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  1. Napoleon

    Lemme Judge. thank.
  2. Napoleon

    If you get it, this is really helpful.
  3. Napoleon

    Is it possible to get a Screenshot? Try enabling Vertical sync, that may fix it.
  4. Napoleon

    https://downloadmoreram.com/ free ram get 2019
  5. Napoleon

    This video was actually extremely helpful. Most people won't need this but for those who do, there you go.
  6. Little tip, don't let Cozmo in.
  7. Napoleon

    Thank god, I was scared for a moment. Russ, what I'm going to say is really harsh. I don't want to but it's the only way for you to realise why people aren't too keen about you getting staff. Firstly, you seem power hungry. Before you say that I don't have any way of knowing that you're power hungry, you show signs of being power hungry. For example, you tried getting TTT manager (which is fine) but it's that you don't have that much experience with TTT at all (From what I'm aware) and your app really seemed like a copy paste of Yuki's. You're trying your hardest to get into management for some reason. You often slip jokes about it and it's really hard to believe your joking and not giving hints at people. When you asked me how to apply for trusted on Jailbreak before it's even out, that's when I fully thought I had the right to assume that you're power hungry. The bad thing about this is that you'll always be doing everything you can to get power, you'll try your hardest to be more and it'll end up with you giving up lots of stuff (IRL as well). I'm not the only one who thinks this, there are many others that do as well (Not pointing any names) which is why you should believe me. The only thing I can tell you to do is to stop trying so hard. I've seen you playing for hours and trying to help staff as much as you can so you can improve your chances to get staff. There isn't too much wrong with being power hungry but considering how much you've done, it'd be worse for yourself and others to get staff. Secondly, you'll basically be a Nazi (as mentioned earlier) when you're staff. I've seen you call sits about really minor situations that don't affect you at all. You would always give out punishments according to the guidelines, even if they don't seem necessary at all. You would always try to look for rulebreakers and not let the issues come to you from other people. You would also never give any exceptions to any people unless another admin says so. To sum up, you'd be a really disliked staff member because of how seriously you take it. There's a bit more but these are the 2 major reasons that are affecting you. The reason why I don't think you should be staff is that you'll be more unhappy and more issues would be there if you are staff (On yourself mainly). Don't get me wrong, people like you and so do I. This response doesn't mean that people don't like you. I made this so that people don't start disliking or even hating you and why you wouldn't be great as staff. This doesn't mean that there is no chance of you being staff at all, it's simply just time that'll change you. A piece of advice would be to try your best to not be staff, you'll eventually realise how unimportant it is and how seriously you should actually take it. If you feel tempted to be one do something else that entertains you instead of playing DarkRP. Hopefully, this helped and sorry if it was too harsh. PS, if some things don't make sense it's because I'm watching the office while writing this.
  8. Napoleon

    Now, instead of explaining why people think you're immature, I'm going to show you why people think that way of you. It's not hard to spot what's wrong here. You're immature, not in the way that you make jokes every now and then that are intentionally dumb. This looks bad and this is just your application. Look, I don't know if you are going to change from this but what I definitely know is that you're not ready for staff at all, one quote proves that (It shouldn't be hard at all to spot).
  9. Napoleon

    I feel like making a meme thread will reduce the number of shitpost threads by Heinz. I personally don't think 1 meme needs an entire thread.
  10. A name starting with S from India.
  11. Napoleon

    @ExplodeThePenguinsLiterally the oldest faggot that's active, which is why he's JB staff ofc.
  12. Napoleon

    I feel like that picture would look better without the blur. I'd probably using the background blur if I'm doing an extreme closeup shot.
  13. Napoleon

  14. Napoleon

    I feel like it's fine as it is currently, giving a more easy way to apply for management for everyone will just create much more cock sucking, people would act really nice and stuff for a week and then go absolutely shitty.
  15. Napoleon

    Quick suggestions for the staff team that could help issues like this in the future, My first one is that you all have a meeting discussing certain rules and how each of you enforces or interpret it and then if people disagree or agree with the way the rule is interpreted, you all come to a conclusion on how the rule should be seen and then you note it down on a document. You do this for rules that people have complained that some staff members allow or don't allow or just rules you all know that staff see differently. I'm not saying you should punish them the same, I feel like it's better if you guys enforce SOME rules differently so you all aren't robots. That's my first quick suggestion that could potentially help you all get on the same page. Obviously, there will still be more scenarios to come that are interpreted differently. I suggest that if the people complain about something that another staff member allows that isn't allowed, before you start to enforce their rules and make them change stuff up, you discuss in the staff chat and see why the other staff member allowed it and then agree on how the rule should be seen (With all the staff members), after all that you write it down in a document so the other staff can see it when they are in the same scenario. Just saying it's not allowed will piss off lots of players and cause lots of confusion. Now obviously there are some rules that are seen differently depending on the scenario, I'm not saying you should talk about those (Unless it's seen differently in the same scenario). Just my 10 cents.