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  1. The gay perrin statue. Got this screenshot at the perfect time. A V2 rocket wanting to live his dream. Typical Triton City neighbourhood. This guy must've been through hell.
  2. Sorry about that, that was me just being dumb and ignorant of the rules, it won't happen again in the future.
  3. I didn't want to make an appeal because I thought it'd be stupid because it's a discord server but I guess I have to because there's no other way staff will unban me from what I know. ~ Steam Discord name: Barney on Meth#1419 ~ Game mode: DarkRP discord ~ Ban Reason: "Shitstirring" ~ Banned by: Unknown ~ Length of ban: Forever ~ Your Evidence ( that proves you're innocent / should be unbanned): None ~ Reason you want to be unbanned: It's been ages since that ban, to be honest I can't remember what I did to even get it. I'd like to come back to the server so I can talk shitpost and see what's happening with DarkRP. I also think a perm ban is WAY too excessive for this "shitstirring" I can't even remember.
  4. +1 its the most popular addon on gmod what could possibly go wrong
  5. +1 aris bans are way too harsh, free him he has good intentions for poseidon oh
  6. why the fuck is my name pinned to this thread i am disgusted NEEEERD
  7. wtf yuki did nothing wrong he's just special interview me
  8. the mayor killing himself while he's kidnapped
  9. Your DarkRP Name: Herr Koph Suggestion (general idea): Removing the cooldown between taking weapons from the armoury. Description of suggestion (expand on the idea): It's very annoying having to wait 2-3 minutes for a weapon after you've just grabbed one, I'm sure many people can agree. I'm saying we basically remove the cooldown between the selection of weapons, or make it shorter, so you can get weapons easily, and it's more realistic. I've never heard of an armoury that makes you wait 2 minutes between each selection. How it will benefit the server: It will allow people to retrieve weapons much easier and quicker. Thanks for reading my suggestion!
  10. -1 are you that lazy you want to spawn with it instead of opening a door, walking down, opening a door, getting a charge, walking up, not closing any doors? And there's an armoury for a reason, spawning with everything would make it pointless.
  11. bro whyd you get baned wtf bro

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    2. Nick


      Nah I got unbanned, he accidentally banned the wrong person. it's the third time it's happened to me xD. 

    3. Barney on Meth

      Barney on Meth

      Oh lmao, thought you were gone

    4. Nick


      Yeah, it scared the shit out of me 

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