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  1. unban me unban me

    1. Hagop


      wrong profile, go to @Echo

    2. Friend


      He didnt do nothing

  2. seems quite likely that u would do that and u dont really need evidence to make a -1
  3. hard -1 total dickhead 90% of the time never seen him take rules seriously, broken bases that are violating like 50% of the building rules at least, just to name a few things so yeah hard -1 probably gonna stay unless he changes significantly
  4. Cozmo

    this is good and all but can we have alien space ships flying around please
  5. Cozmo

    100% agree with what nick said
  6. Cozmo

    -1 ur literally the one kid who reminds the teacher that there was homework and to check it
  7. Cozmo

    smt u didnt even read the guidelines
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