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  1. Whilst I am well aware that DDOS threats, and potentially even jokes about DDOSing members of the community, need to be taken seriously and typically result in a permanent ban I don't believe you were being serious. It amounts to "Nobody likes you here mate, ya gonna get DDOSed" after dying in a raid, which doesn't seem to me like a tangible threat against the community or its members. It is likely, I feel, that he said this in jest/sarcastically and meant no ill-will against the person involved. I'd support an unban.
  2. Well it looks like I was right lmfao
  3. a) I'm aware that the person commenting on his application, and highlighting his negative behaviour is a staff member. I'm not stating that the staff member's behaviour was at all acceptable, but highlighting the fact that just because one staff member acted in such a manner does not condone it for a future candidate. You have a point regarding biases though, and that is always an important one to keep in mind wherever applications are concerned. b) Spoke with Higashi regarding why he isn't directly responding to it, namely for shitpost reasons and I can understand that. Admitting that what you did was wrong is one thing, but you need to actually attempt to take steps to rectify it. Whether he has or not I don't know. c) Fucking around isn't bad, you don't need to be or act like an upper-class person for sure. There is a time and a place for it though. I disagree wholeheartedly with me twisting his words, however. His final statement in his last post stated that he displayed "disgusting shitmouth behaviour and my suggestions turned into demands on someone who was just trying to help the server". This sets a poor precedent, and indicates that he shows a prior incident where he insulted someone without legitimate cause and/or where he jumped to conclusions and began insulting someone. I tend to find that people that are assholes to one person for no legitimate cause, can tend to be assholes to others. Arguably the worst part is that he felt the need to abuse a manager, who has authority over him which makes me question how this attitude would translate if he was given power over others in a staff position. d) I don't expect maturity from people that play TTT, DarkRP, or Gmod in general. There is, however, a basic level of decency expected from staff members on the server both from managers and from the players that they staff. The ability to show maturity at important times is a required one, which you touched on, for staff members. I would have expected him to demonstrate this when dealing with suggestions towards managers, but it appears that he did not which again reflects poorly. I don't actually have any stake in whether this application gets accepted. HIgashi could, by all means, be a fantastic staff member. What I've said here, and in my last post is based directly off how he depicts himself on the server and how he himself describes his actions.
  4. The unfortunate thing in this scenario is that the people that are noting that you conduct yourself poorly are not applying for a staff position. Their actions, their previous history, or their current status on the server is entirely irrelevant as long as they are providing truthful and legitimate reasons against you receiving a staff position. You could have a history of abusing your powers, and that fact would remain irrespective of who commented about it. You also make no effort to denounce what was said as false or misleading, just that 'you do it too'. You also note that you exhibited "disgusting shitmouth behaviour" towards a manager who is determining the result of your application. So from this we can see: a) That you fuck around a lot and excuse that behaviour under the rationale that someone else on the server does too and b) That you're a "massive fucking cunt" to people that are just trying to better the server, in your own words. I don't think you meet the requirements of being mature, I don't believe you are calm or that you can handle stressful situations (else you wouldn't have flamed some of the people on this thread, or Rahj in general), and I don't think it's a particularly good move to have you on the same team as someone that you blatantly shit talked.
  5. @bat Mfw colourblind ?
  6. Read the trusted rules and responsibilities, found here: Adjust your application accordingly. Good luck ?
  7. A few things: The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) stands as the main reporting agency for all adverse events that occur some period after vaccination, and does not report statistics around vaccines causing injury. VAERS is simply a collection of all of the adverse events that might have been caused by a vaccine, even if it occurs weeks or months after the vaccination has been completed. Vaccination rates from Gardasil for HPV is around 10,000,000 (10 million). VAERS has reported 24,000 adverse events post-injection of Gardasil, only 106 of which have been deaths. At absolute worst case scenario, with every report of death following injection being directly caused by the vaccine, you're looking at a chance of death of 0.00106%. This translates into a 0.0106 in 1000 chance, at worst. Chances of developing cervical cancer is around 6.41 in 1000 chance over the lifetime, of which a proportion is caused by HPV. Chance of death with those that have cervical cancer ranges from ~12% with early stage detection up to ~78% at the latest stage. So, the chance that someone in the general population will die from cervical cancer sometime in their lifetime ranges from 0.770 in 1000 chance up to 5 in 1000. So even at the absolute worst case scenario of the vaccine (which is not the case), it still has a death rate that is far, far, far lower than cervical cancer in general.
  8. Contains quite a comprehensive rebuttal to most of the common arguments against vaccination. Also includes a comparison between the risk of severe complications as a result of vaccines versus the disease itself. https://www.science.org.au/learning/general-audience/science-booklets/science-immunisation/4-are-vaccines-safe
  9. Again, despite the shit-post this has some truth to it. Marijuana (cannabis) is already being studied for use in future medications. There are a number of chemicals in marijuana (cannabinoids) that are promising, and there are currently two FDA-approved pills that contain cannabinoids. Feel free to read "The current state and future perspectives of cannabinoids in cancer biology" https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5852356/. I'm sure you'll find something interesting.
  10. The 99% was an exaggeration that I pulled out of my ass to demonstrate the point that we can, and will continue to, provide vaccines and cures for diseases (there is a significant difference between a vaccine and a cure, though). These cures/vaccines can definitely include diseases found in third world countries, as they do already.
  11. Indeed there isn't any science proving that we can cure 100% of diseases. Some will mutate and become something entirely different to what we currently can provide vaccinations for. That's why I provided a chart that notes how deaths due to Vaccine-preventable diseases have dropped considerably due to the introduction of vaccines. It's probably quite unlikely we'll ever be able to cure 100% of diseases, but we can markedly reduce the impact of the other 99% that can be prevented. Edit: - The two main points of that post was to give more context to the claim that people should be allowed to not vaccinate on religious reasons (which is unfounded in a number of the major world religions), and that vaccines do effectively reduce the death toll (and the impacts of) vaccine-preventable diseases (the number of diseases which we can prevent with vaccines is still growing).
  12. Islam: Slightly more complicated. (1). There are numerous leaders within the community that believe vaccines to be permissible, as stated in the Dakar Declaration on Vaccination - https://afro.who.int/sites/default/files/2017-09/Religious Leaders Declaration.pdf Catholicism: Has shown quite distinct support for it, with vaccines derived from descendant cells of aborted fetuses being the primary issue. There are alternatives to these, in most cases. Even in cases where are no alternatives, it is still morally permissible in Catholicism to use them as they are only very distantly related. See: The Moral Reflection On Vaccines by the Pontifical Academy for Life Russian Orthodox: Acknowledges that vaccines are a main way of achieving progress. (1) Jewish: Urges all parents to vaccinate their healthy children, as recommended by their healthcare professionals. (1) Buddhist: More complicated. Generally, if the vaccine is derived from a form of life then its use may be debated. Early Buddhism wasn't faced with whether a fetus was a form of life, and as such it's up for debate whether fetus-derived vaccines are permissible. Buddhist teachings are fairly conservative. (1) (1): Religious exception for vaccination or religious excuses for avoiding vaccination - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5141457/ Despite the fairly obvious shit-post I'll still respond to this. Deaths caused by vaccine-preventable diseases have dropped considerably. https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/deaths-caused-by-vaccine-preventable-diseases-over-time. If only other people achieved the level of physical Chadness that you have, we might find a cure for all diseases. Edit: For the "vaccines are for the weak" chads, just over 80% of the global population is vaccinated against Diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus, polio, measles, and hepatitis B3. Edit 2: For people that don't mind reading as well, here are some relatively informative papers. Some are behind a pay-wall, but if you're at university you should have access to them. The Effects of Anti-Vaccine Conspiracy Theories on Vaccination Intentions (Open access - 2014) Comparing the quality of pro- and anti-vaccination online information (Open access - 2016) A postmodern Pandora's box: Anti-vaccination misinformation on the Internet (2010)
  13. It isn't that simple, though. The very fact of not vaccinating your child directly exposes more vulnerable children who cannot for legitimate purposes be vaccinated, to diseases that they would otherwise not come into contact with (see: herd immunity). So it's natural selection for the anti-vax kid, and the immunocompromised ones too.
  14. Dealing with things privately, with complaints about staff members going directly to could certainly lead to members of the community being silenced with their complaints being shifted under the carpet. Offering players the ability to voice their concerns publicly could draw other members to voice their concerns about a staff member, or potentially offering a different perspective on the situation. In contrast to this, you could have a mass of players flock to the report solely to shitpost on the report. Or have a flock of players that simply just don't like the staff member in question, and as such leave a fairly baseless, and potentially false, criticism of them. I think either a private, or a public report can be done well as long as there is sufficient forum rules stating that all posts must be on-topic or a lengthy mute/ban will ensue. I've seen public reports done very well on some other servers, that were very well thought out and that had a very good community response and interaction with them. It might be a good way for people to vent their frustrations, their concerns, or their feelings about the matter.
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