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  1. I dont know how Im gonna spend my weekend now ?
  2. So BRDM is also when a cop is trying to arrest you isnt that only when you kill somebody for no reason what so ever
  3. ~ Steam name: Bobby Deano~ Steam ID:STEAM_1:1:107683108~ RP Name: Bobby Deano~ Ban Reason: RRDM |BRDM | FFRP~ Banned by: Quentin Jones~ Length of ban: 1 Day~ Your Evidence: It was one day but that was on wednesday and today is friday so Im really confused.
  4. ~Steam Name: Bobby Deano. ~RPName: John Flint ~Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198175631945/ ~Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:107683108 ~Any Donations? Yes $10 ~Why you want this rank: [50-100+ Words] I really love the server. I started playing about 2 weeks ago and I have gained 3+ days and I'm ceartain I will play on the server for many years to come or even longer. I know this isn't 50+ words but I couldn't be bothered writing that much because I want to play DarkRP. ~What will you do with the extra tools & commands that you receive?: [25-50+ Words] I will build better bases with other people. If I see somebody cheating in one way or another I will alert a staff member immediately if none are online I will ask everyone over OOC if they have any objections, If its overwhelmingly positive that they didn't I will contact a staff member so they can investigate. ~Do you agree to use the tools(adv dupe, light, etc) that come with this rank properly?: Yes
  5. Are you doing anything about my ban?
  6. How do you want me to get proof? What, you want me to record all of this or something because this is bs. I killed all these people at different times not all at once. I killed the 2 hostages then like 20 mins later I killed the other guy but that was a misclick then 10 minutes after that I rdmd the cop. I even told one of the admins that I misclicked that guy straight after I did it.
  7. Wun Hun was one of my hostages and I the guy who I was teamed with was Dazza
  8. I was based with a guy called Dazza if you dont believe me
  9. Two of those people were actually my hostages. You can even ask them yourself
  10. I never killed 4 people thats a lie
  11. I didnt kill 4 people. I really didnt I swear on my life
  12. Steam name: Bobby Deano Steam ID: 76561198175631945 Game mode: DarkRP~ RP Name: Bobby Deano Ban Reason: MassRDM (4) | DCTAP Banned by: Majin Goo Length of ban: 4 days Your Evidence : None Reason you want to be unbanned: Its the only DarkRP server that I love. I didnt MassRDM either I only killed one person but this was a horribly decision and I am sincerely sorry. Thank you for your time
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