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  1. DonTheJeweler

    +1 Great player, mature and nice.
  2. DonTheJeweler

    I like the general idea of it. I think it would just be great if players could see how many sits are in front of theirs, so then they are not complaining in ooc 30 seconds after they make the report in @.
  3. DonTheJeweler

    Would be really cool if it could work. I can see a lot of idiots coming in and mic spamming though just for attention. I'd be down for it though.
  4. DonTheJeweler

    +1 I'm always up for vendors having more stuff to sell. I reckon get rid of the ability to buy ammo from F4 and only have weapon dealers be able to sell it.
  5. DonTheJeweler

    Top bloke, plays by the rules, is super mature and friendly. Flames is right though! You are missing a phrase from the Trusted Rules and Responsibilities that shows you read through it.
  6. DonTheJeweler

    Well then.
  7. DonTheJeweler

    +1 Has a great understanding of the rules, he's polite and fair. Never heard him get angry at anyone, even in tense situations. I'd love to have someone like Ennis handle my in game problems.
  8. DonTheJeweler

    Cleddus Yuki fun time
  9. DonTheJeweler

    +1 Nice guy, knows the rules.
  10. Your DarkRP Name: Don Pinto Suggestion (general idea): When the mayor dies, or logs off or whatever the laws should go back to the default 3. Description of suggestion (expand on the idea): So just about every day when it quiets down, when the few stragglers are still holding on to the hope of a little RP before bed, the law's still remain from whatever government was there before the majority of the server called it quits. And most of the time there are laws like the gun license law, business license law and other that would require a mayor to be on to clear players to do what they want without cops rolling them. So my suggestion is to have the laws reset each time the mayor dies or disconnects. I know someone could just go mayor to change it and so on, but I just thought it would be a nice thing to have. Also, the laws should stay as they were if the deputy gets mayor. (I'm not sure what the possibility is with all of this in terms of implementation, but an idea is an idea!) How it will benefit the server: Well it would help players get on with whatever they wanted to do. For example last night there was a bloke who ran a gun store when there was only about 10 of us on, there was no mayor and I don't think anyone had plans to go mayor. But anyway, he was getting raided and wanted by the cops for selling guns without a license and there was no way he could obtain one as there was no chief of mayor on. So I just think it would be best for the in between. Lettuce know what you think fellerz.
  11. DonTheJeweler

    No sir, if you have a read through here, you should see it in there.
  12. DonTheJeweler

    ERROR: Hidden phrase not found!
  13. DonTheJeweler

    +1 100% Edit: Who voted no to this? Reveal yourself!