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  1. Fucking love the cranberries. Working on a cover of Zombie with my band. RIP Dolores
  2. This is THE greatest performance of all time, don’t @ me
  3. Yeah, there are some jokes that are very character based but most of the episodes are very serious. There is also a lot more intense operation scenes.
  4. Put it in shitposting then.
  5. If you like scrubs you’d really enjoy Greys Anatomy, there are a lot of GA references in scrubs so once you’ve finished GA you should rewatch scrubs.
  6. 20 years since this album came out, so I’ve been bumping it in its honour. Beautiful stuff.
  7. Still wrong. It’s a product. Not a brand. Holy shit.
  8. Did you just ask everyone what brand their iPhone is?
  9. ok i feel like i should weigh in here I feel kinda responsible for the death of Jailbreak and I'd like to apologise. Jamie was constantly trying to come up with fresh and unique ideas to bring back Jailbreak, but honestly when I played I found myself so stressed out by people constantly asking questions, or asking me to promote them or ban people, I didn't actually get to sit down and think about what I wanted to change or fix. It didn't help that I was constantly so busy with life (girlfriend, work, uni, band) that I never made much of an effort to discuss with Jamie what I wanted to change. In 2015/16, I probably could've been the manager Jailbreak needed, but last year I simply wasn't ready. We can sit around all day talking shit about the problems with Jailbreak, however if we do decide to bring it back and don't have a manager that can actually offer solutions to these problems, it simply will not work. Due to the overwhelming results in the poll I think we should bring it back however here's my main point - Other than Hunter, because of his post, we don't currently have someone who can step up and do this. Honestly, no one who is dedicated enough, and played enough when the server was popular, and has the time, skills and patience to bring the server back has stepped forward. Lastly, if you're gonna bring it back, please for the love of God, don't make it a chore for admins. Put in something that allows the server to self-moderate or at least be able to be run without constant hand holding from admins, and make sure that the admins we give the role to are actually dedicated and won't leave after a month. Too many people don't actually understand the implications of the role and aren't ready for their view of Jailbreak to be ruined entirely.
  10. Pedil


    nice messenger meme
  11. im just saying its dumb as fuck considering hes probably in year 9 or 10 (types like hes in year 3 smt) and hes trying to talk down to me and explain the concept of Nazism Fun fact: just because you explain the history of something fucking horrible, does not mean it is justified to believe in that in this day and age ?
  12. I've taken year 11 & 12 modern history classes and got pretty good marks smt. I have a decent understanding of why Germany disliked Jews and why Nazism came about. Doesn't justify it at all. By tagging me in this it shows how you attempt to talk down to me whilst you are actually ignorant as fuck. Grow up, read a book and step into the real world instead of closeting yourself into this Nazist, anti-Semitic box.
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