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  1. Rahj

    +1 good guy and very helpful.
  2. nice OT: Good work man, looking sharp
  3. Rahj

    > ”Hardcore Nigger Artist”
  4. Yes, I am aware that you poured a great amount of time and effort into the server and did a great job of it. I am just stating in general that the amount of times the older players have done things like this, constantly shit talking or being disrespectful directly to me is upsetting. Now I am not the only TTT manager who has felt this way, there are quite a few others which I won’t name due to discretion, difference is I’m not going to stand for any of it. Unfortunately where you left and the server fell into ruin of being down for ages, everything broken etc, that is where I had to pick it up from, and it wasn’t easy considering there was about 3 players actually interested. I understand the hard work required to jump-start, develop things, etc. I honestly didn’t think TTT would come out of that as it was that bad but it pulled through. We currently have leys hitreg as people once again still complained about moats alternative one. I’m going to either go back to moats or see what I can do with leys. Now don’t worry, I didn’t delete the XP system. I never delete any previous work when adding new implementations for this exact reason, if shit hits the fan I can easily revert it or work out a solution. The database is also in-tact, so everyone has their ranks from when it was removed. I wouldn’t carelessly disregard previous managers work just like that. I am referring to all veterans who compose themselves in a disrespectful and unthoughtful way. You I know are not one of them, but this thread proved otherwise. I can see now that it is out of sheer frustration in which is completely fine. To be completely honest with you, I didn’t even know that thread existed. There was another one previously by yinmaster which I’ve replaced but I was unaware there was another in issues and suggestions? I’ll remove that ASAP. I appreciate what you’ve done for the server and I do enjoy you and the older players feedback as it is usually valid. But I ask one thing, just compose it in a nicer manner. I didn’t realise you were banned from the discords but maybe you could’ve shoot me a forum message or something instead of creating this. Thank you, I hope this server pulls through and expands like never before.
  5. Let me tell you what's happened and let this be a lesson to all the veterans (older players). Instead of blatantly criticising everything you yourself dislike, "this is shit", "this is terrible", "remove this shit" etc, give a legitimate reasoning behind it. I don't care who you are or what stance you've had on this community, I'm not even going to bother considering anything said if you don't provide logical reasoning, let alone any at all. I have a question in return, what was the point of this thread? You literally could've dm'd me or went on issues/suggestions in the discord and shared your thoughts there (with reasoning). Another thing, considering you haven't played in a while you obviously aren't sure on what's happened/currently happening. So, before you make a public thread titled "what the hell happened.", find out at least one fact before jumping to conclusions. Now, to answer your brilliantly composed question: The HUD is being changed to the old one whilst a HUD changer is being developed. The scoreboard marking has been an issue for a while, unfortunately the server I was given had A LOT of things wrong with it which I am still fixing to this day. I am well aware of this issue and it will be resolved in given time. The hitreg, like what I stated above. I was burdened with the world's shittiest hitreg. I am also, well aware of this issue and I am working on a fix. The elo system is also being changed to the old one, people either love it or hate it. To save all the complaining, I have decided to revert to the original one and do some major adjustments to the code as it is quite shitty tbh. The elo system also contains numerous features that are extremely useful to TTT, though all you really need to know is that, it is being swapped with the xp system. The chat font is remnants of the chatbox (by Exho) we had for a little bit. I have been meaning to change it but have forgotten about changing it due to being busy with more pressing matters. Not sure what you mean by no hitmarkers because there are hitmarkers... The medals are a part of the xp system which is being re-instated. To answer your other question of "why was anything changed in the first place," this is quite the question to ask... If you mean why did I change things to get the server population from 0 players on a day to 16-20 players a day, well I changed a lot of things to revive the server as it was in a horrible state, everything broken, no players, nothing. I'm not going to bother explaining more as this question is pretty self-explanatory. Sorry if I've come across as a little hostile and rude, I am just fed up with all the older players attitudes and lack of respect for anything. This post is no where near as bad as what I've noticed but still pretty shitty dude. I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from when people shit on you for things they aren't even well addressed about. I respect your input and feedback to a big extent, but have the damn decency to convey your message with a little more respect, provide good reasoning and proper structure. If you want something changed, now you know how to go about it. Now that we've settled this, let's have a civil, respectful and logical conversation next time about things that you believe should be changed. Other than this, your attitude is a big yikes from me, being a previous manager. Have a nice night, Dusk.
  6. Rahj

    This isn’t a plugin, it’s simple Minecraft mechanics. The economy, however and being able to sell the cactus for value is a plugin. I’d recommend getting essentials (plugin) if they haven’t already as it has a pre-inbuilt economy or finding a dedicated economy to substitute. That is if, this suggestion is passed.
  7. Rahj

    Accepted - welcome to the team. Add me on steam if you have any questions.
  8. Rahj

    Accepted - welcome to the team. Add me on steam if you have any questions.
  9. Rahj

    Accepted, welcome back.
  10. Rahj

    Lest we forget
  11. Rahj

    Emu War From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search Emu War A man holding an emu killed by Australian soldiers Date 2 November – 10 December 1932 Location Campion district, Western Australia Also known as Great Emu War Participants Emus Sir George Pearce Major G.P.W. Meredith Royal Australian Artillery Outcome Failure. See Aftermath The Emu War, also known as the Great Emu War,[1] was a nuisance wildlife management military operation undertaken in Australia over the latter part of 1932 to address public concern over the number of emus said to be running amok in the Campion district of Western Australia. The unsuccessful attempts to curb the population of emus, a large flightless bird indigenous to Australia, employed soldiers armed with Lewis guns—leading the media to adopt the name "Emu War" when referring to the incident. While a number of the birds were killed, the emu population persisted and continued to cause crop destruction. Background Following World War I, large numbers of ex-soldiers from Australia, along with a number of British veterans, were given land by the Australian government to take up farming within Western Australia, often in marginal areas. With the onset of the Great Depression in 1929, these farmers were encouraged to increase their wheat crops, with the government promising—and failing to deliver—assistance in the form of subsidies. In spite of the recommendations and the promised subsidies, wheat prices continued to fall, and by October 1932 matters were becoming intense, with the farmers preparing to harvest the season's crop while simultaneously threatening to refuse to deliver the wheat.[2] The difficulties facing farmers were increased by the arrival of as many as 20,000 emus.[3] Emus regularly migrate after their breeding season, heading to the coast from the inland regions. With the cleared land and additional water supplies being made available for livestock by the West Australian farmers, the emus found that the cultivated lands were good habitat, and they began to foray into farm territory—in particular the marginal farming land around Chandlerand Walgoolan.[2] The emus consumed and spoiled the crops, as well as leaving large gaps in fences where rabbits could enter and cause further problems.[4] Farmers relayed their concerns about the birds ravaging their crops, and a deputation of ex-soldiers were sent to meet with the Minister of Defence, Sir George Pearce. Having served in World War I, the soldier-settlers were well aware of the effectiveness of machine guns, and they requested their deployment. The minister readily agreed, although with conditions attached: the guns were to be used by military personnel, and troop transport was to be financed by the Western Australian government, and the farmers would provide food, accommodation, and payment for the ammunition.[2][5] Pearce also supported the deployment on the grounds that the birds would make good target practice,[6] although it has also been argued that some in the government may have viewed this as a way of being seen to be helping the Western Australian farmers, to stave off the secession movement that was brewing at the same time, and towards that end a cinematographer from Fox Movietone was enlisted.[2] The "War Military involvement was due to begin in October 1932.[5] The 'war' was conducted under the command of Major G.P.W. Meredith of the Seventh Heavy Battery of the Royal Australian Artillery,[2][6] with Meredith commanding soldiers Sergeant S. McMurray and Gunner J. O'Hallora,[8] armed with two Lewis guns[9] and 10,000 rounds of ammunition.[6] The operation was delayed, however, by a period of rainfall that caused the emus to scatter over a wider area.[5] The rain ceased by 2 November 1932,[2][5] at which point the troops were deployed with orders to assist the farmers and, according to a newspaper account, to collect 100 emu skins so that their feathers could be used to make hats for light horsemen.[10] First attempt On 2 November the men travelled to Campion, where some 50 emus were sighted.[2] As the birds were out of range of the guns, the local settlers attempted to herd the emus into an ambush, but the birds split into small groups and ran so that they were difficult to target.[6] Nevertheless, while the first fusillade from the machine guns was ineffective due to the range, a second round of gunfire was able to kill "a number" of birds. Later the same day a small flock was encountered, and "perhaps a dozen" birds were killed.[2] The next significant event was on 4 November. Meredith had established an ambush near a local dam, and more than 1,000 emus were spotted heading towards their position. This time the gunners waited until the birds were in close proximity before opening fire. The gun jammed after only twelve birds were killed and the remainder scattered before any more could be shot.[8] No more birds were sighted that day.[2] In the days that followed, Meredith chose to move further south, where the birds were "reported to be fairly tame",[11] but there was only limited success in spite of his efforts.[2] By the fourth day of the campaign, army observers noted that "each pack seems to have its own leader now – a big black-plumed bird which stands fully six feet high and keeps watch while his mates carry out their work of destruction and warns them of our approach."[12] At one stage Meredith even went so far as to mount one of the guns on a truck: a move that proved to be ineffective, as the truck was unable to gain on the birds, and the ride was so rough that the gunner was unable to fire any shots.[2] By 8 November, six days after the first engagement, 2,500 rounds of ammunition had been fired.[6] The number of birds killed is uncertain: one account estimates that it was 50 birds,[6] but other accounts range from 200 to 500—the latter figure being provided by the settlers. Meredith's official report noted that his men had suffered no casualties.[2] Summarising the culls, ornithologist Dominic Serventy commented: On 8 November, representatives in the Australian House of Representatives discussed the operation.[6] Following the negative coverage of the events in the local media,[14] that included claims that "only a few" emus had died,[4] Pearce withdrew the military personnel and the guns on 8 November.[4][6][15][16] After the withdrawal, Major Meredith compared the emus to Zulus and commented on the striking manoeuvrability of the emus, even while badly wounded. Second attempt After the withdrawal of the military, the emu attacks on crops continued. Farmers again asked for support, citing the hot weather and drought that brought emus invading farms in the thousands. James Mitchell, the Premier of Western Australialent his strong support to renewal of the military assistance. At the same time, a report from the Base Commander was issued that indicated 300 emus had been killed in the initial operation.[16] Acting on the requests and the Base Commander's report, by 12 November the Minister of Defence approved a resumption of military efforts.[16] He defended the decision in the senate, explaining why the soldiers were necessary to combat the serious agricultural threat of the large emu population.[4] Although the military had agreed to lend the guns to the Western Australian government on the expectation that they would provide the necessary people, Meredith was once again placed in the field due to an apparent lack of experienced machine gunners in the state.[2] Taking to the field on 13 November 1932, the military found a degree of success over the first two days, with approximately 40 emus killed. The third day, 15 November, proved to be far less successful, but by 2 December the soldiers were killing approximately 100 emus per week. Meredith was recalled on 10 December, and in his report he claimed 986 kills with 9,860 rounds, at a rate of exactly 10 rounds per confirmed kill. In addition, Meredith claimed 2,500 wounded birds had died as a result of the injuries that they had sustained.[2] Aftermath Despite the problems encountered with the cull, the farmers of the region once again requested military assistance in 1934, 1943, and 1948, only to be turned down by the government.[2][17] Instead, the bounty system that had been instigated in 1923 was continued, and this proved to be effective: 57,034 bounties were claimed over a six-month period in 1934.[6] By December 1932, word of the Emu War had spread, reaching the United Kingdom. Some conservationists there protested the cull as "extermination of the rare emu".[18] Dominic Serventy and Hubert Whittel, the eminent Australian ornithologists, described the 'war' as "an attempt at the mass destruction of the birds".[19][20][21] Throughout 1930 and onward, exclusion barrier fencing became a popular means of keeping emu out of agricultural areas (in addition to other vermin such as dingoes and rabbits).[22][23]
  12. Rahj

    I am going to update the ban guidelines as they are quite outdated and some of the punishments I do not agree with. Personally, I don’t think it should be a perm ban either. Only severe cases that stop or severely disturb the gameplay for the players shall be permanent bans. I will emphasise more on this once I release the guidelines. I will update the current forum ones and create a staff guidelines for staff members so that all parties are aware of the changes.
  13. Rahj


    A HUD switcher is already being worked on by Jimmy and the current one has been slightly optimised. Expect changes relatively soon.
  14. All changes to the TTT server will be listed here as of 2019. This thread will consistently be edited, so keep an eye out for changes as they may affect you. I have left out a lot of the re-making server details and some others as there are too many to list, none of which directly affect you. Key Yellow - Past Server Updates Green - Latest Server Update [24/1/19] Removed AWarn2. Removed SmartTurret. Changes to Knife: Higher deploy time One hit kill Beenades added and texture issues fixed. Updated ULX and ULIB. [25/1/19] Removed SG550 and Door Welder (caused issues with weapon slots). [26/1/19] New Traitor and Detective weapons added: Shurikens Poison dart gun Position Switcher Homerun bat Plasma grenades Bomb stations [5/3/19] Setup test and development servers. [8/3/19] Re-created the TTT server from scratch to update content and remove current errors. Created new Official Poseidon TTT workshop. Added authentication key. [9/3/19] Removed detective weapon advanced camera (will be re-instated once code is re-done properly). Removed traitor weapon cloak (will be re-instated once code is re-done properly). Removed traitor weapon poison dart gun (will be re-instated once code is re-done properly). Removed plasma grenades. Updated TTT game variables. Changed server port. Organised all directories, renamed files and re-did structure. Edited scoreboard code. Edited numerous command codes. Re-created all ULX related items (ranks, perms, adverts, ban msg etc..) Changed permissions for all ranks. Added maps (Dog and Existential) [10/3/19] Added extra custom ULX commands. Changed donation tiers. Added XP ranks, fixed errors and edited XP requirements. Removed player screen grabbing software (unfortunate to whoever installed this). Edited !givexp command, created !resetxp command (thanks jimmy for the help). Fixed numerous LUA errors. Edited GUN specs (full list will be provided once completely finished). Fixed SG550 errors. [11/3/19] Added two maps (Waterworld and Stargate). Removed both maps due to errors and unpopular preference. Changed binoculars delay when finding bodies. Edited crash menu. Added spectator deathmatch. [16/3/19] Added a custom MOTD. Resized MOTD depending on individual client's resolution. Fixed LUA errors with new MOTD. [17/3/19] Changed superadmin scoreboard tag from 'Manager' to 'Root' to prevent confusion. Added map pictures and information to map vote. Changed colour of ranks. [23/3/19] Removed spectator deathmatch. Updated development branch. Customised f4 weapon selection menu. Edited server variables (server.cfg) Changed tick rate to 100. Applied numerous optimisations to further improve hitreg. Fixed bugs. [24/3/19] Added new HUD. Customised the HUD, re-did parts of the code and added new features. [30/3/19] Added new map (grove street and richland). Fixed bugs and errors. [31/3/19] Added hit numbers. Edited hit numbers and added functions. Fixed LUA errors. Edited convars. Edited HUD size and colouration. [3/4/19] More HUD code edits. Testing 6 new traitor/detective weapons (will be introduced later on if they pass the tests). Fixed ttt_lego map vote picture. Re-added map (kakariko_a4) [6/4/19] Edited workshop and map vote files. Removed unnecessary command lines. Added new maps (Minecraft Haven and Minecraft City). [8/4/19] Created new join message script. Edited Veteran permissions. Edited custom MOTD. Cleaned up workshop. Implemented gun stats (hover over guns in-game to view stats of that weapon). Fixed map vote image for Minecraft City. Edited on death message for RDM Manager.
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