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  1. Rahj

    Well isn’t this informative and clear. Seriously though, geebs I’d prefer if you came to me with a solution instead of pointing out something. Like, what does good maps even mean? Attach a list to this thread of maps you’d like to see, then I’ll consider them. Until then I’m just going to ignore this as it’s literally just saying “add good maps,” what does “good” in this instance even mean? Use the suggestion template properly please.
  2. nice OT: Good work man, looking sharp
  3. Rahj

    > ”Hardcore Nigger Artist”
  4. Yes, I am aware that you poured a great amount of time and effort into the server and did a great job of it. I am just stating in general that the amount of times the older players have done things like this, constantly shit talking or being disrespectful directly to me is upsetting. Now I am not the only TTT manager who has felt this way, there are quite a few others which I won’t name due to discretion, difference is I’m not going to stand for any of it. Unfortunately where you left and the server fell into ruin of being down for ages, everything broken etc, that is where I had to pick it up from, and it wasn’t easy considering there was about 3 players actually interested. I understand the hard work required to jump-start, develop things, etc. I honestly didn’t think TTT would come out of that as it was that bad but it pulled through. We currently have leys hitreg as people once again still complained about moats alternative one. I’m going to either go back to moats or see what I can do with leys. Now don’t worry, I didn’t delete the XP system. I never delete any previous work when adding new implementations for this exact reason, if shit hits the fan I can easily revert it or work out a solution. The database is also in-tact, so everyone has their ranks from when it was removed. I wouldn’t carelessly disregard previous managers work just like that. I am referring to all veterans who compose themselves in a disrespectful and unthoughtful way. You I know are not one of them, but this thread proved otherwise. I can see now that it is out of sheer frustration in which is completely fine. To be completely honest with you, I didn’t even know that thread existed. There was another one previously by yinmaster which I’ve replaced but I was unaware there was another in issues and suggestions? I’ll remove that ASAP. I appreciate what you’ve done for the server and I do enjoy you and the older players feedback as it is usually valid. But I ask one thing, just compose it in a nicer manner. I didn’t realise you were banned from the discords but maybe you could’ve shoot me a forum message or something instead of creating this. Thank you, I hope this server pulls through and expands like never before.
  5. Let me tell you what's happened and let this be a lesson to all the veterans (older players). Instead of blatantly criticising everything you yourself dislike, "this is shit", "this is terrible", "remove this shit" etc, give a legitimate reasoning behind it. I don't care who you are or what stance you've had on this community, I'm not even going to bother considering anything said if you don't provide logical reasoning, let alone any at all. I have a question in return, what was the point of this thread? You literally could've dm'd me or went on issues/suggestions in the discord and shared your thoughts there (with reasoning). Another thing, considering you haven't played in a while you obviously aren't sure on what's happened/currently happening. So, before you make a public thread titled "what the hell happened.", find out at least one fact before jumping to conclusions. Now, to answer your brilliantly composed question: The HUD is being changed to the old one whilst a HUD changer is being developed. The scoreboard marking has been an issue for a while, unfortunately the server I was given had A LOT of things wrong with it which I am still fixing to this day. I am well aware of this issue and it will be resolved in given time. The hitreg, like what I stated above. I was burdened with the world's shittiest hitreg. I am also, well aware of this issue and I am working on a fix. The elo system is also being changed to the old one, people either love it or hate it. To save all the complaining, I have decided to revert to the original one and do some major adjustments to the code as it is quite shitty tbh. The elo system also contains numerous features that are extremely useful to TTT, though all you really need to know is that, it is being swapped with the xp system. The chat font is remnants of the chatbox (by Exho) we had for a little bit. I have been meaning to change it but have forgotten about changing it due to being busy with more pressing matters. Not sure what you mean by no hitmarkers because there are hitmarkers... The medals are a part of the xp system which is being re-instated. To answer your other question of "why was anything changed in the first place," this is quite the question to ask... If you mean why did I change things to get the server population from 0 players on a day to 16-20 players a day, well I changed a lot of things to revive the server as it was in a horrible state, everything broken, no players, nothing. I'm not going to bother explaining more as this question is pretty self-explanatory. Sorry if I've come across as a little hostile and rude, I am just fed up with all the older players attitudes and lack of respect for anything. This post is no where near as bad as what I've noticed but still pretty shitty dude. I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from when people shit on you for things they aren't even well addressed about. I respect your input and feedback to a big extent, but have the damn decency to convey your message with a little more respect, provide good reasoning and proper structure. If you want something changed, now you know how to go about it. Now that we've settled this, let's have a civil, respectful and logical conversation next time about things that you believe should be changed. Other than this, your attitude is a big yikes from me, being a previous manager. Have a nice night, Dusk.
  6. Rahj

    This isn’t a plugin, it’s simple Minecraft mechanics. The economy, however and being able to sell the cactus for value is a plugin. I’d recommend getting essentials (plugin) if they haven’t already as it has a pre-inbuilt economy or finding a dedicated economy to substitute. That is if, this suggestion is passed.
  7. Rahj

    Accepted - welcome to the team. Add me on steam if you have any questions.
  8. Rahj

    Accepted - welcome to the team. Add me on steam if you have any questions.
  9. Rahj

    Made it happen. What's next?
  10. Rahj

    Bump of this thread, if you have any good quotes/lines you'd like added feel free to dump them here. Although, make sure they're PGish (SFW)!
  11. Rahj

    Sorry for the late reply, been quite busy with it all. Alright, this thread has turned into a total shit-fest, although I do understand both parties' frustration. Dyslexia (that is what I'll refer to you as since I don't want to write an essay every time I mention your name), you did egg on William and target him to an extent although, it was not entirely you. What I've gathered from this is that you've both somehow contributed to either ones frustration/ban and I can see how this confusion cluster fuck has come about. I personally don't believe William was mic spamming, his voice is quite loud on occasions although, he was not intentionally mic spamming to annoy people. What he did do though that was unacceptable, was call you a 'faggot' and other names (he should know better). I do believe though that some of these were out of frustration. I'm not entirely sure who started all of this, although I can clearly see that you both contributed to the flame. I would agree that if you are to punish one, then you must punish the other or don't punish either of them at all (since they are both in fault in this situation). I don't think it's worth the effort of starting an investigation into this topic as it's honestly such a small dilemma that is way over and done with (yes, I am late to the party). I also don't think banning William for a day will really solve anything considering he's been banned for a few weeks for metagaming... Once again. I won't delve into my disappointment in William, although I will say that over the course of this ban he can definitely think about his actions (this instance and metagaming) and the repercussions that come with them. As remix stated in his meme, why the heck is Specialized slaying for mic spamming? That my friend, is a question I shall address to him personally. I do apologise for the inconvenience, it won't happen again. If you have any further questions or want to add something to this thread, give he a holler and I'll see it done for you. For now, this topic is locked and done with. Goodnight, Rahj.
  12. Rahj

    I don’t think this is possible, myself and lantos tried already with no luck. We had returned to the original ttt server IP but it seems as if gametracker has unlisted the server (probably because it was down for a very long time, therefore seen as inactive, could be wrong). I’ll see what I can do though, if there is anything that can be done.
  13. Rahj

    Accepted, welcome back.
  14. Rahj

    Lest we forget
  15. Rahj

    Accepted - user has been banned for a week (due this being a less severe case of metagaming).