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  1. oh you mean Christchurch i thought you meant a christ church in general
  2. finally someone can see my vision i love this, adds a whole new fresh way of making money and gameplay in general
  3. if you want people to take it serious a role adds protection and rules + adds seriousness about it
  4. Your DarkRP Name: Kurt Cobain Suggestion: Adding a cult/religious faction to the server (Before you say just do it on civ or whatever I think a proper role with rules is cleaner + the scary skin adds fear of the sketchy areas of the map) Description of suggestion: Adding a new job/faction as a cultist to the server. The main idea being a religion or common cause. I think the new map has a really dark feel to it, making a cult not so out of place. I think a hooded kinda skin would be cool to "hide" the identity of the cult members, maybe something like this? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=819421137 How it will benefit the server: -Adds religion to the server -Allows server to widen the view on politics -Adds content for a lot of roles like Police, SWAT, Journalists etc. -Gives players a fresh form of Roleplay -Can add fear/mystery to the server -More possibilities for creation -Another option for people that don't enjoy intensive roles so much -More opportunity to really utilise the map including the underground
  5. hey that's a good idea, maybe swat don't have to be checked if they have been deployed with the gask mask skin on
  6. DarkRP Name: Kurt Cobain Suggestion: Infection Outbreak Random Events Description: Random infection outbreaks in the city (Same feature as lockdown?). All people need to go to the hospital to be tested by doctors. Police and SWAT will need to control the chaos in city while also being tested themselves. Those deemed sick will have to go to a certain designated quarantine zone. Those deemed fine or those that don't want to participate must lock themselves in their home. Doctors and Mixologists will have to work together to make a cure and treat quarantined patients. DJ role will have to live update the server over the radio on the Infection status. Journalists could possibly give hints leading up to the event. I'm not sure if there is a mod for this, there seems to be some from a quick google search, otherwise could quite easily be roleplayed. Obviously these events couldn't be too often as I understand a lot of people don't want the bother and it is a lot of work. How it will benefit server: - If the server seems a bit quiet this will add a lot of life to it. - Will give more content for specifically Police/SWAT, Doctors, DJ and Mixologists. - Every role is involved and can enjoy it. - Lots of creative/design opportunities. - Haven't seen it done before so could attract new players. - Also adds more content for the DJ role.
  7. Hi there was a bit of chaos while no admins were on so I made a little video with some proof. ~ Game mode: DarkRP~ Steam ID: BIG NUTS (STEAM_0:1:57001925) Joey bogpee (STEAM_0:1:56490625) ad min (STEAM_0:0:101288406)~ Reason for ban request: As show in video (False META arresting/harassment, RDMing~ Evidence: Attached video PROOF_VIDEO.mp4
  8. send me your paypal i love you
  9. Very frustrating yeah and then the coding comes in and you just call it a day
  10. I've tried super hard the last few days man I just can't get my head around it all, not many good tutorials online. I would appreciate that a lot mate
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