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  1. John Strange

    I think you severely underestimate the amount of money some people have, their willingness to spend it, and the lack of options for expending large amounts of money on the server. If there was an organisation that had a buy-in of several million dollars, I'm sure there would be people on the server that would go for that option. If for no other reason other than exclusivity.
  2. John Strange

    a) It would be a new element to code, but I'm *fairly* sure it would be a similar thing to any of the other voting systems currently in place, such as voting for mayor which causes a mayor to be elected but in the case of the event it triggers the next segment of the story-line. Hopefully it's not too much effort :') b) I was actually looking for that. Will post ideas as they come to me.
  3. John Strange

    Your DarkRP Name: John Strange Suggestion (general idea): Expand the pool of current events that the mayor is involved in, and make them more dynamic Detailed description: The suggestion revolves around adding more detailed, and more involved "story-line events" for the mayor to take part in. The first diagram shows how this idea might be implemented for the "Donations for a cause" event that is currently on the server. The second shows how we can implement the use of public voting systems to gain a sort of "public opinion" on the mayor's actions, causing the community's view of the mayor to potentially impact the government's reputation. If a mayor is popular, they can receive a "get-out-of-jail" card for a potentially risky option. Whilst if the public generally dislikes the mayor and their policies, they could crucify him for it. How it will benefit the server: Far more involved roleplay for the Mayor, more interesting options (I think), better outcomes (can always add things other than money/reputation gained/loss), and also the potential for the community to have some sort of role in it too. A quick note, I will not be creating more of these flow charts for the outcomes unless there is a good reception for the idea. If there is a good reception, however, I will happily create a few more examples of other mayoral events (such as the journalist scandal, natural disaster aid, etc.) Edit: Noticed I fucked up the connection to the poll in the 2nd image, it should flow from the option directly above it.
  4. RPName: John Strange Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/YaaaYeeet SteamID: STEAM_0:1:78696754 Age: 18 years (about 10 days off being 19) Playtime: 5 days almost exactly Administrator recommendation: Perrin Barteaux Why would you make a good staff member? I would argue that there are four things that make a good staff member, particularly moderators; the ability to remain calm in potentially heated situations, the ability to assert control in staff sits, the ability to view evidence from both sides impartially and create an appropriate best course of action from the provided evidence, and a willingness to work as part of a cohesive (and hopefully consistent) staffing unit. In my time as a moderator and administrator on other servers and other game-modes, I have demonstrated my ability to maintain control in staff situations and to maintain my composure. I am no stranger to the fact that some people just do not like staff, and will find any opportunity to shit talk or derail sits but I believe I am more than capable of responding to their actions appropriately. I'm currently undertaking an undergraduate degree for a career whose entire treatment protocol requires the discernment of good evidence from bullshit, as such I believe I have enough experience to know when someone's bullshitting and to critically evaluate sources to determine an appropriate outcome. On top of these fundamental requirements for a good staff member is the ability to err on the side of leniency. I have noticed time and time again that some members of the community frequently call for bans numbering many months or weeks for actions that truly do not warrant them. I believe that people should be granted the opportunity for second chances where appropriate, and that a punishment should befit the crime (and should be more on the lenient side so as to not discourage people from playing on the server). I know Poseidonservers quite well, I know DarkRP quite well, I know Gmod quite well, and I am no stranger to staffing. Any prior staffing experience (includes command usage)? I have previous staffing experience as a moderator on Superiorservers (Gmod), as well as experience as an administrator and moderator on one of the top Australian surfing communities on CS:GO. In a much earlier life, I was a head staff member on a Minecraft server that averaged around 100 people online around the clock. I have some experience with staff commands on Gmod, and would most likely only require a quick refresher or introduction to them. Do you agree to the prerequisites listed above? Of course I do.
  5. John Strange

    Weird flex but okay
  6. Imagine rating dumb on posts that don't share your opinion in 2019.

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      a) Cunts refer to EVERYONE in Oceania. Cunt = Friend, Cunt = Asshole. There's 0 instance where you're not a cunt.

      b) Imagine being so fragile that words hurt you.

      c) Everyone deserves as many chances as you give them. - Abe Lincoln.

    3. John Strange

      John Strange

      a) Yeah fair enough

      b) It's not that the words hurt people, it's that they view him in an understandably different (and negative) light because of it. People in the community obviously don't want someone that toxic.

      c) And they decided not to give him another, as he deserved according to your quote.

      Anyways, I was just proving a point that I wasn't reacting to your post just because I didn't agree with it. I truly hope you have a nice day.

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  7. John Strange

    Nobody has said that he's bad at RPing.
  8. John Strange

    +1 Can't really see why not, a pretty enjoyable dude to be around
  9. John Strange

    Hit that bump b
  10. John Strange

    As far as I'm concerned, for a ban to be legitimately warranted (in most cases, anyways) it needs to fit the general criteria: 1) The person should know that the act that they are performing is against the rules, and has the potential to cause a negative player experience (knowledge) 2) The person should purposefully perform the act (intention) "I knew that if I died I would explode" - satisfies the first statement, you knew what the consequences of death would be and that it would damage other players. "I thought nothing of it as I didn't think [the meth would kill me, causing me to explode" - does not satisfy the requirement that you're intentionally trying to ruin the experience of other players. ------- I think the most clear evidence that you do not deserve to be permanently banned comes from the fact that you didn't actually successfully kill anybody. If you were maliciously trying to harm other players, I would expect the death toll to be a lot higher, but as far as I can see this was accidental and was an interaction you didn't anticipate happening. You've also noted the fact that you haven't committed any other offences, and have gained trusted as well. As such, I'm in support of: a) A reduction such that your total ban length is 2 days OR a complete unban b) I don't believe you should lose your trusted rank over something like this, that seems daft to me
  11. John Strange

    Unfortunately, you must realise that in a large number of situations where rules have been broken there's nothing that staff can do without evidence. It sucks that you lost your money, and it sucks that you lost it due to people that broke the rules. I can understand, and to an extent excuse, what you did in the context that you did it. What you did was stupid, but I've seen people do far more stupid shit on the server and get away with it. Don't do this sort of shit again my dude, it never helps. +Support for a reduction of the ban to a couple weeks or so (dependent on how much of a ban you've served already).
  12. John Strange

    We have already established that some level of racism is acceptable within the confines of in-character roleplay. It's not a huge stretch to state that some people on the server blatantly abuse their privilege of "free-speech", for lack of a better word, in-character in order to abuse or degrade members of the community. To state outright "you can't treat IC racism seriously in this game" is an extraordinary precedent, and means that anyone that tells another person to repeatedly kill themselves under the pretense of it being in-character is okay. The thread was focused, in my mind, more around getting people to understand the concept that what you say in-character can have serious impacts on someone out-of-character. People might have been abused, might have depression, or in this case might be black. In these cases all it should take to get someone to ease off abusing them in-character is a quick word from an admin to chill out. This can help avoid people in our community from feeling ostracised. But hey, I guess we should stop banning people for telling little kids to kill themselves in-character because who cares right? It's in-character after all! Edit; I think Malcolm's point on the NaziRP is quite good as well, and highlights why this is not as much of a cut-and-dry issue as some people seem to believe.
  13. John Strange

    Hence why I said that there's not a non-derogatory way of calling someone a nigger. There is a distinct tendency for people on the server to slide in the hard R, often because they want to either provoke a reaction or just think it's a quality meme. Which is why I imagine that OP was upset and frustrated by nobody caring what he had to say about it.
  14. John Strange

    There isn't really a non-derogatory way of calling someone a Nigger my dude. Frankly, the only way that this sort of behaviour should or even could be excused is under the pretense of it being an in-character roleplay scenario. Calling someone a nigga, nigger, etc. in OOC is quite blatantly a racist slur and there shouldn't be the possibility of an excuse of it being IC. To the OP, if you are legitimately offended by people using any variation of the above slurs, or similar: Jew, nigger, faggot, etc. This server and practically any other DarkRP server I have ever joined is not going to be an enjoyable experience for you. If you can accept that people are saying it in-character, and not in an attempt to abuse you then you might find your experience here more enjoyable. I strongly believe that the attitude of some people in this thread towards someone who is voicing their opinion on rampant racism in the server (which, admittedly is kind of par-for-course) is disappointing.
  15. Steam name: Ruin / Heal RPName: John Strange Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/YaaaYeeet/ SteamID: STEAM_0:1:78696754 Any donations: I'm 99.99% sure that I've donated for Donator in the past (back when I didn't know how to use precision tool). Why you want this rank: I'm not going to shy away from the fact that I would like the rank of Trusted primarily for selfish reasons. I would like to have access to advanced dupe for two main reasons: a) It will allow me to build more complex and aesthetically pleasing bases without having the downside of spending fuck tonnes of time for a base that gets removed on a crash/restart/dc, and b) I can't be fucked rebuilding the same fucking base 3 times in a row due to crashes (either my own or the server's). The commands provided by the rank are a nice addition I feel, and will allow me to prevent people from intentionally ruining the otherwise wonderful evening other players might have. What will you do with the extra tools & commands that you receive: I'm going to be building neat looking bases, try out a few different ideas for shop-fronts/base defences/etc. without the fear of losing all my progress or being unable to duplicate it effectively. Like I said, the commands are going to be restricted (in my mind anyways) to situations that specifically demand them (aka a 12 year old lunatic on a midnight rampage on the server). Do you agree to use the tools properly: Yes. It was a wombat on a surfboard.