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  1. Will be considered in conjunction with another potential addition.
  2. Hi all, Currently I am working on a few edits to our map. I am not sure when I will have the update for it out although I'm hoping to get it out for the update after next. Note well that when the map is updated, it will be uploaded to a new workshop link under the same name and I may change the map file name to avoid issues with differing map files (just by adding _v1a, nothing else). However, this will all be communicated before the map is changed on the server and you'll have a chance to subscribe to it, although joining the server should download it regardless. Returning to the original reason for this thread, please feel free to use this thread for small bugs/suggestions in relation to the map, strictly small quality of life changes only please, no major changes on this thread. Before posting, consider looking at the trello for cards with the map label to see what has already been done/considered. All feedback is greatly appreciated
  3. I'm not removing the cooldown because you don't need to carry every gun on the server, the cooldown is there for a reason and it has always been a thing. I'll reduce the cooldown and set it at a standard 2 minutes across all weapons taken. I'll close the thread now but if you have anything specifically regarding the armoury (any changes or anything else mentioned in this thread), message me on the forums and we'll work something out.
  4. With the lower player counts, I might lower it to 30
  5. 1. Probably not as they are not meant to be frequent 2. If you have ideas forward them through please and I'll see what I can do. The reason only FFA is in there at the moment is because it's new, so just wanted to trial it, was always going to add more events if possible. 3. Will fix 4. Will fix Regarding @Nick's post Is this in reference to Mayor? Will fix Maybe Will fix
  6. Read the trusted rules and responsibilities before reapplying.
  7. Read the trusted rules and responsibilities before reapplying.
  8. Read the trusted rules and responsibilities before reapplying.
  9. Read this before reapplying.
  10. Denied I'd recommend getting more playtime before reapplying.
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