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  1. geebs


    ttt office
  2. geebs

    Gmod TTT
  3. geebs

    follow me pls
  4. geebs

    @geebs most followers 2k19
  5. geebs

    wtf cunt
  6. geebs

    but have you followed?
  7. geebs

    it causes frame rate drops for individuals and freezes for the server, and don't tell me otherwise because your lying to yourself. Spectator Deathmatch also derails TTT from what it actually is and transforms it into a basic boring deathmatch. You might as well log onto bo2 and play a few games instead.
  8. geebs

    can i get uhhh everyone follow me please and thank you @everyone
  9. geebs

    Dont die and then you dont have to spectate
  10. geebs

    The old days when poseidon had a playerbase
  11. geebs

    unban geebs
  12. geebs

    Fuck i mean the mid of 2012 sorry about the confusion @Tyger
  13. geebs


    hello oWo im new here~ i dont believe ive been introduced but my name is geebs~
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