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  1. my shadow

    +1 Good man i rate 10 out of 10 dingleberrys mature and fit for staff
  2. my shadow

    +1 Patrick Ennis is a good man, Fit for staff and would be a mature and active staff member give this man mod pls
  3. my shadow

    -1 wouldn't let me base next to cocaine dealer O.T Relatively good role player, fit for trusted +1
  4. my shadow

    ngl moto moto is such a slut like ive heard he likes so many people fr
  5. my shadow

    +1 i love don pinto! should be staff ( no homo ) but is very active and knows the rules!
  6. my shadow

    that was because they were going around killing multiple people several times and also another was constantly ssa
  7. my shadow

    +1 vewy good boi O.T: Is a good player not toxic and is fit for trusted
  8. my shadow

    +1 is good boy | vewy good boi ?
  9. my shadow

    +1, in my opinion, is alright deserving of the rank
  10. my shadow

    +1 Is a good player | Fit for staff
  11. my shadow

    +1| Not annoying and very friendly
  12. my shadow

    +1 | Kevin is a good at rp, not a minge and not annoying/ in my few hours of playing with you i completely believe you should be given trusted
  13. my shadow

    gonna miss you Majin good luck on ur exams
  14. my shadow

    +1 is an alright player suitable for trusted
  15. my shadow

    +1 seems to know what hes doing
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