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The Negotiator

Moments of the Past...

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Play video for the feels...


When Clone Wars was relaunched, it was a smash hit. It lasted a while, but it died down. Died down to the point that there were just less than 20 players... For months the 1st Clone Wars server stood strong, contributing to the needs of the community as a whole. Back then the server was pulling its weight and more. As the player base died down the excuses for it's predicted death arose. They were the same at the time, "Too much lag, too much waiting time before events..." The lag is a good enough excuse but when the lag was caused by numerous barricades that weren't being despawned during event is it really the servers fault for not keeping up?, the waiting time isn't a good one as you had friends, commanders, and others to chat and get along with.. or the occasional enemy... From training and tryouts to creating your own role play with common sense. 

It can't have been the lack of content because that was coming out on at least a regular basis. Even after the resignation of the Manager and disappearance of the other... Content was still being pushed out for all of us. 

The good times, feel so long ago. Why couldn't we have that again, why didn't we get the effort we had before, Why has it come to this. Why have we failed...

The excuses had more diversity to them at some point. "The community is toxic" maybe, but what caused that?

Most people gave up on it, when the server, some of the staff, and a handful of players didn't want to give up on them. f.blazevski pushed in favor of the server to try get the things the server needed in order to generate money to start pulling its weight again.


Rambling on long after its downfall... oh dear god... 




A I D S...



I wonder if this droid could take us all down with 10,000 HP.



*Insert sad music*



*insert roast*




Snake inbound



Yes, grenades were thrown... 



What are you?



Been good ❤️

Here comes a meme *shitpost incoming*


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17 minutes ago, Vortex said:

all good things must come to an end 

same with bad things, otherwise we’re massive sadists smt

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I really wish I could’ve been apart of it, I always liked SWRP but every time I joined it (like 4 times) I was told that I need to be trained and whatnot but I couldn’t because every time I joined for some reason there was an event on so I gave up and hopped on DarkRP. But yeah it looks like a very fun era and I wish I could’ve been apart of it.

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