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  1. Chungus is a solid bloke, 11/10 would have a durrie with him +1
  2. RIP Better luck next time for me Cheers for reading over though, appreciate it all
  3. Gday all, cheers for looking at my trusted app and taking the time to read over it, appreciate it. ~Steam Name: Current name: [BIA]^r^2archerboy619. Past: archerboy619 ~RPName: Flowz Dillione, previous name from 2+ years ago was Hang Chang ~Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/archerboy619 ~Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:58891893 ~Any Donations? Yea ive donated proabably $50-70 bucks over the years ive played ~Why you want this rank: [50-100+ Words] I would like to be considered for trusted rank as i think i am responsible and trusted enough to receive it. I have played on Poseidon and been around long enough to be known by a fair few people, wether it was a wombat on a surfboard or Staff and Players of the Dark RP server, I also think I am mature enough to possibly represent Poseidon in a good manor and to provide a service to anyone that might need my help for starting out when for instance all staff are busy or to just straight up deal with dickheads if no Staff are online at all. ~What will you do with the extra tools & commands that you receive?: [25-50+ Words] I will try to help when no staff are online at all, help new people and I will build some cool stuff with permission. I will also use it to load in my defences when i base so i dont waste 20 minutes minutes of my time building. ~Do you agree to use the tools(adv dupe, light, etc) that come with this rank properly?: [Yes/No] Yea defintely, no point mucking around with it, just ruins the trust and makes the game not enjoyable. Cheers for reading my Trusted App -Flowz/Archer
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