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  1. Onboard Ship roleplay is possibly one of the least done things done on the server, That's just made off simple observations over time. Further proof can even come from staff members from this thread There are so many opportunities but nobody even tries but hey, May as well try! Suggestions for Players Lets start with suggestions before moving onto a possible reason to why players probably ignore On ship RP. Fixing Vehicles | Use /roll and create a small chance game with others! Do Supply Missions | Hyperspace to Hoth and grab supplies. Training | Self explanatory, This is not done enough. Create a under the radar business on board | Polish weapons for credits etc (Under the Radar = Unknown to more senior members or Officers unless authorised) Create a small Training TDM missions like the ones present on Kamino Customize your regiments bunks with discretion from your commander Help Navy or Science Officers with errands Make small temporary living spaces with discretion And much much more! This is merely a small amount of suggestions but their are so many more opportunities that never happen. The Issue One of the main reasons i see On Ship role play never happening is mainly because of the lack of tools people are provided with. I'm lucky that I have a moderator as a Regiment Commander so that we at least do a little bit but the overall issue is just lack of tools. Admittedly this is one of the main reasons I myself found it boring at times because i couldn't make my own role play. Though trusted exists i feel as if the rank is taken very seriously which of course to grant someone trust they must show themselves as reliable players. But even now Trusted and Users still lack so many tools. Here are ways i could see this partially being fixed. Creating a Automatic rank system that grants a user a couple more perms after a set amount of time. Eg 1-2 days of playtime equates to a automatic "Member" rank of some sorts that provides more tools. A general revamp of the entire Trusted System. If you have anymore ideas post below! OnShip role play really only requires 3 things Ability to spawn a small amount of props, Even a prop limit of 30-50 is well enough. Ability to move them. Ability to Weld. Trusted should have access to all of these but when a large group of people Don't think they fit the requirements such as age it discourages them from the fact and the cycle repeats itself of only having role play whenever @The Negotiator makes a event alongside with Event Staff. Conclusion In short a change should really happen with the permission regarding tools as its one of the major factors to players not role playing as much as they should onboard. Any suggestions just post them down below.
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