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  1. Dick Bread

    -1 Was literally just watching him spam and be annoying . +1 At the same time you are pretty funny and seem to know the rules.
  2. Dick Bread

    +1 Tom's a good chap, I definitely trust him! Always a bloody good time role-playing as cops together, always seems happy chappy! I can vouch for this guy, I don't think he'd ever abuse his abilities as a trusted!
  3. Dick Bread

    1. Roleplay name: Joji Mcdonald 2. What you lost and how? Had two fully upgraded bit miner racks, Crashed when looking through whitelisted props. (Got some wacky crash error) 3. Amount of compensation? 1-2m? 4. Evidence/proof of your valuables: I'll supply screenshots. If that isn't enough I have evidence of buying it over shadowplay. Only just realizing now I only have a screenshot of me looking at it smt