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  1. I'm very interested in this, are you able to expand on this? In detail with points like when and or who.
  2. @Prior I have a lot more screenshots on my laptop, though that has become an ant farm...
  3. I'm neutral for this idea, though changes to the mall would be nice to have more people build there. Maybe the Bar tender NPC inside the mall... though it would be blocked if people build in the entire area which I've seen people do. That new area on the map kind triggers me, I love the area it's just the ladder and the manhole cover. Though I should make a this a suggestion, I just don't want to bother with that because it's not something i'm too interested in, I feel as though an elevator should be placed on the top level of the Government building or secret entrance to at least a shaft with a ladder instead of the entrance being on the lower level. A bigger body of water, maybe big enough to fit a boat would also be nice. no reason too it ? Just creating a hassle for Hinzy at this point Also I've already told a staff member about this, you're able to shoot through the Town Hall staircase, and you can practically see players through it via their name tag. Also I'm interested to know @Hinzy is the current DarkRP map at it's limit, because I wouldn't find a need to remove some aspects of the map and add others unless it's at capacity or simply you just wanted to remove it for other reasons. #cryforvenatorextensivemapnevergottoreachitsfullpotential
  4. I mean it is a good idea, but that just means the Mayor can hide all the time. Instead of going out, I mean sure it's good that the mayor wants to keep the job and all but it can be a pain for others like the hitman job. I'm neutral for this idea, it's good but still. The idea allows the Mayor to get into safety immediately and just stay there. Though not all mayors do this, there are some though.
  5. +1 for Hamad with his past experience, he's a friendly person who just loves to be competitive in games. I'm sure he would take his responsibilities seriously, I mean that's what a trial period is for right?
  6. Trusted Application: ~Steam Name(Includes Previous Names): ??? ℕ????????? (Other names I haven't used in years.) Some people also refer to me as "Sevens". ~RPName: Wilhuff Tarkin, Rivi Anu, Sometimes (Sheev Palpatine) ~Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/NegotiationsWereShort/ ~Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:71575572 ~Any Donations? None. ~Why you want this rank: [50-100+ Words] There isn't really much to want this rank for, but the reason I want it is so I can have access to advanced duplicator 2, which will allow me to save my dupes and spawn them. other factors is that there are other tools that are only restricted to anything but user like the stacker tool. I'm a builder kind of person and not being able to use stacker limits my ability to keep things good looking. I could spend seconds building a wall with stacker and it takes minutes without it, I don't take crooked or out of line walls for an answer. Some of you guys know my building abilities from Star Wars Roleplay, others may not. Maybe in due time trusted might get access to ulx votekick and ulx voteban which would allow trusted users to try to keep the server at peace when it is well and truly required of them in the situation. Maybe I want trusted because it was a wombat on a surfboard. ~What will you do with the extra tools & commands that you receive?: [25-50+ Words] I would use the extra tools for what they are intended for, building. The entire reason that some tools have been restricted from the regular user group because they either can't be trusted with them which can lead to abuse of tools and crashing the server. As for commands, I'm only aware that trusted have !cleardecals and are not to spam it because it leads to problems of a sort. If and when ulx votekick and voteban return, they would only be used if completely necessary due to the absence of a staff member. Usually it would be better to try get into contact with one first before making the decision to voteban. Votekick will suffice if the situation needs it and a member of the staff team arrives to finish up the issue at hand. ~Do you agree to use the tools(adv dupe, light, etc) that come with this rank properly?: [Yes/No] I am merely a builder, when it comes to these things. I would use them accordingly for the purpose those tools were created for, Saving builds, and lighting up rooms. Give or take people can be a bit over the top with the light part, which a lot of us do find annoying but that is up to a staff member to deal with. FYI: I have: 2 Days, 16 Hours, 53 Minutes of this current post. 3 hours have been removed from a crash that happened earlier today. I'm not sure why it doesn't save that kind of thing every hour at the very least.
  7. Play video for the feels... When Clone Wars was relaunched, it was a smash hit. It lasted a while, but it died down. Died down to the point that there were just less than 20 players... For months the 1st Clone Wars server stood strong, contributing to the needs of the community as a whole. Back then the server was pulling its weight and more. As the player base died down the excuses for it's predicted death arose. They were the same at the time, "Too much lag, too much waiting time before events..." The lag is a good enough excuse but when the lag was caused by numerous barricades that weren't being despawned during event is it really the servers fault for not keeping up?, the waiting time isn't a good one as you had friends, commanders, and others to chat and get along with.. or the occasional enemy... From training and tryouts to creating your own role play with common sense. It can't have been the lack of content because that was coming out on at least a regular basis. Even after the resignation of the Manager and disappearance of the other... Content was still being pushed out for all of us. The good times, feel so long ago. Why couldn't we have that again, why didn't we get the effort we had before, Why has it come to this. Why have we failed... The excuses had more diversity to them at some point. "The community is toxic" maybe, but what caused that? Most people gave up on it, when the server, some of the staff, and a handful of players didn't want to give up on them. f.blazevski pushed in favor of the server to try get the things the server needed in order to generate money to start pulling its weight again. Rambling on long after its downfall... oh dear god... A I D S... I wonder if this droid could take us all down with 10,000 HP. *Insert sad music* *insert roast* Snake inbound Yes, grenades were thrown... What are you? Been good Here comes a meme *shitpost incoming*
  8. This document is not to point and put the blame on anyone but yet my own opinion and well the possibilities that were missed. Early warning that this post is not really in any specific order, If I had more time and wasn't being rushed by a certain someone in discord... you know who you are. I would have made this post more organised. Since Poseidon Clone Wars reopened, I was inspired to try bring back the old days but hopefully better. Where everyone enjoyed themselves and all, to bring some new and unseen content on ANY Role play server. We had a huge amount of ideas that we have more than 8 categories to sort them under. I'd like to give my thanks to f.blazevski and Least Valuable Player for being there when you were needed the most. The commitments made by both of those individuals helped keep the server up a little longer. They both did a lot of work towards the server in terms of Custom content. And if Least Valuable Player had finished his project it would have re-revolutionized most of any server since a certain time long ago. Back then it was so advanced it had to be removed from Gmod and put into its own game. We use to spend all night coming up with ideas and going through issues and bugs during the development phase. When f.blazevski commits to fixing a LUA bug he won't get off even if it means he has to stay up till 2 hours behind me (5:30am) at times to fix it. And he did, every time he stayed up that late he manages to fix it and add more to make it better. Everyone with their own right of course may have their own opinion, I'm not sure what happened lately with behind the scenes and all... But our work had been cut short and it was a shame really. An excellent map with our once Era progressive RP server was released today. The map would have been all around amazing, though that is my opinion. The map has a lot of content to it, especially the planet erasing feature we all know and love. Though I could possibly just be just emboldening the little things here, but I had f.blazevski working to fix every bug that arose, everything to do with LUA was his doing. I Had the task of setting up the layout of the server in terms of models, workshop content, map builds such as the Sith Bunks, Grand Admiral Thrawn's office, Messhall, Research and Development Area, Laboratory 1A with 1B/C/D/E on the way, Government related rooms for Moffs, Grand Moff, Governors were also to be built. admittedly, f.blazevski doesn't know much about Star Wars, which I have to give him credit for when he genuinely wants to understand the Lore of it and how it works. For someone to not know much about Star Wars but still commits to Managing the server was undoubtedly a fun person to be around. The server did have its ups and downs, but at some point we got limited. I'd only be repeating it if I said the server lost its player base due to a long downtime. In which that has happened in the past as far as I'm aware. Server went down for around a month or two and in the end barely anyone was there. I believe I speak for most of the player base before the end that it was disappointing to see good potential like that to be wasted. I had worked on 8 Google documents along with 11 Google Sheet documents. All based around the well being of the SWRP server, ranging from behind the scenes / staff side documents being the least amount and role play related documents and plot summary. The last few documents were all the Regiments layouts, classes and their contents, regimental list. Transfer sheets after the revamp, we had to keep an eye on player activity for some time to see who was worthy of keeping their rank past the revamps. For the server to be fully ready, it needed to have the donation jobs/regiments fully ready, one of which being the Sith Order which requires WiltOS otherwise it isn't worth donating for. Only small issues which were the lack of scripts since the Clone Wars era were missing. The server had so many great ideas and some of which were in the works but they couldn't be worked on until the current priorities were completed. The server was waiting on others outside the server to get those priorities done. Full Regiment List: Regiments were to be voted in by a list or suggested by the player base. Keys: White = Unchanged, Green = Definite Future Additions, Yellow = Possible Future Addition, Red = To be thought about, Purple = Regiments that will either change or disappear with the Era progression. Cadets - Trainee Storm Troopers - Front Line Imperial Security Bureau - Security/Investigation/Interrogation/Special Operations Imperial Navy - Ship Logistics/Primary Pilots Storm Surgeons - Front Line Support/Medical 212th Attack Battalion - Front Line Infantry Bounty Hunters - Donator Roles Sith Order - 4 Donator Roles / 2 Tryout Roles (Each Certain amount of active players would increase slot count Shock Troopers - Primary/Personal Security 501st Legion - Front Line/Specialists 41st Elite Corps - Infantry/Scouting Galactic Marines - Front Line/Front Line Support Advanced Recon Commandos - Front Line Support/Commando Unit Government - Management of the Galactic Empire Regional Government Roles, e,g, Governor - Grand Moff Science and Research Roles, e.g. Civilian Scientist - Imperial Chief Science Officer Economic / Political management, e.g. Management of Stock etc. Imperial Death Troopers - Body Guards/Squad Infantry Imperial Intelligence - Interrogation/Investigation 104th 'Wolfpack' Battalion - Infantry/Hostage Extraction Imperial Commandos - Elite Commandos 327th Star Corps - Front Line Infantry Shadow Troopers - Front Line Support/Breach and Clear Death Troopers - Front line Support / Juggernaut Like Undead Soldiers. As the timeline progressed regiments would have been reshaped, the goal was to maintain a steady player base which we did, trying to gain more players is a challenge with only a few event staff doing their best. As Margulis Kaleen has stated many times, players want something to do but we can't always be there to spoon feed them something to do. Our job is surely to keep as many people as we can happy, but there were just too many demands for spoon feeding role play. We wanted to encourage our small tight nit community to role play with what they can imagine, so long as it was using common sense and didn't break lore in any way. I must say I had a good time with the community, we all had our ups and downs but it seemed as though we stuck together till the literal end. I may not have shown it, but I was definitely proud of the efforts put in by everyone to do their part within the server. The players, the people. They made the decision to stick with the server till the end, and of course they were disappointed with the outcome. I understand that It needed to die off some time... But the death of swrp felt a bit.. too soon? I guess that is just how I felt. Many different possibilities, many different directions, many different future paths. Gone. Without the customers, the players... who are we? just a band of staff with nothing to staff? What will it take for others to commit when it is needed the most? Oh yeah, a few of us actually had something going where you could earn steam games ranging from $1 - $200 if you did the best in the event contributing to a specific requirement. (Not MVP). There would have been 2 giveaways per day at most, and no single person could win again within a few days. Giving everyone an equal chance. But now we just have a tone of games aye smt rip... If you managed to read all of it and understand it. Good Game, Well played. I applaud you. Special thanks to @f.blazevski, @Least Valuable Player, @Margulis Kaleen.. Also thanks @Higashi for your suggestions and posts for the servers well being
  9. The map is not accessible to the public. But there is a more limited version of the map attached to the "cool snow" map.
  10. I had resigned from Navy prior to the Rishi deployment and the New Venator into the commanding position of the 501st Legion.
  11. The Navy drama happened before and after the deployment at Rishi Moon. The models switch happened in the 1-2 weeks before the deployment, the use of the models for 5th Fleet happened during and after. Wolfgang had control of 5th After Winters resigned from some random rank he had made up which was a few weeks after the deployment. The heavy jail times I'm uncertain of. Wolfgang had control over the 5th Fleet during the Venator_extensive. And the Rishi Moon deployment only got around 20 players, 30 on some days near the start. But the extra week assigned didn't make the full time and had even less than 25 players. The server could handle up to 40 players before lag started to show, but that was due to the amount of dupes being spawned for barricades and the amount of npc's being used. The server was nearing death during the Rishi Moon deployment because everyone was sick of the same event being re-ran. Bugs bugs and more bugs. It was mostly head towards this area, you should find a cave. Once you have found the cave search it. and 75% of the time it was always Antlions and Antlion guards. Speirs from my memory only had the administrative rank so he could build, he had no admin claims what so ever, nor was he interested in dealing with situations if he was the only staff member online. Someone claimed that he had participated in the handling of the deployment, but that was all to the claim. Nothing was said to what he actually did during the deployment to at least back that statement up. The Rishi Moon deployment ended during around Early December, we had returned to Venator_Poseidon before either before or on December 17th. I remember because Visenya (Millan) had made a Christmas tree in main hangar of the venator_poseidon not extensive. Venator_extensive was released on the 5th of January 2018. The server originally opened with around 60-70 players and declined since the Nazi RP started. In which it had started during their time in 5th. They joined 5th Fleet weeks prior to rishi moon, and resigned weeks after. Winters and Speirs resigned at the same time near the end of January 2018. Fegelein had resigned in Feburary with Prior soon after. The Kamino Deployment happened During early January before I became Moderator, on either 12-17th of January. I had done Jedi tryouts after Fegeleins resignation and Joined before Cobby's disappearance. I was still the Commander of the 501st Legion at this time, and I remember telling Fegelein a few times that players aren't interested in the Kamino deployment. I had told him that Deployments are no longer any ones desire as they hated the Rishi Moon deployment. During the Kamino deployment we had barely anyone and I managed to convince Fegelein to head back to the venator_extensive. The Kamino deployment happened not to long after our first few days aboard the venator_extensive. I can even remember what I was doing when I was pulled into the Staff Meeting upon my promotion from Trusted to Trial Moderator in January. In fact I was building the weirdest looking anti-vehicle "trap" / player trap in the Starboard Training Hangar on the venator_extensive. I was doing so along a few members I can also name.
  12. I agree with Margulis Kaleen about Winters and Speirs. But from what you say Jay, I don't agree with. There was tension between the a couple of Staff Members and a lot of players. The players started a revolt because they were sick of the Nazi role play going on and to what extent the role play was taking on a SWRP server. At first people loved the deployment but it didn't last long, everyone started to get sick of seeing the Rishi Moon map and tried to talk to Staff Members about it. For some reason I'm not sure of but the Deployment was extended to another week after that. It didn't however last that long. The playerbase under the first week of the deployment (in a few days) from 40-50 to around 20. And I have the screenshots of the scoreboard myself on many occasions as well as various other as you could say "archived" details about the playercount. Ever since the NaziRP started the player count declined, a lot of hate was going around at that time. I had a few perspectives on the direction of the role play on the server was heading. I didn't mind the stricter role-play that much but I noticed a lot of things that I wished didn't happen at all. I was in the Navy High Command having one of the 3 ranks of Admirals. 5th Fleet had completely restricted Navy from their own ship from a few sections/areas, and 5th started treating Navy as if they didn't manage or run the ship. At frequent times they would use the Tertiary bridge as a shortcut to main hangar and would get pissy at Navy if they were "prevented" from heading to main hangar this way. This had made the Navy dislike 5th Fleet security and we had implemented a new Security protocol because of it. We had any regiment to do with 5th Fleet Security itself banned from the Primary Bridge, Secondary Bridge and Tertiary bridge, and security personnel were only allowed to come in if requested by Navy. We even banned Advanced Recon Commando's from using the tertiary bridge as a shortcut mainly because of what they did that 5th did soon after as well. 5th Fleet was starting to show its true colours at this point in time, starting to randomly slaughter Navy personnel if they prevented them coming through the tertiary bridge. Staff would pay no attention to 5th Fleets actions. 5th Fleet Security was turned into a NaziRP hive at one point prior to the Rishi Moon deployment, when we use to have around 60-70 players. 5th Fleet then convinced management / developers (at the time) to have Navy models switched with clone models, in my opinion it wasn't to bad. But then 5th Fleet started using those Navy models that Navy had originally used and it was all to clear that they only wanted the models switched because they wanted the models themselves. A few weeks prior to the Rishi Moon deployment I had resigned from Navy into Battalion Commander of the 501st Legion, the regiment had no Commanding officers or even officers since Winters and Speirs decided to switch regiments and got the Commanding positions of 5th Fleet Security. I noticed how 5th Fleet had treated other regiments that stood in their way or even decided to question their actions due to their role play. At another point in time, someone highly placed and was meant to be the next in line for Admiral had that position taken from him when Speirs had been mass promoted to the Admiral position and had demoted down original members. After that friends of Speirs were mass promoted into highly placed ranks and then Speirs had resigned from Admiral after all that was done, effectively handing over the Admiral position to a friend of his. Navy was then granted access to areas of the ship 5th had prevented them from accessing the moment the new Admiral had control over navy. As you can see if you've read the entire thing, well one its all over the place and I didn't put much effort into organizing it, two being that the NaziRP was killing the server. By early 2018 Most the regiments hated 5th Fleet and any Nazi participants. The tension between the revolt and the Nazi's worsened around this point. When the Nazi role play stopped due to the complete resignation of the Nazi participants, I would say 90% of 5th Fleet left Poseidon completely as well as any new Naval Personnel that were friends with Speirs. Shadow Intelligence died out earlier than the resignation of Winters and Speirs but it died out because as far as I'm aware no one wanted to participate in more Nazi RP because of the situation.
  13. I will discuss my own opinion about some of the topics or details covered in the thread above. This is not to point out flaws or anything negative about the thread, I do appreciate the time taken for Echo (Ari) to have made this thread to help improve the quality of the server for the community. This could be true to an extent, but because of things that can't be fixed lately tools assigned to the appropriate ranks and ulx groups aren't working. The priority of this issue isn't that high mainly because people usually ask for permission to have tools. If the player that has requested tools then provides a reason for it and a decision is made based on whether it is appropriate to do so and not to mess around with them. Sometimes when everyone on the server is just messing around, sure tools are handed out. But never the less people can have tools so long as they ask and be responsible with them. Times where other Role play situations (Events) has priority and uses certain areas or requires the attention of everyone is mainly the only time where we deny request for tools. The difference between Trusted and User is yeah they have access to a bit more tools, but those tools can easily be abused by normal users if they had access. If any trusted member were to abuse their tools, they should expect punishment for it. However, Trusted has access to things like ulx votekick / voteban, as well as special tools that only we would trust for the use of the rank of trusted and above. Most of these tools have no implication towards affecting role play and as of yet no trusted member has actually used those tools. Trusted's have only a few more tools access than regular users. There are a lot of tools that both User and Trusted do not have access to as they are tools that have administrative uses. The tools are primarily used by Event Staff and myself and any other member of the Staff Team who decides to use the tools for Events. I don't totally agree with the last section of the quote but it may impact some players yes, but I have not yet seen anyone who actually is below the age requirements (for example) reluctant to apply for trusted because of it. Like I've said above, the tools are only slightly different from the ulx user group, those tools that trusted have can be abused easily, especially if someone wants to kill players easily. I've gone over the tools permissions many times for both User and Trusted, I've told myself should they have access to so and so? providing myself the reasoning on why, then asking myself what are the reasons I think they shouldn't have it and what could be done with those permissions that could have a negative impact on the community. We trust people that we assign with trusted to use the tools and permissions appropriately. It has been coded so that ulx groups below the lowest of Moderation levels (Trusted/User) are the only ulx groups that can't spawn in props without the physgun and the toolgun. The moment any get them, they have a wide range of actual tool permissions, besides a small few that Trusted user gets. I remember when I completely lost trust in most of the staff team for withholding information about an exploit which certainly would impact the server because of future projects. It was highly abusable and was abused heavily. I then decided that No one below the rank of Superadmin should have access to the 'Duplicator' tool. We use Advanced Duplicator 2, so no harm was done to players dupes and not being able to spawn them. I thank you Echo (Ari) for making this thread and hopefully my opinion will help others understand the difference between User and Trusted for now. If the server comes back online, I will make a new post in the trusted section for what access it gets compared to users. This will better peoples decision on whether or not applying is worth it.
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