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  1. ListenToTheWindBlow

    Our current textscreens are extremely bugged, they are super annoying to put down, and when they are applied they flicker and disrupt the props that they're place onto (blocking keypads and buttons, ect). +1 to improved textscreens.
  2. ListenToTheWindBlow

    Wiremod is an amazing mod, but it doesn't really fit into darkrp as we don't need automatic gun shops and steerable cars... -1
  3. ListenToTheWindBlow

  4. ListenToTheWindBlow

    +1 though ben often plays thief jobs, he's always cautious of the rules and respects them. he's also an idiot.
  5. ListenToTheWindBlow

    +1 for ark and rust I literally have billions of hours on both games (actually 1k on rust and idk i play ark on ps4 but probably 3.5k). i would buy ark on steam if a Poseidon ark server was made, also rust is epic.
  6. ListenToTheWindBlow

    bye x
  7. ListenToTheWindBlow

    You currently have 2 trusted apps active, I suggest wait for your current one to be denied before making another one.
  8. ListenToTheWindBlow

    I originally deleted my -1, but after seeing all this i'm going to elaborate on my experiences with him. Kevin and I were discussing an ooc issue, he was claiming that I always minge when staff arn't online because i made 1 joke in ooc, then as i walked into pd he randomly wacked me with a stun stick i pulled a gun out and was right in front of him and he failed fear rp and killed me. I originally -1ed his app because that was a immature thing to do in the first place, then he responded with "if your gonna make a accusation please provide evidence as this isnt true x". Stevenson proves that he is immature by lying and adding the very appropriate "x" at the end. -1 Kevin, you're very immature and irresponsible. You do not suit this rank.
  9. ListenToTheWindBlow

    Would work if you could only use guns while sitting, using physgun and other tools could bring about some issues (surfing). +1
  10. ListenToTheWindBlow

    Arbi is a good player, but i'm gonna leave it at a -1 until he shows some activity, i havn't noticed him since triton v2 was released.
  11. ListenToTheWindBlow

    +1 toolguns being muted, I originally suggested this to the boys in discord but Russ beat me to posting, however if its possible it would be great. It only takes one homeless bum using precision making some rubbish in spawn and the entire server can hear them.
  12. ListenToTheWindBlow

    +1 Is a very active member and is super mature. (get off the road)
  13. ListenToTheWindBlow

    +1 Patrick is a top player, he always follows rules and is fit for staff.
  14. ListenToTheWindBlow

    My apologies, my wifi is being a real pain in the ass, I have re-uploaded the video here: https://streamable.com/t60zj
  15. ListenToTheWindBlow

    I don't understand why you made your title "hi I was just wondering if I could be trusted", you should have read through some of the other applications and used them as reference. also your'e fairly new and havn't got the OOC presence. I suggest you play a lil' more, improve your ic/ig status then retry, put a substantial amount of effort into your app and avoid breaking rules. -1