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  1. +1 good guy with good intentions
  2. +1 good guy, was a good mod and deserves the role
  3. Devastator said he heard you're friend talking to you through another system thingy, but your friend accidentally left his mic on and he heard the whole thing, then your friend was like "did you hear that?" which dev responded yes and then map change happened, and you two never joined back, but better to get @TheDevastator05 to explain it, as he's the one who heard it
  4. this dude was just banned from TTT today for metagaming, minging and spoiling some movies so yeah, just letting you know
  5. I think he's talking about how staff treated them unfairly but did nothing to william, and that he wants william to have punishments to him. (What i'm getting from this post)
  6. Not a good thing to do, shit posting on a thread about you, basically calling you out.
  7. The main thing with william, he needs to know when to shut up and stop rdming, so yeah i do believe he needs a few days worth of a ban so he can actually learn when to shut up and yeah
  8. choice of the person, sometimes people want others to join in and discuss what they believe should've happened, sometimes they just want it between them and the manager/headadmin
  9. well i mean it is general discussion to discuss stuff regarding TTT
  10. +1 most deserving player of mod/admin
  11. +1 qualified for admin, give him the rank kthx
  12. +1, as already said, no manager or staff needed, just like a dev or something for maps and that's it, i miss bhop
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