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  1. Jimmy

    Will be reset to original ranks. For others reading who want their rank back, just DM me your SteamID on the forums and I can get the old data back, although the data should all be fixed tomorrow. Any changes in job rank data tonight most likely will not be saved.
  2. Jimmy

    Yeah don't see the harm of it
  3. Jimmy

    Refer to @Yuki ' post as he hit the nail on the head. In short, if you have a passive roleplay house and someone comes to raid, if you comply, don't fight back and they kill you, call a staff member as they are breaking the rules. Staff should be enforcing the combat engagement rules.
  4. Jimmy

    Reduced to 1 day. Accepted
  5. Jimmy

    SteamID64 is fine, it's actually better but either SteamID works
  6. Jimmy

    Will most likely be fixed next update as printers have been recoded and made better to fill the place of bitminers
  7. Will look into it, thanks for the report
  8. Jimmy

    You definitely would've been better off appealing your ban rather than trying to evade it considering it was from so long ago
  9. Jimmy

    I'd be more inclined to buff SWAT slightly than add the role based on feedback.
  10. Might add a couple more back into the map
  11. Jimmy

    Yeah I'll get it in relativity soon.
  12. Jimmy

    Given the size of the pack stays low, I'll most likely add it
  13. Jimmy

    Rules on taking hostages will be outlined, not sure if the ransom system will be added but it's not a bad idea so might go ahead with it.