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  1. Jimmy

    At the moment bat has been hosting the 'event' nights which seem to be running fairly well and it is slowly becoming a permanent thing from what I can see. Without referring to particular servers, one issue at the moment is a simple lack of people power. We don't have the relevant managers or people that have a willingness to open up a server and continue to manage it for a fair amount of time, without losing interest. If we had the people to manage and develop these servers, bringing them back would be somewhat possible. However, it is a fact that we do not have the people to manage servers that people want and if we wanted these servers, we would need these people. It is safe to say that smaller gamemodes (e.g. deathrun, flood, jailbreak, race etc) will not return on their own server. If they did return, it would be on some sort of server that rotates gamemodes every x days or x weeks. This server however would most likely not grow the community, rather it would just provide a platform for present community members to play their favourite old gamemodes. As for DarkRP, at this current point in time there are no plans on bringing it back for a host of different reasons, however this may change say if someone wanted to setup their own server within the community. The next gamemode in my mind would be TTT, however we would need people to develop and manage it, as well as a community interest in playing it. The same principle applies as I said above, we may be open to having people setup and manage their own server within the community if they had the ability to do so and reached out to us. s&box is an interesting option for when it comes out although it probably wont be anytime soon. If you have any questions either post them below or DM me and I will answer them to the best of my abilities.
  2. Jimmy

    I think this thread speaks for itself really. Although I can sum up some points: Terrible on performance Not made for DarkRP Various exploits used with the most common tools Takes the most basic interactions away from RP Yeah wiremod is cool, for a sandbox server. Also, the new hardware doesn't really mean anything because the server limits the amount of resources it uses regardless.
  3. Jimmy

    Maybe, although I'm not that keen on adding dlib just for it.
  4. Jimmy

    The M16A2 will be altered as I try fix the bugs and make it not as over powered. I may change it for swat and leave it in the armoury.
  5. I will possibly add these but it just depends on the fate of the M16A2, I've heard it is quite buggy and due to them being from the same pack, I don't have high expectations for the other weapons.
  6. Jimmy

    It will be back when it's in a better state, just a temporary removal, it was very bad performance wise.
  7. 1. I feel like this is something the Mayor could just do themselves pretty easily, it's probably not required to be made but I'll have a think about it nonetheless. 2. Up to @Hinzy, I'll have a chat with him. 3. As cool as this one sounds I don't really think this is necessary and would require a lot of work. An idea, something I did with my friends long long ago to plan a raid, we made a mini layout of the PD with 1x1 blocks and would colour tool specific blocks to represent where players would go and where potential defenders would be.
  8. Jimmy

    I believe this is possible without the addon, I'll have a look, but either way I've got no issues trying it out.
  9. Jimmy

    1. Not sure how I feel on muting players. Refer to the above post by @bat as this was the first issue I thought of I saw this suggestion. 2. It's not necessarily possible to easily mute the toolgun sound of others in its current state, I'll have a think about it. I'll leave this thread open for a little longer.
  10. Jimmy

    Sure thing.
  11. Jimmy

    I don't necessarily believe this visual countdown is required. Personally, I think using the microphone is fine and you can use something like /y for logging purposes (not advert). While this isn't a requirement, it would be helpful for staff as they have timestamps on the logs and would be able to view the time between someone using /y (e.g. /y Mug drop your wallet) or whatever you please and the kill. In order to account for potential delay, staff can allow for a +/- 1 second or 2 seconds onto the time so if the /y bind was used and 9 seconds later the person was killed then staff can accept that. With the hands up system, which I hope is going well, and /y binds with the logs I don't think the countdown will provide any benefit to admin sits or in RP situations. Following on from the hands up, in the future there may be a basic restraint system for players to use on others, although this would only be introduced if the hands up system doesn't work as I have always and will always maintain that I don't like systems such as restraints and zipties that fully incapacitate a player. Hence why I made the hands up system as a balance to that where people raiding or mugging can do so in a manner that prevents them from having a gun pulled on them (given the victims hands are up), but also gives the victim an option to not comply and put their hands down after having them up. This system doesn't render them complete useless as they still retain some control.
  12. Jimmy

    If people don't think the votes work and they only detract new players, then heavily restricting the first police rank might be the way to go, although I'm not sure if this is the case yet or just an early observation. I'd like to see what people think about this. I probably won't be adding a cooldown (there already is one of about a minute or so) and I definitely won't be allowing people to hide votes.
  13. Jimmy

    Sounds good to me (minus the kills).
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