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  1. Thrilloby

    You. You're the probably.
  2. Thrilloby

    Like he said to provide evidence. Anyway, this is irrelevant to his application.
  3. Thrilloby

    +1 trustworthy and good sense of humor
  4. Thrilloby

    +1 actual god
  5. Thrilloby

    John Console.
  6. Thrilloby

    +1 Seen him on the server a lot pretty mature, haven't seen him break any rules which are always a good thing. Good luck.
  7. Thrilloby


    Thank you
  8. Thrilloby

    Delete what? I'm so confused.
  9. Thrilloby

    Windows, because it's Windows... Linux such a joke.
  10. Thrilloby

    +1 Nice, funny guy. Haven't had any troubles or seen any when I've been on.
  11. Thrilloby

    Hello my name is Thrilloby, I only play Deathrun, DarkRP. and also C H E E T O (non-normies will understand)
  12. Thrilloby


    How dare you say that.
  13. Thrilloby

    Neutral - I think you need more time.