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  1. Jimmy

    The claim system @Araxamas is suggesting we already have, it's just not visualised in text for users. Based on the thread, the following changes will be made: Tell users the messages they called and that they are in queue. (as well as how many people are in queue) Tell users when their case is claimed Potentially add a reject button telling users their sit has been rejected. Tell users when no staff are online
  2. Jimmy

    Warrants: Should stay a Mayor/Police Chief role as it concerns them more. Fire people: The Deputy can fire people. Request Laws: Has been brought up before but I've decided this should stay in RP. Something I have always stood by is that I don't want scripts to play the game for people. It doesn't take much to roleplay by 'organising a meeting with the Mayor' and requesting laws that way. This promotes actual RP and more interactions which I prefer over having a script that plays for you. In addition, the deputy role has always been more of a roleplay driven job where the purpose of deputy is built through roleplay, but this relies on the Mayor wanting to do so. Sometime in the future it may be given some special abilities but it should mainly be done in RP.
  3. Jimmy

    Texture issue will be fixed next update as the teamradios have been completely refactored. As for the other issue, it shouldn't occur after the update, but if it does i'll look into it. I haven't experienced the second issue.
  4. Jimmy

    I'll consider some aspects when doing a revamp to the gangs, it's also dependent on a few other changes I have in mind but I'm not sure when I'll have it all done.
  5. Jimmy

    As cool as they are, and as useful as they can be, no matter what people still minge with them and everyone just ends up getting annoyed. Maybe in the distant future they will be a thing.
  6. Jimmy

    Based on the feedback doesn't look like it will go ahead, cool idea though, might keep it on the back-burner.
  7. Jimmy

    Sure thing: Complete freeze rather semi freeze Fix jump issue Fix reload anim
  8. Jimmy

    Refer to this thread on the status of FearRP. All feedback here will still be considered.
  9. Jimmy

    Sounds good to me @Araxamas. Let me know if you end up making a checkpoint.
  10. Jimmy

    Personally I'd like to keep the mafia job as not only has it always been a favourite of mine, but for others as well. I'm also toying with the idea of removing two of the gang groups and just having two (in its current state being gopniks and mafia) because I don't think four are needed. It seems like it spreads them out too much and you'll see say 2-3 people in each rather than a large group in two of them. I'd like to know what people think about the above. I'd also be under the assumption that if these two jobs are removed, sometime in the future another one or two more jobs would be added so jobs aren't constantly being removed. But that's just how I feel, let me know what you guys think about that, I would say having two rather than four would be better. After this is decided I'll address the extra perks per gang suggested.
  11. Jimmy

    You need to take a step back out of your shoes and look at it from an outsiders point of view. None of these replies are an attack on your character, they are merely providing their criticisms on your staffing ability. When people say "Don't take this to heart." they don't mean "Hey, lets add fuel to his grief & despair" they quite literally mean don't take this to heart. They have no issue with you and I'm sure many people here are fine with you. However, when it comes to staff applications, it is essential that people separate from their personal views on the applicant and make their decision based on the ability of the person to staff. This is something that is crucial to the application process and something which is often the hardest for either Malcolm or I. It is essential for us to make decisions based on the persons ability to staff or potential ability to staff rather than their character. This often means declining friends or active members of the community who always contribute and are widely accepted by the community. Sometimes they are not staff material and this is something we have to accept. We always appreciate those who are active and we love to have them apart of the community, but we cannot accept their application just because we like them. If anything you should actually be happy with the criticisms you have received as it is very constructive. Some applicants get "-1 don't know you", people have taken a decent amount of time out of their own lives to provide you with paragraphs of feedback on how to improve. Furthermore, you're not the only one who gets this. Staff members are always criticised and will aim to improve based on that. I strongly believe the issue is, you posted this application with the assumption that you would receive the rank. Hence why you are so surprised with the response given. No one is discrediting the help you provided Poseidon or saying that your time as a trial was useless. In everyone's eyes you didn't 'fail' them, they are providing advice in its purest form on how to improve, something everyone is entitled to do. Take some time to review this thread and understand why you received these responses. Declined.
  12. Jimmy

    The ban was from 15/06/17. More than happy to unban you considering when it was from, although it was done by the automated system so you would need to provide your other account that you were originally banned on otherwise you would get banned again.
  13. Jimmy

    Perk 1: People have brought this up before and I've always wanted to do something like this, more specifically with some map features. If anyone has a checkpoint duped and they want their checkpoint to be one that can be used with this perk, PM me on the forums and send me the dupe file alongside where the dupe is on the map. Preferably a dupe that is less than 80 props, Ideally 50-60 props maximum. Perk 2: I feel like this can already be achieved with the /broadcast command and I see people do it all the time to be honest so I feel like /broadcast system does it justice. Perk 3: Not as keen for this as the others, I feel like there are enough police and S.W.A.T slots, I don't necessarily think more are needed.
  14. Jimmy

    Just going to bump this for more feedback as we have had something similar to this in the past although people ended up wanting to go back to the original system.