal a user(s) personal information without their consent. (This includes private messages and/or images and other important information).
  • Do not create multiple profiles without explicit permission from an administrator. If you're caught using an alternate account while you're banned (THIS INCLUDES ALTING TO APPEAL), your ban will be extended.
  • Do not advertise another community within our forums.
  • Do not bully/harass another user.
  • Do not spam private messages.
  • Do not falsely report a user. Please use the report system legitimately.
  • If you catch a user shitposting, do not respond to the user with "Stop shitposting". We appreciate you trying to step in and make a change but please use the report function which can be located at the bottom right of any post.
  • Do not impersonate any staff of the forums. The official staff list can be found here.
  • You take all accountability for your actions.

Posting Rules

  • Do not shitpost. This is the act of posting useless/irrelevant information on an unrelated thread. There is a dedicated subforum for shitposts which can be located here.
  • Do not necro post. Necro posting is the act of posting on a thread which is more than two weeks old without any relevant information, applications are exempt from this rule as long as the post in question is NOT a shitpost.
  • Do not create posts with annoying font sizes/colours for absolutely no reason. The rant section is exempt from this rule. 
  • Do not create threads to defame another user. Please keep your personal vendetta's private.
  • Do not start useless arguments within a thread, that is your business and not the communities. We have a private message system specifically for the use of private conversation.
  • Do not create mock/joke applications or appeals. This is classed as shitposting.
  • Do not double post. This rule varies based on the severity of the double post, but will be ignored if the post is legitimate. 
  • Do not quote post. If you do not have any valuable information to add, don't reply.
  • Do not post any form of pornography or gore.

Profile Rules

  • No explicit profile images/headers. (Pornography, nudity, death, gore.)
  • Do not post ear rape as your profile song. It will be removed and you will be punished.
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  • Winner 4
  • Agree 1
  • Dumb 1
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