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  1. So I was banned? so this is normal practice by admins in banning people Great!!! hope someone can see that shit response. And who is my friend?
  2. Yeah im not sure why I was banned for metagaming I did spoil Endgame a little but that is it Monkey got quite angry over that but I never did metagame not sure that was never brought up when I was playing so I cannot think why other than the admin was Marvel fan which I can see why he would want to ban me really Idc anymore just delete this thread.
  3. Can you tell me when I was metagaming?
  4. What? How was I metagaming?? I legit have no clue. When saying things like this have proof why was I banned even what exactly did I do dude? Sorry if Endgame was spoiled for you but thats all I did.
  5. ~ Steam name: Cheech~ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:0 idk https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198104249524/ This I guess.~ Game mode: DarkRP~ Ban Reason: Ban evasion ~ Banned by: Steve Harris ~ Length of ban: Permanent ~ Your Evidence: I legit cannot remember it was well over a year ago probably longer. I don't even know how I would evade a ban? was it IP or something who knows I live with more than one other person that plays Gmod? ~ Reason you want to be unbanned: To play on here I put many hours in this server and have money on it.
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