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  1. Napoleon

    It doesn't exactly tell a story or show an idea but the shots showing the making of the music in sync with what's playing along with the incorporation of the game in the actual video is really engaging. 6:10 - 6:18 has to be my favorite shot.
  2. Napoleon

    That's the only problem with it, sometimes the Pizza can be fucking god awful but I'd take my chances if it means a nigga can spend 6 dollars on a pizza.
  3. Napoleon

    I'm gonna redo the test later because I did a bit of a retard moment and misinterpreted what I needed to do. I'm insanely picky with my music and have a variety of taste. I'm either listening to intense metal whilst studying or very chill rap.
  4. Napoleon

    Pizza Hut, bruh for like 6 dollars you can get a whole ass pizza which is hella filling.
  5. Napoleon

    KFC, i have been avoiding unhealthy amounts of fastfood for around 7 months and i haven't had KFC in a very long time
  6. Napoleon

    I haven't finished the story mode but I will probably pick C If I didnt have a choice to not kill anyone, I would probably kill Michael
  7. Napoleon

    gotta do whatchu gotta do man
  8. Napoleon

    ay fuck off i'll stick to drinking my arousing chocolate milk on a cold winter morning.
  9. Napoleon

    Doom Soundtrack is great workout music.
  10. Napoleon

    cereal and peach slices in a can School in iso has fucked my diet and sleep completely.
  11. Napoleon

  12. Napoleon

  13. Napoleon

    Didn't you get stung by one whilst you were high? Or is this it
  14. Napoleon

    I wouldnt say that's exactly irrational, I'd be terrified myself.
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