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  1. Pedil

    holy shit wrecked??? nerd??
  2. Pedil

    im just saying its dumb as fuck considering hes probably in year 9 or 10 (types like hes in year 3 smt) and hes trying to talk down to me and explain the concept of Nazism Fun fact: just because you explain the history of something fucking horrible, does not mean it is justified to believe in that in this day and age
  3. Pedil

    I've taken year 11 & 12 modern history classes and got pretty good marks smt. I have a decent understanding of why Germany disliked Jews and why Nazism came about. Doesn't justify it at all. By tagging me in this it shows how you attempt to talk down to me whilst you are actually ignorant as fuck. Grow up, read a book and step into the real world instead of closeting yourself into this Nazist, anti-Semitic box.
  4. Pedil

    I don't play regularly coz fuckwits like you ruin it for me, storming into my bar without a warrant asking if I've arrested the mayor. I've known m3 for about two years from jailbreak, and I've also played darkrp with him a few times. yes he's a bit of a meme but he has positive attributes that bring positivity to the servers he plays on
  5. Pedil

    yes free my nigga
  6. Pedil

    Well I think Nick's post was quite hypocrticial; he said m3 didnt bring anything good to the server but constantly brings (mostly) unwanted opinions, tension and unneeded fights. particular about something he knows nothing about
  7. Pedil

    I was trying to take it to private messages to move it away from this thread and also because we both clearly have issues with each other that havent been sorted. For the record, he only called me a pedo because of my name. I accused him of being a nazi because of the views hes shown. you're not being smart or against the grain rn btw, you're just defending a fuckwit and in such being a fuckwit yourself.
  8. Pedil

    hating jews and gays is backward. silencing nazis is not.
  9. Pedil

    Yes? I didn't say it wasn't? Fucking christ, I'm saying he has exhibited traits of a nazi and hasnt denied it as of yet, he also believes the world would be a better place if the axis won ww2 (jesus). that doesnt give him the right to accuse me of being a paedophile when I have never shown traits of such.
  10. Pedil

    and hating Jews and gays isn't backward?
  11. Pedil

    for the record there is a clear difference between paedophillia and having a particular ideology
  12. Pedil

    it's very clear he's a nazi, he's expressed many times (including in my inbox) how much he hates jews, and has also very recently thrown around how much he hates gays. I, however, have never had interest in or will ever engage in the disgusting act hes accusing me of.
  13. Pedil

    meh dw about it i pm'd nick bean so we can sort it out. dont think accusations of me being a pedo should be thrown out left and right ay
  14. Pedil

    Yes. Yes it does. It means exactly that. also in the same vein I should be allowed to have the opinion that hes a shitty person for sharing views with adolf fucking hitler jesus christ
  15. Pedil

    im basically saying being a Nazi makes his opinion invalid