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  1. +1 seen around, cool.
  2. alex

    +1 first guy I met on the server, is easily high standard of what a moderator should be. Is not biest either, doesn't judge people by the way they sound but by the way they act. Legend, I hope you get the position xx
  3. ~ Steam name: alex ~ Steam ID: (Type status in console within gmod to find) STEAM_1:0:143668240 ~ Game mode: darkrp ~ RP Name: (if applicable) raequans death ~ Ban Reason: MRDM ~ Banned by: No clue ~ Length of ban: 7 days ~ Your Evidence ( that proves you're innocent / should be unbanned - NOT your ban screen ) zilch. ~ Reason you want to be unbanned: I would like to be unbanned as these were not rdm's intented to cause massacre but just returning fire at minges who shot at me first, if you check the logs you will see I was continously rdm'd by people and how many times I was attacked, I had not only said it in OOC and stated I was being rdm'd but since staff are unable to hop onto the server when 65 players are on it's pretty sad. I'm done with minges constantly ruining my playtime and you can probably see my previous ban reports on others. While I admit it was childish to return fire and minge back, it is not usually like me and was unintended to cause horror to anyone else. You can see clearly I am a very active cop and has rechieved the rank of Chief Inspector, people are constantly try to irrate cops and want drama in-return. I would like to be unbanned as I love playing with this community and believe a 7 day ban was unfair for just returning what the players were ruining my time back to them. I wish to be unbanned as most of the time I am mature unlike this and love to play.
  4. alex

    N E U T R A L , whilst you are extremely active you are also short tempered.
  5. alex

  6. alex

    Dude, even if your cop pal mucked you up, you still can't kill him. Next time remember to contact an admin. They will always help.
  7. alex

    Thank you for owning up to it Jacen, you are not the only one who has done it before and I would not like this man punished. I'm just happy you owned up. We all make mistakes.
  8. alex

    Literally what is said , I have no idea why. Could of possibly been an accident?
  9. alex

    I have little to no understanding of what you mean, I was walking down the street and next minute I'm banned for 2 days? Pretty odd. was not even brought into a sit to explain why I had killed the person. Could've been a mistake.
  10. alex

    ~ Steam name: alex ~ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:143668240~ Game mode: dark rp~ RP Name: (if applicable) Jayden Burgs~ Ban Reason: RDM X 1 , Random Search~ Banned by: No idea~ Length of ban: 2 days~ Your Evidence ( that proves you're innocent / should be unbanned - NOT your ban screen )~ Reason you want to be unbanned: I have no clue why I was banned, I was not called into a sit or anything. All I was doing was roleplaying as a cop and when giving people 10 seconds to comply or when they would resist (failrp) I would kill them with my m4a1. I only killed 1 person and I have no idea why I was banned for random search. I would like to be unbanned as I enjoy roleplaying as cop and most of the time I do the right thing. I really would like to comeback and play as this is my favourite server.
  11. alex

    ~ Game mode: dark rp ~ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:96426660 STEAM_0:1:103020649 STEAM_0:1:81038495 ~ Reason for ban request: Prop Spamming, mrdm ect. They only have an hour of playtime each so obviously logged on to minge. ~ Evidence: (Bans without evidence and fall into a "he said, she said" will be declined. https://imgur.com/I981Wk6 https://imgur.com/Vk3b3Ib
  12. alex

    Glad to see you were blatantly lying, and thankyou to Malcolm for checking the logs Enjoy the ban xx
  13. +1 og and actually listens.
  14. alex

    What I find totally hillarious is the guy just joins, gets cop, plays to get constable. RDMS when he likes then when I try to put a stop to it \ 'OH YOU WERE EGGING HIM ON' Dude he legit made his account yesterday and made the thread yesterday to get out of trouble to keep minging. It's heinous and absolutely contradicting what you guys are doing trying to turn my words. I just needed video proof, as stated I can't record all the time. I have 1 hardrive filled with heaps of stuff and only little room. Believe who you'd like, I don't care. Sorry for trying to stop a huge problem before it fully occured and trying to get evidence. It is upmost clear who's side your taking because he made a thread basically saying what I said about him just changing the words. Check the logs, check the damage, check how many times I was killed by him. There is your evidence.