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  1. -1 Have to agree with Almond for this one, sorry mate. GL my man.
  2. me r watching Jojo: WACKY EXPLORATION PART 5 - blonde, kinda gay but not gay, kid of a vampire vs bipolar pink haired bdsm artist (NO DRUGS BTW) only real weebs will get this AM I RITE
  3. +1 Sal is, in my opinion, one of the sweetest people on the server, he is also extremely nice and well spoken and well mannered. GL my man.
  4. +1, to be honest, don't know who you are and I know you feel the same way about me. But from what I've seen on the forum and in OOC, you seem like a top bloke who knows the rules and someone who knows how to interact with people. On top of all of that, you seem extremely well-liked by the community. GL my man.
  5. 1. Your DarkRP Name: Phat Cook 2. Suggestion (general idea): My general idea would be to rework the taser the officers use so that it not only stops the target from moving but turning/spinning 3. Description of suggestion (expand on the idea): The tasers current state it is practically useless as the tasers main use is to make it so it is possible to arrest someone who is evading arrest. However, if you do land the taser a vast majority of people just start spinning like a fucking Beyblade. 4. How it will benefit the server: It would make it easier for officers to arrest perps and it would also make the non-lethal option more attractive as it is less of a hassle.
  6. Na my man, I would have to disagree. I would say alter the gangs' salary so they are the same but other than that I like the salary system.
  7. Fuck yeah man, been 2 years so most likely you have matured and bat is cool with it. GL my dude.
  8. Flames

    FearRP Poll

    I would say remove/alter it, as what @Nick said hit the nail on the head. For me personally, it restricts fun and unique RP situations as you are at the mercy of the person with the gun and have little to no room for flexibility. I also believe it would give an added orginality which would help the server further stand out from the pack. I wouldn't really know what to suggest to have in place of Fear RP, but I believe removing/altering it would be the way to go.
  9. This looks fucking spectacular, keep up the fantastic work mate.
  10. +1 Would love this as it would add more depth to the gang system.
  11. +1, Funny, knows the rules and fun to RP and gamble with. GL my man.
  12. +1 Seen you around as S.W.A.T here and there and you seem like a chill guy. GL my man.
  13. +1 Has a bunch of hours, knows the rules and is quite mature. Can't think of a reason to say no. GL my man.
  14. +1 Mr Simple is a top cunt who is dedicated to the RP and gives me a good laugh. GL my man. However, I recommend you look over ALL of the trusted documents as you are missing an IMPORTANT quote.
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