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  1. Bumping for blueface baby yeeeeaight
  2. Steam name: Ruin / Heal RPName: John Strange Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/YaaaYeeet/ SteamID: STEAM_0:1:78696754 Any donations: I'm 99.99% sure that I've donated for Donator in the past (back when I didn't know how to use precision tool). Why you want this rank: I'm not going to shy away from the fact that I would like the rank of Trusted primarily for selfish reasons. I would like to have access to advanced dupe for two main reasons: a) It will allow me to build more complex and aesthetically pleasing bases without having the downside of spending fuck tonnes of time for a base that gets removed on a crash/restart/dc, and b) I can't be fucked rebuilding the same fucking base 3 times in a row due to crashes (either my own or the server's). The commands provided by the rank are a nice addition I feel, and will allow me to prevent people from intentionally ruining the otherwise wonderful evening other players might have. What will you do with the extra tools & commands that you receive: I'm going to be building neat looking bases, try out a few different ideas for shop-fronts/base defences/etc. without the fear of losing all my progress or being unable to duplicate it effectively. Like I said, the commands are going to be restricted (in my mind anyways) to situations that specifically demand them (aka a 12 year old lunatic on a midnight rampage on the server). Do you agree to use the tools properly: Yes. It was a wombat on a surfboard.