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  1. Napoleon

    i have
  2. Napoleon

    i quit jailbreak trusted and cinema admin so i can focus on study
  3. Napoleon

    That is very hot
  4. Napoleon

    The epic gamer moment when Echo was right the whole time.
  5. Napoleon

    +1, I've played and talked to you a bit. I've noticed that you aren't power hungry, you are very patient, you wouldn't cause trouble when you had the power to, from what I see you wouldn't be bias during sits and you're mature when you need to be mature. Good luck. Also, how the fuck are you 13. I thought you were 17 or some shit.
  6. Napoleon

    I didn't want to hecking blur roblox porn b.
  7. Napoleon

    I want to try to get into art and shit which is why I decided to get this desk as well. I don't plan on playing games on here only. I just bought the desk today so there's no going back now. I was trying to keep the colour sorta consistent because my paint is Sky Blue, the skirts are white, my door is white, my shelf is white and I'm a white supremacist. Also, I don't want to go through the pain of setting all the shit up again.
  8. Napoleon

    15-20 Hours of Work. I painted my Room, Assembled an Ikea Desk (My Greatest accomplishment) and Added RGB LED Lights Behind my Desk and Under my bed. I plan on buying a Monitor to stick onto the wall on my birthday so I can watch porn. I also need to stick on my Door after painting it. Before: After: The Light looks unbalanced on the first 2 pictures but it's even off camera.
  9. Napoleon

    Is there any way we can recover my old one? good tutorial
  10. Napoleon

    Few more days boys and my whole room will look hotter I'll be getting a bigger desk on Christmas and I'll be getting a Monitor to connect my laptop to for my Birthday.
  11. Napoleon

  12. Napoleon

    it was removed as we're a gaming community
  13. Napoleon

  14. Napoleon

    thank you for your report i like babey
  15. Napoleon

    Staff Feedback Form. Description: If you want to get something off your chest about a certain staff member, you can post it on the forms. You can be anonymous if you want to. You do not need to write complaints only. If a staff member (Preferably a Trial Mod) has been really good and you want to help get them promoted, you can type it up on the forms. Your email will not be shown in your response if you're concerned about that. Rules: -Please don't Shitpost -Please provide examples if you're complaining about a certain staff member doing something -Please try to be as specific as you can if you're complaining about a staff member.