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  1. Harrison Hentonio

    5th of june? fk can we do it sooner
  2. Harrison Hentonio

    hang on whens the actual event gonna happen because i am dummy thicc and have memory less
  3. Harrison Hentonio

    ok ill play
  4. Harrison Hentonio

  5. Harrison Hentonio

    DarkRPenis as soon as possible. but these event nights work just fine too
  6. Harrison Hentonio

    Minigames then darkrp done.
  7. Harrison Hentonio

    Accept this man.
  8. Harrison Hentonio

    Stick to darkrp Bruv. If you wanna switch between game modes make it a type of an event. But keep darkrp as the main mode
  9. Harrison Hentonio

    I'd also like to add that obviously if we get darkrp back up we can't go back to everything as it were before. I'm thinking turn all the mods into t-staff but keep the very worthy admins with their role. Since it's been such a long time from when Poseidon shut down, people have probably let go of abiding by the rules. This means trusted also has to be moved back to neutral and gain their trust for the server back. Reset the time counters to see who is dedicated to playing the server since it's reopening. Also if possible maybe use an older version of Triton to spark up some nostalgia, and people might enjoy it more.
  10. Harrison Hentonio

    I'm kind of sad Apollo didn't really do too well. If in the slightest chance we get DarkRp back I'm almost sure it'll do really well. Poseidon has A LOT of regulars on it, that have great perspectives for the server. Apollo had like barely anyone to help it sustain a healthy playerbase. Though with Poseidon, we have all these people that play everyday and make it more worth to stay on. Sure, the new map fucked it over and people didn't feel as if they wanted to play anymore, but they were missing the point of what makes Poseidon so great. It's the community. Everyone who comes on and comes on again are what changes the server for the better. So I'm begging for the return of DarkRp because there's a great chance it'll do well. (and i want to stun stick abuse anastasia again)
  11. Harrison Hentonio

    yeaaa uhh maybe move poseidon onto different games or just try to get darkrp back up. im sure everyones had a good break away from darkrp and would be happy to return.
  12. Harrison Hentonio

    +1 Getting kinda bored of the usual guns we got now, would be nice to have a new assault rifle for the swat or in black market dealers
  13. Harrison Hentonio

    +1 Active, knows the rules well, pretty mature I think he'd be great to be a staff member.
  14. Harrison Hentonio

    Changing mind to +1, You seem to be more active and I haven't encountered any negative situations with you. GL
  15. Harrison Hentonio

    welp -1 not active anymore, sorry! uhh you may have changed your name but im not informed of that so you're gonna have to say that for me
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