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Found 2 results

  1. Echo News & Interviews - Report 1 Changes to Poseidon???? Recent news has come out by @Jamie that management is going to be further reshaped, So far based off observations in the Forum Index it seems that Jimmy and Jamie will be taking over for a bit whilst our 2 good friends Spook and Lantos have a wonderful time in a whole another country for a bit! Emphasising previously we have noticed a new shiny purple Partner rank on Jimmy and Jamie which must be an indication of new leadership within Poseidon, Temporary or permanently? We don't know but when we find out we will ensure to keep updated on this story. On Jamie's post he has also mentioned new servers for other games coming out! We will see if we can fit in another interview with Mr Duke regarding his comments on new servers. On other news our news team has also found out that @bat shitpost count is slowly going down, This is either an indication that she has suffered Cardiac Arrest or is enjoying New Zealand to much! Other than that congratulations to the 2 new partners Jimbo and Duke! Have a good day to whom may read this.
  2. Good morning, evening and night I guess for wherever you live, Today we have one of Poseidon's best and in our interview we got lots of information regarding his work at DarkRP. We also understood how he co-operates with Malcolm's Backend community work and Bat's community interaction, Now its time to introduce the one and only... Jimmy Mann In our interview we asked many questions regarding development on DarkRP and we got insight onto how the server becomes well "A server"! What is it like managing DarkRP? What's the most ambitious/elaborate project you have made for DarkRP? What sort of development can we expect in the future? What is the most difficult part about managing and developing DarkRP? Once again detailed response from one of the people we have decided to interview and once again shows us the detail and commitment put into the server, We are hoping to branch out to other Poseidon servers and interview there managers just like DarkRP shown here. Nothing else can be said to summarise Jimmy besides the fact he is a legend and the day he leaves Poseidon will be the saddest of them all (Infernus or Jimmy, Make your pick) Anyways if Jimmy responds everyone needs to hit his response with a FAT Jimmy react as a token of appreciation to the lord. How to contact @Jimmy? DarkRP Discord DarkRP-Issues and Suggestions subforum.
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