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  1. Thotson LFWW

  2. Thotson LFWW

    jailbreak in csgo > jailbreak in gmod. I have a bunch of good maps I could recommend. actual csgo 5v5 game nights could be interesting. A weird concept, but pre-planned pd raids, or large base raids of like 10v10 or more could be cool on the darkrp server. With full weapons, armour, entry tools and proper defenses it would be really a fun mafia v police type thing. Also on the darkrp server with the gambling plugins a poker tournament could be held full tables set up with set buyins.
  3. Thotson LFWW

    my friend just unboxed a knife in cs, wtf.
  4. Thotson LFWW

    winter, spring, autumn, summer. The best times of year is the coldest cold, and the most mediocre warmth. Used to think I preferred the hot but I am recently noticing its the opposite.
  5. Thotson LFWW

    gold digger ^
  6. Thotson LFWW

    Hi there!
  7. Thotson LFWW

    command would be easier to code, like /defaultweapon (name) or something.
  8. Thotson LFWW

    unless you're versing someone with an rpk you're winning every battle, it removes the element of skill with the low need to account for recoil. There is a point where you have to stop being realistic with everything because it is far less balanced than all the other guns.
  9. Thotson LFWW

    I think whats deterring people from getting the normal M4 as SRG is the 8 min cooldown between being able to collect weapons. Most would prefer to get the door charge as you spawn with a primary weapon. Saying that the M16 is a little bit buggy as in the iron sights and overpowered with the little to no recoil and high damage output. Maybe it could be made that you can choose what gun you spawn with as SRG and possibly Cop aswell. -1 to full removal +1 to choice between without collecting from armoury.
  10. Thotson LFWW

  11. Thotson LFWW

    You got 7 warns in the space of 3 and a half weeks. A warn every 3 days or so. You should try to prove to everyone that you have "changed" in attitude rather than just saying you have.
  12. Thotson LFWW

    This also would greatly help people without microphones who have to manually type every number in chat. Ohhhh just get a microphone, tell that to the people who don't have one or don't use it.
  13. Thotson LFWW

  14. Thotson LFWW

    Well it's mainly for people just running around the streets either with their microphone down their throat or just playing annoying noises. The fact it might interfere with RP is why I propose a 2-5 min time limit.
  15. Thotson LFWW

    Maybe mute for a certain amount of time so you don't mute them and forget about it. Maybe set the max to 5 mins but give players the ability to mute for a certain amount of time. E.g. /mute Ennis 1. /Mute Ennis 2. So on to 5. +1 for a temporary mute not perma until unmuted by player.
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