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  1. damn you eat it out of a cup, but on ice cream is acceptable yes. You gotta have more milo than milk in the drink.
  2. I even think 60k with the removal of bitminers is too high, it rarely is used but for good reason. It has very few times where its use is actually warranted and when it is used it is mainly just to minge with. The only thing I would change is the rate at which you lose health. Instead of having to use a kill bind, you are given 5 - 10 seconds after taking it to get into a position to cause maximum carnage (in a pd raid or base raid of sorts).
  3. I haven't even said the exact details yet lmao. Calm your panties.
  4. I liked the design of the metro on V2. The metro on V1 could be utilised better as there is just tonnes of free space.
  5. There's no point -1ing yet considering if the app doesn't get edited it will just be insta denied anyway.
  6. Please use this template to be considered.
  7. It is a close tie between GTA 5, Rainbow 6. I believe they were both around 80gb. I enjoyed GTA much more as I didn't enjoy having to grind so much just to unlock new characters in rainbow 6.
  8. I don't see this in any way a personal attack or Yuki trying to harass anyone. The way I see it, Yuki was trying to help someone (whether this someone was being sarcastic or not) and got told to stop talking in general chat even though there was multiple posts before that borderline making fun of the guy. Ok retard is quite a common joke and in this context I believe it was just that. I don't see the point of being so strict on a seemingly low key discord server and server in general. If there is a personal vendetta, that should not stop them from playing on the server as that is an entirely different thing. +1 for unban.
  9. https://sourceb.in/d3938f7e23.lua Made one of my own, about the Mafia and stuff. Oh and thanks to @Nick he maybe helped a little.
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