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  1. Lemon Koala

    The line was so long at one point smt
  2. Lemon Koala

    +1 I will door camp bat
  3. Lemon Koala

    +1 one of the players that I genuinely enjoy being around. Knows the rules and actually plays by them, good luck!
  4. Lemon Koala

    i love you
  5. Lemon Koala

  6. Lemon Koala

    +1 is nice
  7. Lemon Koala

    This ladies and gentlemen is a smart man +1 to both. I hate going from base to base having to add people. This is a good idea
  8. Lemon Koala

    I was standing at the bank just talking to Cozmo about something and I get killed randomly. No previous shots were fired besides the one that killed me in a headshot. This is blatant RDM whether or not its on accident but due to your previous history of no warns I'm happy to unban you. I'll unban you now.
  9. Lemon Koala

    +1 Good player and nice bloke good luck! presses enter key very well too.
  10. Lemon Koala

    People be gambling their last bits of money we be filling bathtubs with guns.
  11. Lemon Koala

    +1 is the best and this ^
  12. Lemon Koala

    +1 Large OOC Presence and haven't had a single negative sit about you yet so good luck!
  13. Lemon Koala

    +1 put a lot of effort into his app OT: if you actually intend on being a trusted member on the server you must make a correct application. Not only do you have to read the trusted rules and responsibilities but also use the format provided.
  14. Lemon Koala

    Give it time young padawan.
  15. Lemon Koala

    we will all miss you on the staff team Majin.