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Echo Knows

Echo's Event Staff Application

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~Steam Profile:  https://steamcommunity.com/id/luzzy/
~Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:655261
~StarWarsRP name:  SSGT 1409 Echo
~Time on the Server: Couple of months since the server went from Imperial and then back to Clone Wars. I was away from a long time recently but since the server has changed to Imperial I'm intending to be on a lot more whenever I'm not working at least.

~Why you want this rank: 
I want this rank because I want to bring exciting and diverse events with good storylines that won't be a majority of the players on the server waiting because there is too much dialogue. I know a lot of players on this server prefer more action, completing objectives rather than long drawn out dialogue type events. I'm not saying those type of events involving that type of roleplay aren't enjoyable but it has to have a limit to it and I believe I can do a good job balancing the two. Also when I was looking with Sevens at the new maps and addons the server has it made me excited and I had a bit of a brain storm moment of potential events we could have on the server.

~Do you agree to use the tools that come with this rank properly?:

~Do you agree to accept any types of criticism given by players, positive or negative?:

~Please put 3 of your event idea links here: they could add more than 3..?

Event 1:

Title: Descent among the People

On the Imperial held planet of Onderon the public's opinion on the Empire's occupation of the system has begun to develop Captain Kade commanding officer of the Storm Trooper Barracks stationed has been receiving and noticing traces for rebellion from a small unknown group of civilians. Every few days stolen cargo, anti-imperial propaganda posters and lack of cooperation with the general populace has installed instability and distrust with authorities. The Star Destroyer Poseidon has been tasked with weeding out the insurgents and to eliminate the threat to bring security back into the sector ISB will be largely responsible for both the operation and outcome of the assignment. 

Event 2:

Title: Erasing the Past

After the Galactic Republic was reorganized into the Galactic Empire there were a few systems who resisted Imperial rule under the Emperor. During its reign the Empire has been tasked to eliminate any insurgency within its borders a recent conflict was with the Lasat people who were not willing to ally themselves with the Empire. Deemed to be a dangerous threat the Lasat royal family, Honor Guard and even its people were considered to be too much of a risk to be left alone. So from direct orders from the Emperor Palpatine himself he ordered an extermination of the planet and its inhabitants and the task would be lead by his personal enforcer Darth Vader therefore the 501st Legion would be the selected storm troopers to carry out such a mission.  It was simple orders find and kill as well as leaving as little trace as possible to evade suspicion from the Imperial Senate.


Event 3:

A Task Left Undone

Following the decline of the Confederacy of Independent Systems to the newly organised Galactic Empire all Separatist assets would be transferred over to the Emperor's control. He immediately commanded his recent apprentice Darth Vader to dispose of the Separatist Council and to send a signal out to deactivate all remaining battledroids. Millions of battledroids across the former Confederacy territory were all successfully demilitarized although there were still a few hideouts left unchecked that the Empire soon realized. To destroy the remains of the Separatists, Grand Moff Tarkin would dispatch Commander Cody of the 212th Battalion assisted alongside with Vice Admiral Watcher both would be tasked with eliminating a droid factory still fully operational whilst manufacturing more units and being lead by a Super Tactical Battledroid.


Here are three scenarios event staff come across quite often when running events. Answer them with appropriate [ULX] commands and what actions you would take so we can see how you would interpret a various range of obstacles when running events. The more detail you put the better.

1. You decide to hold an event, and after changing the map, you realize that the map is not compatible with a lot of the players.

  1. What do you do to fix this.

If the players were not able to join because of the map compatibility I would change back to the star destroyer where I know it'll be the safest option. 

  1. How would you explain this change.

I would say in comms that on our arrival out of hyperspace to the planet we had fallen into an ambush by the enemy and adapt to the situation turning into an on-ship event instead.

2. You’re running an event with a major lore villain. Due to the fact that this lore villain is not killed in the engagement, what method would you utilize to make sure the player:

  1. Doesn’t die,

To make sure the main villain isn't killed I would instruct the player assigned to this role to flee from the battlefield once he has reached a specific HP and of course place god mode on the player so he isn't accidentally killed whilst fleeing.

  1. Doesn’t kill all the clones.

I would instruct him not to spawn camp and to avoid just massacring the shit out of all of the opposition and to give them breathing space to regroup and attack.

3. An event has finished half an hour ago, but you also have something planned. How long should you wait before attempting to start your event.

If a event had just finished half an hour ago I would firstly check on event staff as well as commanders to see if anything is happening that may require my event to be scheduled at a later time.

4. You wish to hold an event involving magnaguards/ sith acolytes. These classes tend to be difficult to scale to players, with staff or closely trusted players being typically selected. In this scenario, what would you do in the following categories.

  1. How much health would you this enemy?

It would really depend on how long I wanted them to last in the event but on average somewhere around 5000 HP.

  1. Which Saber do you use for the enemy?

I would give them a basic saber with not many attack forms to utilize so they're not overpowered. 

  1. Who would you select to be this enemy?

Staff, trusted, commanders and if not any of them then I would pick someone I know a majority of the server can trust. Last resort would have to be myself but I prefer orchestrating events rather than participating personally. 

5. During an event, a player that you have selected as an enemy/neutral begins to hijack the original plan, instead doing what they want, which ends up being a silly/stupid event.


  1. How would you deal with this situation?

I would contact the player advising them that they're not doing as I intended for the event and give them enough warning to change their actions. If they refuse I can simply pull them aside return them to their original character and assign it to someone else.

  1. If the other players also think of a method to solve the attack made by the enemies, that you had not intended, how would you react to such actions?

As long as the event ends the way I wanted it should have gone then I would let it slide and if it does not I will simply have to reorganize my original plan.



Just a note: I know I haven't been on a lot since the server changed to Imperial but I have been trying to get on as much as I can with my work mostly being at night I have only a few days a week to be on but I'll try my best to be on as much as possible.

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+1 i believe that he has the potential to be a good event staff and i have known him on the server for quite a while now. He also has some good ideas to boot.

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1 hour ago, RoboNetics said:

-1 Useless

Maybe try structuring your post into something that contains feedback for the applicant instead of your constant autism.

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It’s my nigha echo

OT: +1, good guy, ex head and more than worthy. Please accept 

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This was looked at by the staff team a while ago but it would seem as if no one ever put the results up. As f.blaze would say...

Thanks for applying but your app has been denied. If you have any questions into why contact me (Doubt anyone else will remember the reasoning).


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