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Found 2 results

  1. BlueHSomething

    Why not make a forum side poll somewhere that people will instantly see for the next server to be added when you guys are ready to bring another server back? could be dope
  2. ProfWhale

    About a couple of weeks ago I started on another map for TTT. No it's nothing like coastline I swear, but I figured I'd share progress as I've finally finished it up today. Note: I've optimised this map as best as I can. This means absolutely no water or skyboxes, just the void! If you'd rather experience the map yourself instead of reading this, the workshop link is here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1537549702 Basically the map is a series of rooms and areas based on a fictional facility I designed myself with inspiration from other sources. Players will spawn in a small cave just outside the laboratory's main entrance. This is the entrance. The room on the left is locked for a later date and will be a part of another system. Going forward through the door will reach the main area. From here, players can enter numerous rooms, hallways and open spaces to eliminate Traitors. This main area features the following rooms: Horizontal Glass Room (I didn't have a better name for this one) Red Carpet "Kitchen" Empty white carpet room Tri-Office & Filing Theater & Bigscreen Continuing forward from the door will lead you to the Fountain area around the back, which connects to the tri-office from before. Returning back to the lobby, if we turn right instead we'll reach this area: There are a few crates and desks first and then we reach the reactor & T Room. This map's T room is the glass room above. It cannot be broken, however Ds & Innos with a Grapple or Pulse can climb into them aswell. This is only detrimental in cases where players activate the void pit trap, or they choose to camp there. (For spectators sake you can possess the tower thingies there but if they're abused too much I'll make them static) Now, the reactor. No, it doesn't start a mapwide execution. Players can climb the paths alongside it for sniping vantage points and to escape other players. However, climb up enough and you'll come across a Combine Monitor. It will take a lot of effort, but eventually destroying this monitor will start a reactor meltdown, and close the blast doors. Anyone trapped inside will be killed after a few seconds. Traitors can also combat the blast doors in the T Room, by forcing them open again. This greatly increases the radius of the explosion but not by a lot. This has taken me some time and I know there are a few defects, but I'd appreciate any ideas or suggestions to do with the map. If anyone finds any bugs, exploits or issues, let me know and I'll see to them right away! Once again, thanks guys for taking your time to read this, and be sure to give the map a go if it gets added!
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