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  1. ListenToTheWindBlow

    + good fella
  2. ListenToTheWindBlow

    Your DarkRP Name: Louie Charles Suggestion (general idea): Gun Dealer being able to sell individualized ammunition. Description of suggestion (expand on the idea): For Gun Dealers, they can sell certain types of ammo boxes with labels on the model saying what type of guns the ammo box is for, instead of just having a box that gives you all ammo types, the boxes have a few similar types of ammo to fit multiple guns, similarly to the ammo boxes we have currently, but more specialized to certain gun categories. The boxes could be as follows. Assault Ammunition Box: This box has all the ammo types that suit guns such as AK47, RPK, Sako RK-95, M4A1, AK12, ect. Each ammo box should hold around 60 Bullets of the individual ammo types. Defense Ammunition Box: This box has all shotgun ammo types that suit guns such as, Toz-35, M3S90, KS, Remington. Each ammo box should hold around 35 Bullets of the individual ammo types. Small Ammunition Box: This box has all the pistol / 1 handed weapons (deagle, raging bull, glock 22, ect) ammo types that suit small 1 handed guns. Each ammo box should contain around 40 bullets per ammo type. Attack Ammunition Box: This box contains ammo for Sniper Rifles and similar guns, such as M14, M24, M82, SR25. Each ammo box should hold around 16 of the individual rounds. Most Guns Should fall under these categories. How it will benefit the server: Currently, there are only 2 ways of getting ammo in the server, You can purchase an ammo box for $2000 that contains 40 bullets of every ammo type, for guns such as RPK that hold 45 bullets per clip, it cost around $50 per bullet. The other way to get ammo is purely for police officers/mayors. They have to go to the armory and purchase very specific types of ammo, this requires player to know what ammo that there gun uses. If this is implemented, players will have the option to go to a gun dealer and purchase a certain type of ammunition for the gun they just bought, or a gun they already have allowing players to be able to stock up on the type of ammo they need for alot cheaper. My suggestion allows all players to be able to choose what type of ammo they need, for the gun they have. (This is only a suggestion, I can edit my suggestion and respond to feedback, also I'm not a developer and have no idea how to implement such an idea. This idea can be expanded upon by staff, if you do not understand or need any help explaining, you can DM me on discord or PM me ingame) Thank you
  3. ListenToTheWindBlow

    +1 is honestly one of the most enjoyable people to play with, and since we both don't have mics, its equally aids.
  4. ListenToTheWindBlow

    +1 is active and a good mate
  5. ListenToTheWindBlow

    Thank you for your response, I will try to be less immature.
  6. ListenToTheWindBlow

    can you show some evidence to back yourself?
  7. ListenToTheWindBlow

    Can you elaborate?
  8. ListenToTheWindBlow

    +1 is honestly one of the most mature players out, hes is always online and very suited for this position.
  9. ListenToTheWindBlow

    -1 i haven't noticed this guy at all, 9.5 hours on the server, I suggest you get well know on the server and increase your status before applying.
  10. ListenToTheWindBlow

    ~Steam Name(Includes Previous Names): ListenToTheWindBlow ~RPName: Louie Charles ~Steam Profile link: ~Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:100846886 ~Any Donations? Yes ($10) ~Why you want this rank: [50-100+ Words] I wish to be able to be a trusted member of the server community and at times when no admins/moderators are online I can discuss with other trusted members if people are breaking major rules ( MRDM / propspam ) and need to be dealt with if absolutely necessary, to help other players RP experience. The tools are really great and as are a lot of people I wish to be able to save buildings, though it is a lot more fun making new designs, I would love the security to be able to leave and them not completely disappear. I have over 1.5k hours on gmod, mostly from 2014-2015 but i have started to play nothing but gmod, I am a very calm person and usually don't get stressed often but sometimes rarely my emotions get the better of me, as do all of us. ~What will you do with the extra tools & commands that you receive?: [25-50+ Words] As I mentioned, I wish to be able to help out other players using the commands but I doubt I will need to very often because most of the staff are very active and my play hours match a lot of theirs. The Tools available are great and should help mine and other players RP experience greatly. ~Do you agree to use the tools(adv dupe, light, etc) that come with this rank properly?: [Yes/No] Yes. Thank you.
  11. ListenToTheWindBlow

    +1 a little bit annoying but is always following rules and has amazing buildings.
  12. ListenToTheWindBlow

    +1 honestly deserves trusted, good bloke. Always following rules and respecting players.