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  1. Parshmellow

    hes a cutie and is extremely helpful +1
  2. +1 often online, helpfull player nice friendly and cute.

  3. Parshmellow

    ~Parshmellow ~STEAM_0:0:11101 ~DarkRP ~Tony Abbot ~ I received a ban for constructing a "parkour" in between the two bridges near the road in which when asked by an admin to delete i didnt. i had drugs and a gun at the top of the parkour where i waited for people to make it up. ~Leemon Koala ~3 Days ~I decided to build a parkour this because i was a little bit bored and wanted to make something fun, even during construction a lot of players came around and tried it. I wanted it to be difficult so I kept building as people progressed. An admin named Leemon Koala had asked me to delete it after i had spend over 30 mins working on it, than teleported away, later after i was mostly finished a used had cheated to get up the top so i killed him, i was in a sit with Leemon Koala and he was fully aware of the parkour and that i hadn't deleted it and he did nothing, all i received was a warn for RDM, i only received a warning because he understood that the user had cheated and that i shouldn't have RDMed him, i should have dealt with it differently. About 30 mins later Leemon teleported to me while someone who had completed the parkour was making something on top, with nothing in it, he told me that i could be in trouble and i deleted the whole think and grabbed all the drugs i had at the top. During the admin sit i dropped everything that i had up top and my weapon while he told me that i would receive a ban, to which i asked if that was really necessary. than i received a 3 day ban. i had never disrespected Leemon Koala or shown any aggression. ~I play on this server quite often and its my absolute favorite server, a lot of other servers have really bad ping, a lot of RDM or are just unlikable, Poseidon servers have good admins, good players, very little RDM and a nice roleplay/economy system and I don't really think a 3 day ban is appropriate.