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  1. Lemon Koala

    Did you actually read what I said? One of the examples were about the warns the rest were about you as a player and how you tend to break rules and annoy others with your obnoxious chatter and fail bases (just to name a few). Instead of denying every negative bit of feedback how about you work about it and actually explain what process you have taken to improve your behavior
  2. Lemon Koala

    Here is my problem with you, you are obnoxious towards players like myself by yelling, mic spamming and minging in general. Not to mention your lack of rule following and your large amount of warnings in general. I don't want to give an empty definition of this player so this will most likely be a long response. You lack to follow the rules whether that be through minor or medium offenses. I have been on the server countless times where I would be obliged to warn you. Some examples of the warnings that you have received from just me would include, FFRP, Job Abuse, and another FFRP (this doesn’t include the countless other warnings you have received from others). While I was on break and not staffing I ran into smaller issues which were still not the representation of a trusted member of the community, whether it be through SSA or building fail bases were you can't even pull your gun out I would say it all sums up to you being untrustworthy. Another example for you being someone that I don't fancy would be your job abusing. I vividly remember when you job abused, whether that be changing to the police to defend PD raids or when you just change to gun dealer and BMD to supply you and your fellow criminals with guns before changing back. Whether or not this is to benefit others it is still breaking the rules and in my opinion unacceptable if you wish to be a trusted member of the community. Yet again you chose to break rules and deny them, this can be seen through your countless attempts at RDM or SSA. When I was a player myself on the server I can remember you tazing me then SSA me and other players, a more minor offense in the grand scheme of things but it adds up. Last but not least just being annoying and minging. You are constantly walking up to people like myself yelling and being obnoxious. I understand that it might be a joke but when you are constantly yelling and whistling as loud as you can it becomes obnoxious and annoying. Usually, everyone finished their response with something like, “if your attitude changes I will change to a +1” but I don't think I ever will. You always come back to the server after your application being denied explaining that you have changed but it always seems like it never happens. You leave for a month after your application is denied post an application that gets denied you leave again with the same attitude. If you actually played the server during this reflection point I might actually be fond of you, but until then it’s going to be a hard -1 from me.
  3. Lemon Koala

  4. Lemon Koala

    +1 Not sure why you haven't applied before
  5. Lemon Koala

    +1 I will door camp bat
  6. +1 one of the players that I genuinely enjoy being around. Knows the rules and actually plays by them, good luck!
  7. Lemon Koala

    i love you
  8. Lemon Koala

    +1 is nice
  9. Lemon Koala

    This ladies and gentlemen is a smart man +1 to both. I hate going from base to base having to add people. This is a good idea
  10. Lemon Koala

    +1 Good player and nice bloke good luck! presses enter key very well too.
  11. Lemon Koala

    People be gambling their last bits of money we be filling bathtubs with guns.
  12. Lemon Koala

    +1 is the best and this ^
  13. Lemon Koala

    +1 Large OOC Presence and haven't had a single negative sit about you yet so good luck!
  14. Lemon Koala

    +1 put a lot of effort into his app OT: if you actually intend on being a trusted member on the server you must make a correct application. Not only do you have to read the trusted rules and responsibilities but also use the format provided.
  15. Lemon Koala

    Give it time young padawan.
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