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  1. server died when William Wilson got trusted
  2. everyone should get on posideon right now and have a final moments be left on a high note!
  3. sad that the server died so suddenly D; but hey, at least the server's death brought us all together to remember and relive the good times we all had!
  4. I don't know if this is relevant but when the server is low pop, I sometimes just wait and play other games, untill the server rises in pop just enough to do some activities, or I just build some random crap in front of spawn. The reason the server has been so down lately is due to a lot of reason unfortunately: The whole issue with the map changes. All of the times the server has been unavailable . School assignments. General low pop causing less players. Hopefully people get bored on the holidays and start to play again, causing the majority of players to return.
  5. Your DarkRP Name: Louie Charles. Suggestion (general idea): Removing mayor having to purchase the militarized perk for the armory to be raided. Description of suggestion (expand on the idea): Most of the time when the server is active there is no mayor and when their is, they sometimes don't buy the militarized perk either because they don't have the bank money, or they're just being cocky and don't want to get raided.. Removing the option for mayor to buy the perk will allow if someone wants to attempt to raid PD while no mayor is on or their being unreasonable they can. Some suggestions to balance this could be: Make so that the armory can only be raided with a minimum of 4-6 police officers. Have the armory always be filled when their is at least 2 swats or a police chief on. Maybe have it so if raiders raid the armory and their is no police chief or 2 swat officers online the armory only spits out lower tier guns when its robbed... The armory having an extra 5 min reset timer for raiders to make it 15 mins before a new raid can occur. How it will benefit the server: It will allow thieves and gangs to always be able to raid the police department a lot more frequently, it will allow for the police officers to be able to attempt to counter raids more often and encourage them to build a defense up inside PD. It will also provide thieves and gangs with a reward for all of their planning to raid the PD, instead of them just killing several police officers and then leaving because the armory is empty. (i'm doing this instead of my chemistry assignment) Thanks for reading!
  6. Sounds like a legit accident, I don't think Angelo would attempt to crash the server, then an hour later try to appeal his ban if it wasn't a mistake. and I know Angelo is an active player who obviously wouldn't attempt to do such a thing... +1 for reduction for like 2 weeks maybe... I don't think that he should be permed for being a dumb ass, just don't go around crashing any servers plz.
  7. Though Wilde is arrogant and annoying, he does follow rules as far as I have seen and can build superb gun shops since his last app had some issues I think he deserves this. +1 good luck bud.
  8. Our current textscreens are extremely bugged, they are super annoying to put down, and when they are applied they flicker and disrupt the props that they're place onto (blocking keypads and buttons, ect). +1 to improved textscreens.
  9. Wiremod is an amazing mod, but it doesn't really fit into darkrp as we don't need automatic gun shops and steerable cars... -1
  10. +1 though ben often plays thief jobs, he's always cautious of the rules and respects them. he's also an idiot.
  11. +1 for ark and rust I literally have billions of hours on both games (actually 1k on rust and idk i play ark on ps4 but probably 3.5k). i would buy ark on steam if a Poseidon ark server was made, also rust is epic.
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