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  1. Thotson LFWW

    Suggestion Template: Your DarkRP Name: Patrick Ennis Suggestion (general idea): Make the ammunition in the Armoury for the guns that you can actually collect from the Armoury as law enforcement. Description of suggestion (expand on the idea): The guns stocked in the Armoury and their Ammo: M3: 12 Gauge rounds M4A1: 5.56 x 45mm M24: 7.62 x 51mm MP5A5: 9 x 19mm What is stocked in the Armoury: 5.45 x 39mm .50 BMG ammo .380 ACP ammo .454 Casull Ammo None of the ammunition stored in the Armoury is for the guns stocked in the Armoury which is extremely pointless and should be changed. How it will benefit the server: Will make it so if you run out of ammo or are running low after a raid or in general you can come to PD and collect ammo instead of buying the $2000 ammo boxes.
  2. Thotson LFWW

    There were some great performances, I have to mention some of the piano acts notably Bob Jane and David Pajo and Perrin Barteaux. Job well done on the preparation side of things aswell.
  3. Thotson LFWW

    Was forced to voteban this guy a few weeks ago, seems to be a serial rule breaker who does not deserve an unban. -1
  4. Thotson LFWW

    thoughts? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1494524480&searchtext=Elvis It's Elvis, pretty distinguishable for anyone really. Edit: Realised the file is massive 1.243 MB. That's probably an issue. Part of this group initially which the server may already have as it has the crips and bloods models. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=109586003
  5. Thotson LFWW

    Down for security aswell.
  6. Thotson LFWW

    I don't mean to be rude but I don't believe you can say that as I have rarely interacted with you ingame and this is what your playtime looks like in the past month. and mine is like this
  7. Thotson LFWW

    This may not be the answer you are looking for but to fix this the mask may only be toggleable for a certain amount of time then it automatically removes itself. This adds extra risk when raiding as you need to speed things up more. When the timer has run out there is a cooldown for a certain amount of time that would be suitable.
  8. Thotson LFWW

    +1 interesting idea for the put on and remove mask feature. Think it would do good for the RP of manhunts and witnesses in a possible police investigation after a crime. Edit: Just another thought as people would still most likely metagame the fact that they were the one that raided could you not log this to therefore provide as evidence in possible sits that may arise
  9. Thotson LFWW

    One way I could see this being a detriment is someone walking into a semi open base, for example has some areas where members of the base stand either outside or near the base. To initiate a raid on said base a thief walks up to a member of the base and checks them. If they have a weapon they are gunned down instantly by the thief simply for having a weapon on their body. I agree with @Nick just strip them. This would encourage random weapon checking and by thieves that is a bit hypocritical. -1
  10. Thotson LFWW

    Got an Oppo R17. Very nice but find X is better
  11. Thotson LFWW

    +1 Seen around the server alot is quite active and seems to follow rules to the best of his abilities. Although you are missing that key phrase. I hope read up on these 2 posts.
  12. Thotson LFWW

    -1 have never seen around the server to my knowledge and seem to be quite inactive from what gametracker is saying. You are also missing a key phrase. I suggest reading up on And this
  13. Thotson LFWW

    It is good that you have mentioned the extra commands and responsibilities that come with the trusted rank. Although, I have only seen you on the server once myself. You are also missing a key phrase I suggest reading up on And this -1 for now.
  14. Thotson LFWW

    +1 The taser in theory should be the ultimate arrest tool besides the handcuffs as it incapacitates the suspect the seconds it touches skin, this is not the case in the server. As Phat Cook has said it should be reworked so this is the case. I think this whole thing could be fixed if the ability to turn after being tased is removed. On another note after being tased in a life for the rest of the time you are alive your jump height is lowered which is very strange. On another separate note, there is no reload animation for the taser which is extremely confusing to officers as they are just left spamming left click hoping it connects. TLDR; taser should fully incapacitate the suspect, jump height after being tased in a life should be fixed, there is no reload animation for the taser which is extremely detrimental.