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  1. Oh okay, thanks for replying and clarifying.
  2. Wait so I can't state reasons? I saw another application and hey had reasons and I though it would improve my application.
  3. I have edited my application and would like it to be reviewed once more and thank you all.
  4. Is this application a no? No one is responding with -1 or +1.
  5. So, a No? Why the picture underneath where it says trusted for darkrp?
  6. Sorry I didn't know that was advertising. it wasn't meant for people to go and accept it it was just like me hoping I'll get it sorta thing. I'm guessing its a no then? Also my OOC activity is low because I only use OOC for being an Escort. I use Voice a lot to communicate.
  7. My steam is mine. You just haven't been online the whole time I have been playing DarkRP everyday after school. Don't just assume. Maybe why you think the steam is not mine is because maybe I used a funky website to find my steam ID. I didn not just say furries are good. That discord was shitposting, Isn't what I was doing shitposting in a chat called shitposting?
  8. Trusted Application Steam Name: tcave17 RPName: My usual RPName is Egg Mikey (It changes time to time for different roles such as being an Escort). Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198404220513/ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:221977392 Donations: No, But I am planning to soon. I just need the money. Why I want this rank: I would like this rank because I am not a silly player, I am a player who wants to Roleplay and have fun with others instead of ruining games. Also being able to spawn dupes and lights would be extremely handy for quick building and also because I find it extremely hard to build bases in DarkRP, especially using the Precision tool. What will I do with the Extra Tools and Commands that I receive: I would use the Advanced dupes tools to supply bases and spawn my own base. I would also use the Stacker tool to assist in building bases or other needs that the stacker is required. Finally, I would use clear decals to get rid of blast marks or bullet holes. Do you agree to use the tools that come with this rank properly: Yes. Background Information: I am 14 years of age but reasonably mature and know not to be silly except for when it is alright. I also know and have common sense and I have read over all the topics that are about the 'Trusted' Rank. I understand and have read the rules and agreements of the trusted rank and have read the,' Clarifying "Trusted" Rank' document. I understand that my 'Trusted' Rank can be taken away anytime without warning as well as if I violate the 'Trusted' Rank abilities. I understand that the rank 'Trusted' has nothing to do with staff and I am not a staff member.
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