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  1. geebs


    allow at least 2 other members to have access to the maps so you dont have to worry about it
  2. geebs


    you need to add good maps
  3. @geebs most followers 2k19
  4. but have you followed?
  5. it causes frame rate drops for individuals and freezes for the server, and don't tell me otherwise because your lying to yourself. Spectator Deathmatch also derails TTT from what it actually is and transforms it into a basic boring deathmatch. You might as well log onto bo2 and play a few games instead.
  6. can i get uhhh everyone follow me please and thank you @everyone
  7. Dont die and then you dont have to spectate
  8. Before working on donations, could you work on the actual server?
  9. The old days when poseidon had a playerbase
  10. ~ Steam name: geebs ~ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:48725246 ~ Game mode: TTT ~ RP Name: TTT ~ Ban Reason: mrdm ~ Banned by: a mod idk his name ~ Length of ban: 4 weeks and a bit ~ Reason you want to be unbanned: I've served like more than half the time and voxel servers is pretty dead, unban me and ill make your server popular again.
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