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Found 2 results

  1. Isaiahh's Suggestion for Additional Viper Player Models to SRT Key Cyan: Questions Green: Answers Blue: Subjects Purple: Links Grey: Miscellaneous Your DarkRP Name: Isaiahh Saigo Suggestion (general idea): Additional player models for the Special Response Group. Description of suggestion (expand on the idea): The 'Viper Playermodels' we have now on the server are great but aren't really enough to choose from (from my point) regarding what you want to look like as an SRG Officer. The player models should include a majority of darker camos such as the forest camo (the one Nick Bean keeps using for 2-3 years), the 2 black camos and perhaps a fair number of brighter coloured models such as the PMC (khaki and black) camo and black & white camos. How it will benefit the server: The additional player models would benefit the server by bringing more RP into the server and giving a range of customization for the SRG to look as badass as they possibly can. The player models have up to 5-6 different styles and cosmetical packs with each camo. With this suggestion, the SRG would look awesome in whatever style of cosmetics, armour or camo they have equipped. btw viper playermodels rule
  2. N.S.T.W Suspect Sighting Confidential -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suspect: Herculs Satan T.O.S: 18:36 AEST, 19/04/2019 Location: Poseidon City, Triton District At 18:36 AEST, 20/04/2019, Officer [Redacted] made a report to local operating N.S.T.W officials, claiming to have identified a male officer matching the description of international terrorist Herculs Satan. The Officer reported that Satan had infiltrated the Triton Police Department, and had acquired multiple hazardous items, including an M4A1 Carbine, Glock 19, and Shockbody Armourwear Kevlar. Satan also attained an official Triton Police uniform, and proceeded to impersonate and engage in law enforcement activities. Local witnesses report that Satan used this power to assault civilians, regardless of provocation. After N.S.T.W officials seized Police documents, it was discovered that Satan had filed a complaint about a fellow officer, Mr [Redacted], accusing him of causing damage to police property and requesting his immediate discharge. Records suggest that Officer [Redacted] was in fact discharged after these allegations were put forth. N.S.T.W officials suspect that this was an attempt by Satan to place himself in a more favourable position withing the Triton Police Department, in with intention to manipulate and gain control of fellow officers. Approximately 234 minutes after the report was made, N.S.T.W officials arrived at Triton P.D. with intention of apprehending Herculs Satan. However, it was discovered that Satan had extracted himself from Triton District. No further sightings have been reported. N.S.T.W analysis of seized Police Assets indicate that Herculs Satan successfully acquired highly classified Police Documentation. The exact nature of the stolen documentation has yet to be determined. --------------------------------------------- End Report
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