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  1. Harrison Hentonio

    +1 Getting kinda bored of the usual guns we got now, would be nice to have a new assault rifle for the swat or in black market dealers
  2. Harrison Hentonio

    +1 Active, knows the rules well, pretty mature I think he'd be great to be a staff member.
  3. Harrison Hentonio

    Changing mind to +1, You seem to be more active and I haven't encountered any negative situations with you. GL
  4. Harrison Hentonio

    welp -1 not active anymore, sorry! uhh you may have changed your name but im not informed of that so you're gonna have to say that for me
  5. Harrison Hentonio

    Ok -1 because you make a pretty good mayor butttttt let me guess, Oh! at this time of me replying, you're not active!
  6. Harrison Hentonio

    -1 never seen you before, even though I was away I still should be seeing you.
  7. Harrison Hentonio

    I have seen him and he is mature, and nice but offfff courrrrrseee heeeeeee''ssss inactive at this time of replying.
  8. Harrison Hentonio

    I've been gun dealer with you before and you seem nice but of course at this time of replying once again, you're not active.
  9. Harrison Hentonio

    oh yeah -1 no template and don't even know this guy
  10. Harrison Hentonio

    Neutral Yeahh I've talked to you quite a few times and you seem very good but of course once again you're not active anymore at this time of replying.
  11. Harrison Hentonio

    Neutral You have a short playtime and of course I don't see you on, but you probably applied while I was away so I really don't have an opinion atm
  12. Harrison Hentonio

    Neutral greeaaatt guy but of course he's very inactive nowww.
  13. Harrison Hentonio

    Neutral Leaning to a -1 Yeah I see you around quite a bit but I don't see you interacting with other people much, OOC or not.
  14. Harrison Hentonio

    ahhh +1 because you are pretty darn active I must say, and your playtime is very nice and you're mature. I 100% think you would fit trusted.
  15. Harrison Hentonio

    Neutral Seen him around quite a few times but with most trusted apps that I now reply to, the applier is not active!