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  1. May just want to clarify for people who you are. Judging from what was said and how it was said I'm going to say it's Winters.
  2. Just my opinion but I didn't like either of the deployments. They were way too long and most people I talked to thought that too.
  3. I was writing a reply to this and then I lost what I had written. Basically these ideas are fine and all they are ideas but how do you do these things while making them different and unique. Repetition leads to dullness. The member rank would have to be very specific and it would have to be a bit weird so it doesn't take away from what Trusted is and make it null. Instead I was going to suggest a builder rank which I have wanted for a while. Basically it gives them perma tools and noclip. Of course there would be a zero tolerance for noclip abuse and it would be taken away and blacklisted from the role. There would be more and more in depth replies but I lost it all and I really can't be bothered writing it all.
  4. A month? More like 9. Also now I remember why Stevo was hated.
  5. It happened so long ago I can't remember. But he was the Manager during CWRP when it died for the first time so they switched to ImperialRP from what I saw he never really did much and what he did do was abit... >.> and then he just left.
  6. No one is getting "too heated" here. Jay is not an angry person. We were simply discussion things.
  7. There stricter RP wasn't the main issue with their RP it was the RP itself. Yes them being stitrcted resulted in some things that were abit much such as their long jail times and problem of leaving you in your cell for sometimes over 10 minutes. But the RP was taken too far sometimes. They were kidnapping and torturing clones sometimes. Just my personal opinion when it comes to their RP.
  8. Care to explain why Speirs and Winters were the best chance at survival. I was never staff during their time really and I didn't care all too much for what was happening server wise. When I saw them do things I only saw the bad side of it. I only saw them do things which most players that I knew hated.
  9. This was looked at by the staff team a while ago but it would seem as if no one ever put the results up. As f.blaze would say... Thanks for applying but your app has been denied. If you have any questions into why contact me (Doubt anyone else will remember the reasoning).
  10. You have misunderstood what he said. It's up to the owners and people who set it up to fix it not the server host.
  11. You are either overly confident or simply blinded by your own inability to understand that one day Poseidon SWRP will die for good. SWRP has been struggling to keep an active playerbase for nearly 1-2 years. Don't get me wrong there has been times where it has got a healthy, steady and stable player base but it never lasted long. CWRP starts to die so we switch to Imperial RP it goes good for the first week and dies down. Some months later we switch back to CWRP and like Imperial RP It was good for a few months. Then yet again history repeats itself. CWRP dies again so... we switch again... Look at it, look how it turned out yet again. Started off strong (weaker in terms to the other launches) and died down again. If you blame it all on the fact that "THE SERVER DOESN'T SHOW UP WHEN I TRY TO JOIN!!!" you are simply glossing over the fact that it was dying well before this incident. No matter how hard anyone tries they most likely never get back to the days where server would reach max capacity. No matter how hard you try to fix the server it won't ever be the same. When I first joined the server I had this feeling that I could never describe again. Maybe time has withered my enjoyment but I have never felt the same feeling since the first change. I don't want to hurt people but when the first switch happened we lost alot of what made Poseidon SWRP the players. We lost great players that simply made the server what it was. These people understood what needed to be done when events weren't being run. They understood that regiments and players needed a fix, they needing training and a sense of something other than boredom. Which they did well. I can't remember a day where I didn't enjoy myself. There was always something happening. Either an event by legendary event staff or a TDM, even regimental training was enjoyable. I have said this time and time again but these new players don't have that. Most of them have the inability to make their own RP without staff members holding their hand. Why is this? I really don't know. Maybe they are too scared to RP. Maybe they don't have the tools. But something has wrong for a while now. When was the last time we had a big TDM? The last time we had enjoyable training? The last time the commanders worked together to improve and ensure stability in regiments besides their own. You could blame this lack of enjoyment on the staff team, mainly event staff. Fair point but that isn't really our job to make people do RP. Our job is to run events that can enjoyed by the entire server. Yes we could give regiments little tasks to do but we can't think for you. We can't make your RP for you every single day. Some event staff can't even run one event a week let alone RP for regiments. Try and try all you want but simply put the damage is done. We lost too many players at this point. Most of those people that won't come back due to it. I will do my job till the end but don't go around pointing fingers and blaming people, instead take a step back and reflect. Think to yourself did I ever try to contribute to the server to make it better? If you want an idea of what an RP server should look like take a note from DarkRP's page. They have staff members that run events yes but most of the server's RP is made for and from the players. Jones always put this best but he always said that players always need something to do and he tried to encourage it but no one ever tried. Old players such as Jones would always give people like me something to do. People hated Jones and his ways and he understood that, he knew that he was a terrible Head Staff but he was great at RP and giving RP to others. RP makes the server what it is. If you remove player made RP from that you are left with 0-2 events a day. That isn't enough to sustain a sever. I know that this reply is messy. I have written this thing so many times and each time I hated it. I just wanted to get my opinion out there. I also know that it also seems like I'm pointing my finger and blaming it all on players but that isn't the case I'm merely pointing out the fact that everyone ignores. That you yourself may also be a contributing factor to the servers death. Just don't get attached to any on SWRP since even if the server doesn't die anytime soon, one day it will and you will lose everything but until that time comes try make your time here as enjoyable for yourself and others. Please note that this is pointed at no one.
  12. Fake cause you are egotistical and you want people to know.
  13. Don't worry I changed the time to 99 years. See you soon I guess.
  14. You can join via the forums. Most IP issues seem fixed now but some days I still couldn't see it but that was in the past. On the front page of the forums where you see the server list you can click on the IP to join or copy the IP into your Gmod console and type in connect [IP HERE] and that should also work.
  15. It all really depends on when enough staff members can get together in a meeting to go over the applications. Ain't my place to say this stuff but I can try push for this weekends meeting if it does happen.
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