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  1. Rahj

    How’s it going milk, I’m pretty sure this is a piss take. Although, if you do genuinely wish to return to the staff team then I recommend following the template. You also need moderator first before admin. Message me for any further details or if you wish for this to be unlocked.
  2. This thread exists to contain most of the important suggestions/issues in one thread. You may list things that in your opinion need to be changed/added/removed or fixed. You may suggest anything such as maps, addons or custom things etc below. Please follow the templates to submit either a suggestion/issue or both. Issue Template: Issue/bug: How it occurs or happened/can it be reproduced: Error (if there was one): Suggestion Template: Suggestion/idea: How will it benefit the server:
  3. Rahj

    After seeing this I wish to retract my winner react
  4. Hi there, I assume you are well aware of one of the new additions to the TTT server, SDM (Spectator Deathmatch). Now, after a lot of mixed feelings from the community, I decided to create this poll and open discussion (feel free to add your two cents below) to hopefully come to a conclusion on whether to keep or remove the Spectator Deathmatch. See below for a summary of the addon. There are two options at play here. Option 1 - Remove the SDM and be done with it. Option 2 - Keep the SDM and heavily modify it to suit our server as well as fix all the current bugs with it. DESCRIPTION OF THE ADDON If you are unsure of what this addon is, please continue reading. The SDM addon provides spectators something to do whilst waiting for a current game to finish. When a player dies in a current game they are given the option to type !dm to join the Spectator Deathmatch. When a player types !dm they are re-spawned with a random selection of weapons and can continuously battle other players that have joined the Spectator Deathmatch. This provides players with another method of gaining XP as it is currently quite difficult to level up as well as giving them something to do whilst waiting. It can also be used as a form of practice. The player can also select the equipment they would like to spawn in with upon joining the SDM. The addon is currently quite buggy although, could possibly be fixed and changed to match our server.
  5. Rahj

    Denied - this applicant is unable to spell words correctly. I recommend reading a few books then, re-applying in the future. ”Current server hours: unsure (less the 1)”
  6. Rahj

  7. Rahj

    Get my face off the internet before I report you !
  8. Rahj

    I’ll miss you majin , glad you’re making a mature decision and setting your priorities straight. Wish you all the best, stay out of trouble. Let us all rejoice, one last time...
  9. Rahj

    TMNT was good fun with ol mate Reuben Gillies. If someone starts it again I’ll join it.
  10. Rahj

    If only the circumstances at the time weren't the way they were and someone completed the little work it had left
  11. Rahj

    Thanks guys , won't let ya down.
  12. Rahj

    That background music is priceless. OT: As I am not allowed to deal with reports, this does seem legitimate. When logs are checked for further proof by management, I’m sure they’ll be banned (if you what you are claiming is true).
  13. +1 known seb for a long time now and he’s nothing short of trusted worthy. He’s never really abused his powers nor has he broken any rules recently. He’s a good guy and after the series of events that led up to the perm he’s honestly been a perfect player.
  14. Rahj

    I’ll jump on the band wagon of ‘waiting for colognes response’ as well. Hurry the fuck of John.
  15. Rahj

    This would actually be golden, surely someone organises something like this and puts it together.