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  1. woods

    send me your paypal i love you
  2. woods

    Very frustrating yeah and then the coding comes in and you just call it a day
  3. woods

    I've tried super hard the last few days man I just can't get my head around it all, not many good tutorials online. I would appreciate that a lot mate
  4. woods

    it's too much for me hahaha if there's a good chance that the skin would be approved i would just pay someone to do it
  5. woods

    i put it into blender and it had a skeleton/bones so i assume it's all good. The size seemed to be the normal gmod default civ size i'm only 2 days into researching/playing with modelling so i really have little to no idea
  6. woods

    I knew I had seen Kurt in gmod before, just found this guitar hero 5 port and it works in blender but I am shit at the coding side and can't do it myself, might just pay someone to do it https://www.deviantart.com/jc-starstorm/art/Guitar-Hero-5-Kurt-Cobain-683895709
  7. DarkRP - Kurt Cobain I think some musical skins for the DJ job would be cool. Famous musicians like Kurt Cobain, the beatles etc. (I swear I have seen a Kurt skin in game before but can't find on workshop) I think this would open the DJ role up for more purpose and allow people to busk or perform concerts and not just play music