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  1. Napoleon

    New rule, no names. "imagine grinding for hours just to be called Ryeboy98" make it something that people called Ryeboy but isn't directly his name.
  2. Napoleon

    hmm, if you look at my current rank names, that'll give you an idea of how I'd like them to be. I don't plan on adding roles like "Kidnapper" "Murderer", you get the point. So no actual offences basically.
  3. Napoleon

    I will consider adding that but it won't be the last rank.
  4. Napoleon

    Little more PG. No rank names with swear words like "Cunt, Fuck, Shit, etc"
  5. Napoleon

    No shitposting as well please. It's a shame that I even have to say looking at my first comment.
  6. I will be introducing a new Ranking system which you will level up by playing on the server. I want to get more names from the community so more can be added onto my list. The list will keep on going for a while. If you want to replace a rank name, just let me know. Also please try make your names similar to what I have. Give actual good rank names, nothing stupid. Best rank names will be added. I currently have: (Juvenile) (Crook) (Soap Dropper) (Prisoner) (Hoxton) (Rebeller) (Deceiver) (Escape Artist) (Magician) (Illusionist) (Azkaban Escapee) (Pablo Escobar)
  7. Napoleon

    You can change the crosshair to whatever you want. You type !crosshair in chat and the menu for it pops up.
  8. Napoleon

    What are you guys thoughts on this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=590788321&searchtext=Crosshair If you have a better one, please link. Thanks.
  9. Napoleon

    Anything. But expect others to criticise it heavily if it's crazy.
  10. Napoleon

    Thank you all, I will do my best to make Jailbreak alive again. Don't forget to post here as well
  11. You can just spam all your thoughts an Ideas about the server to improve it here. You don't need to follow the template as there should be lots of posts here. This thread is mainly for the server when it will first launch.
  12. Napoleon

    Post all your issues in the issues/suggesiton subforum. I want Jailbreak to be good as possible. Thanks!
  13. Suggestion Template: Steam Link: Suggestion: Description of Suggestion: How it will improve Jailbreak: Issue Template: Steam Link: Issue: Description of Issue: Lua Error (IF there was one): Guide for Posting: ~Please PM Me or other staff members about Exploits, do not post them here. ~To give feedback to a Suggestion/Issue, please give constructive feedback. Stating that the suggestion is bad or the issue isn't important won't be taken into account by the higher-ups. ~Do not post about Server crashes or lag, PM Staff or higher-ups about it. ~Don't harass other players about the issues or suggestions. ~As the server has many issues to begin, don't be afraid to post anything. ~If you have any Questions, please PM Me or any other staff members.
  14. Napoleon

  15. Napoleon

    +1 perfect candidate for admin. Good luck.