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  1. Barney on Meth

  2. Barney on Meth

    (REQUEST!) Chris Mango: Nihggus Higgus punched my balls and they fucking popped
  3. Barney on Meth

    (OOC) Louie Charles: i sit abused to get out
  4. Barney on Meth

    The sweats and other government officers dancing to the mirror. A few officers and the Mayor ended up having a standoff after some "disagreements". Managed to get up to 7 prisoners in Mafia today.
  5. Barney on Meth

    +1, I saw it all and was the one that votebanned him, this kid's definitely worthy of a longer ban.
  6. Barney on Meth

    Any time in this week or next week is fine for me.
  7. Barney on Meth

    I'd love to do this, sounds like fun, I'd probably be a bouncer or bartender. And maybe just ban raiders if we don't want to go too much into RP and have a good time.
  8. Barney on Meth

    Boy after the execution of the previous mayor. This hobo had a few too many drinks while watching the fight.
  9. Barney on Meth

    Soviets sure love killing minorities. And the homeless. and idk what this is
  10. Barney on Meth

    Phat +1 for your skull he did nothing wrong, neutral on reduction to like 4 weeks for your ban from what Hamad said.
  11. Barney on Meth

    -1 no
  12. Barney on Meth

    Neutral. Haven't seen you on much at all, if I see more activity I'll change this to a +1 for reasons above.
  13. Barney on Meth

    +1 for everything above, give the man mod already.
  14. Barney on Meth

    +1 promote me OT: +1, Jacen seems very chill, friendly and approachable and I think with a bit more experience he'd turn out to be a fantastic moderator.