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  1. my shadow

    +1, in my opinion, is alright deserving of the rank
  2. my shadow

    +1 Is a good player | Fit for staff
  3. my shadow

    +1| Not annoying and very friendly
  4. my shadow

    +1 | Kevin is a good at rp, not a minge and not annoying/ in my few hours of playing with you i completely believe you should be given trusted
  5. my shadow

    -1 Didnt use template and advertised | Sal you are a good player and a fairly decent rp and ooc but the apps gotta be given a bit more effort. Sal, you really are tonights biggest loser
  6. my shadow

    gonna miss you Majin good luck on ur exams
  7. my shadow

    mericky is child predator confirmed New video_Medium.mp4 New video_Medium.mp4 New_video_Medium.mp4
  8. my shadow

    +1 is an alright player suitable for trusted
  9. my shadow

    +1 seems to know what hes doing
  10. my shadow

    Soo its been 12 days and no new notice am i being denied?
  11. my shadow

    +1 is on every day and is pretty friendly
  12. my shadow

    +1 Absolute lad
  13. my shadow

    +1 Legendary mod/ Great dude absolutely the most friendliest staff i have met and is well suited for admin position