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  1. DonTheJeweler

    Error: HIDDEN SENTENCE NOT FOUND Randy's a top bloke, always puts effort into his builds, I haven't seen him break rules. I think he would suit great. Neutral until the hidden sentence is found!
  2. DonTheJeweler

    My mate got his ribs broken being at the front of a Slayer concert. Someone also got stabbed. SLAAYYEERRRRRRRRRR
  3. DonTheJeweler

    This 3 rotor: Sounds a lot different irl, this 3 rotor corolla is more what it sounds like:
  4. DonTheJeweler

  5. DonTheJeweler

  6. DonTheJeweler

    +1 good bloke. Bit of a pedo but he's alright.
  7. DonTheJeweler

    +1 He's mature, understands the rules well and is a nice bloke to hang out with, highly recommend.
  8. DonTheJeweler

    Cash robbing is more of an RP thing than anything. And are you saying if you just type /dropmoney you drop all of your money?
  9. DonTheJeweler

    Well judging from everyone elses responses it is probably best to leave it all as is.
  10. DonTheJeweler

    +1 Mature friendly bloke, never seen him break any rules. Builds great places that attract a lot of RP. Great bloke.
  11. DonTheJeweler

    From what I've seen Kev is a good bloke, I personally haven't seen him break any rules, nor have I ever seen him play thief, at least not with my fish brain. Most of the time I see Kev making creative stores. Yesterday he was hitman and infiltrated the court system becoming the judge, doing some actually great court RP as the judge then completes his hit on the mayor in the jury room, it was legendary. From what I've seen, I think Kev is would be a good for the role, but as the application was a piss poor effort and you didn't read through the Trusted Rules and Responsibilities I'm gonna hold out at neutral until you fix your app up. Edit: +1
  12. DonTheJeweler

    Idea is cool, but seeing as you could all just /job a specific rank or whatever and choose skins at the wardrobe I dunno if it would be worth the effort. Maybe the current gangs could have a rank system similar to PD's. Dunna. Potential in it somewhere tho.
  13. DonTheJeweler

    +1 Absolute gun. Knows the rules, good bloke.
  14. DonTheJeweler

    +1 Good bloke
  15. Dark RP name: Don Pinto Suggestion: Adding a few useful items to be bought and sold. Description: As far as the possibility of all there, I'm not sure. BUT! My suggestion is to add a few more things for players to buy and sell to encourage more economic movement and for general RP. Printers is something I've thought about for a bit now, it would be cool if you had to buy the paper and ink off the bartender, or scrap that name and call them the general store clerk as their role is pretty pointless if you're not just passively role playing them in a restaurant or something for the memes, people don't often play them as there is really no reason too. This would also stop people from camping their printers and take a little risk, or force them to base up with people and socialise a bit. Next thing is lockpicks and keypad crackers. I suggest that the lockpicks be made a one time use deal, where you have to buy them from the BMD, not sure how this would work, maybe it would be an ammo system, I have no idea but I'm sure there are minds better than mine on here who would have an idea. The crackers could be a one time purchase, but like with guns you would lose them once you die. Another thing is ammo, it would be better in my opinion if you had to buy it off gun dealers, this again would just add more chances for people to form relationships and would just be funner for everyone in the long run in my opinion. That's all I can think up for now, but I for sure think there should be more things you have to buy and sell. But as I said above, this is just my opinion, we all have them and we should all put in our two cents. I do understand that having this would make it hard in quiet periods when these jobs aren't filled but, it would still be worth it I reckon. How will it benefit the server: Basically the theory is that it would increase economic movement and just give people more chances to actually role play together. And hey, working harder for your money is never a bad thing, makes it have more value.