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Found 7 results

  1. Echo News & Interviews - Report 1 Changes to Poseidon???? Recent news has come out by @Jamie that management is going to be further reshaped, So far based off observations in the Forum Index it seems that Jimmy and Jamie will be taking over for a bit whilst our 2 good friends Spook and Lantos have a wonderful time in a whole another country for a bit! Emphasising previously we have noticed a new shiny purple Partner rank on Jimmy and Jamie which must be an indication of new leadership within Poseidon, Temporary or permanently? We don't know but when we find out we will ensure to keep updated on this story. On Jamie's post he has also mentioned new servers for other games coming out! We will see if we can fit in another interview with Mr Duke regarding his comments on new servers. On other news our news team has also found out that @bat shitpost count is slowly going down, This is either an indication that she has suffered Cardiac Arrest or is enjoying New Zealand to much! Other than that congratulations to the 2 new partners Jimbo and Duke! Have a good day to whom may read this.
  2. Good morning, evening and I guess night in some instances! Lately I have got pretty bored and decided to start up a new set of posts regarding the logistics of how things work, News and interviews with users around the community! First up we have a interview with the one and only... Malcolm Turnbull/ Nukaa Firstly huge congratulations on receiving a Forum Moderator rank before we showcase our recent interview with @Malcolm. In our interview many questions were asked about Malcolm's Head Admin Position and what he does behind the scenes to keep the Staff team operating and the users happy. Our first question we asked Malcolm was the following. What do you do as a Head Administrator at DarkRP? Pretty difficult to balance out Staff and Player happiness with constant rule changes and more. What's your favourite part about being a Head Administrator on DarkRP? Not gonna lie, Did not expect a answer like this. Truly shows the time put into the consideration of the server by Malcolm! What's the worst thing you have dealt with as a Head Administrator on DarkRP? What's the process of implementing a rule onto the DarkRP server? Truly shows the process of how a change is made to transition to players and general play, I can assure you from a bystanders view its a shitshow of myself sending memes regarding the arguments. On a scale of 1-10 how much do you wish to euthanise the staff member known as @Yuki ?? I hate the animal as well, @Nick Bean can you supply us a Panzer Division? Anyways that was our interview with Malcolm and hopefully the start of many more in the future to give an insight on the logistics of Servers and general news! To contact Malcolm regarding Staff, Issues with Users or anything regarding DarkRP you can contact him at the following! Nukaa#5788 DarkRP Discord (We cannot supply the link due to constant deletions of the links)
  3. As some of you may be aware, Nvidia has unveiled its' new line of GPUs on their new Turing architecture, somewhat oddly named the RTX 20-series. This new line of cards boasts up to 6x better performance over the previous models, and provides support for real-time ray tracing, which can make games and animations look absolutely stunning (As shown off in this gorgeous demo, Project: Sol). Whilst there's a short list of games that currently support this new technology, and three of them were shown off, Nvidia will be working with Microsoft to try and expand support for this new technology with a DirectX Ray Tracing API. RTX 2080 Ti Both the Founders Edition and the regular edition 2080 Ti will be sporting 4 352 CUDA cores and a base clock of 1.35 GHz, however they do differ in their boost clocks; The 2080 Ti FE has a boost clock of 1.635 GHz, whilst the 2080 Ti boosts to 1.545 GHz. Both cars are configured with 11 GB of GDDR6 RAM, with a memory speed of 14 Gbps (an improvement over the 11 Gbps of previous GDDR5X models) and a bandwidth of 616 GB/s. The cards sport three Display Port connectors, a HDMI port, and a USB-C port to support the new VirtualLInk standard for VR, which you can read more about here. In layman's terms, Nvidia's new flagship is a very powerful card and boasts huge improvements over previous generation Pascal cards. RTX 2080 and RTX 2070 The RTX 2080, again, is available at reference and Founders Edition spec. There are 2 944 CUDA cores on both variants, with a base clock of 1.515 GHz, but whilst the reference card boosts to 1.710 GHz, the FE card will boost to 1.8 GHz. Both cards show off 8 GB of GDDR6 memory, with speeds of 14 Gbps and a 448 GB/s memory bandwidth. Less powerful, but not to be ignored, the RTX 2070 ships with 2 304 CUDA cores on the FE and reference models, a base clock of 1.410 GHz, and a boost of 1.620 GHz and 1.710 GHz respectively. The 2070 will be shipping with the same memory configuration and speeds as the 2080. Whilst not Nvidia's shiniest cards, they're still great performers, and still boast the new ray tracing technologies. RTX 2070 cards will be starting at an MSRP of US$499, RTX 2080 at US$699, and the 2080 Ti at US$999; The cards are currently available for pre-order and will be shipping late September. Founders Edition cards are also available for pre-order at US$599, US$799, and US$1199, respectively.
  4. To prepare for AMD's Ryzen Threadripper 2000-series, prices have quietly been slashed on current generation CPUs. Whilst the platform isn't the cheapest to support, you can pick up a Ryzen Threadripper 1900X, an 8-core/16-thread processor, in the neighborhood of US$300. The 1920X and 1950X models, respectively 12-core/24-thread and 16-core/32 thread, are also both retailing for around $400 and $700. If you've been interested in picking up a Threadripper CPU, now might be the time to grab one, before newer generation processors drop later in the year. Source: https://www.anandtech.com/show/13273/amd-slashes-prices-of-first-gen-ryzen-threadripper-cpus
  5. Rolling out to Linux users is a new Steam Play beta, allowing for native Windows titles to run effortlessly on Linux! This is made possible through Proton, a modified distribution of Wine, which Valve have made open source on GitHub. As Valve have been trying to detach from Microsoft and Windows for a while now (see SteamOS) it comes as no surprise that Valve is actively working on making games more and more compatible with Linux. A list of games, available in the source provided below, have been whitelisted to work with this beta with little to no performance drop, and more games are expected to be on this list in the future; for those who want it, however, you may optionally attempt to play any Windows game, although it is expected to come into some issues. Whilst there have been solutions to playing Windows games on Linux, and game developers have been supporting Linux natively much more often, the back catalogue of Steam games being available to Linux users natively without any hassle is fantastic. Source: https://steamcommunity.com/games/221410/announcements/detail/1696055855739350561
  6. Released in 1982, Michael Jackson's Thriller became the best selling album of all time; recently, however, this position has been overtaken by The Eagles' Their Greatest Hits, which has gone platinum over 38 times, equating to more than 38 000 000 album sales. In comparison, Thriller sits at 33x platinum, although it still holds the top spot worldwide with 47 million copies sold. To further solidify The Eagles' rock n roll prowess, they hold the #3 position, too, with their 1976 release Hotel California, which has an impressive 26x platinum. Source: https://consequenceofsound.net/2018/08/the-eagles-michael-jackson-best-selling/
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