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  1. Barney on Meth

    Again, as many other people have said, thank you everyone for the memories you have given me, and for making this community special and unique from all others. I'll never forget all the good times and fun I had while playing here, and I'm very sad to see it go (for the second, and probably last time). I want to especially thank the Management who did their very best to get the server back on its feet, and I want to thank everyone else I've met here for making my experience something special. I guess there's no point trying to bring it back now, it sure was fun while it lasted.
  2. Barney on Meth

    I'd like to reserve a slot. China number one!
  3. epic profile

  4. Barney on Meth

  5. Barney on Meth

  6. Barney on Meth

    Hamad then screams to Hinzy "You fucking fat bitch" and seconds later detonates the vest, killing everybody inside except for one person.
  7. Bring back our lord

  8. Barney on Meth

    An Army National Guard soldier sees this atrocity and begins to chase down the couple through the river.
  9. Barney on Meth

    still playing gmod, a lot of SCP-RP, also mw 2019
  10. Barney on Meth

    There stood a micspamming, retarded probationary constable with his stunstick out, seeming like he was looking for a fight.
  11. Barney on Meth

    He then attempted to use gmod_fists, however he also missed every punch he threw.
  12. Barney on Meth

    He then pulled out a hunting rifle and began to fire at Yuki, screaming "Fuck my gay twink anus, you dog fucking cretin!".
  13. Barney on Meth

    Yuki then suddenly begins to yiff Albus as he sits there, in shock.
  14. Barney on Meth

    And saw Yuki
  15. Barney on Meth

    and cut it
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