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  1. Nick Bean

    please make a house out of beans again
  2. Nick Bean

  3. Nick Bean

    Well no means no.
  4. Nick Bean

    question is what do you want.
  5. Nick Bean

    -1 Jimmy said no
  6. Nick Bean

    Childish? Isn’t that why you didn’t get your mod app accepted?
  7. Nick Bean

    bro shut the fuck up for the m60 you gonna be like nerf it, it has too many bullets
  8. Nick Bean

    How is it over powered? That’s what a real M16 is like. Lower fire rate. More damage and stopping power. Exactly how it was suggested.
  9. Nick Bean

    -1 It just got added! It looks amazing! Just because the iron sight at first is buggy. Don’t mean you cant shoot. It’s the proper weapon needed for the SRG. It has range and stopping power. dont be lazy and go to the Armory and get your self a virgin m4a1
  10. Nick Bean

    bruh this nigga got more kill then me omg I’m literally shaking guys far out +1
  11. holy shit why not think of this earlier bruh