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  1. Nick

    nah i took it today
  2. Your DarkRP Name: Tyrone F Issue/bug: Swat can access most keypad doors, no matter if they have been given access or not. How it occurred/how to reproduce: I was playing as swat and noticed there were many police surrounding a store, as normal i proceeded to walk in, the issue died down and i randomly opened one of the keypad doors , it came back with "Access Denied how ever the door still opened - see video down below. Note: This mostly only happens if the door has been recently battering rammed however it happened earlier without it being rammed down at any time. Evidence (File was too big to upload here)
  3. Nick

    +1 Good guy in general and very worthy of trusted. I would think you would need to work on respect for players as i've seen you get mad easily and even go off because a T Mod told you something you couldn't do.
  4. Nick

    +1 for removing the rule, too broad and confusing
  5. Nick

    +1 Is a nice guy and deserves this position. Is great at building and has shared dupes for me to save although i got ratted and had to reset windows and lost them all . Which is why this would greatly benefit this player.
  6. Nick

    Don't know what happened but know i'm unbanned, my appeal has not been accepted or denied.. Not gonna hop on until someone clarifies that this unban was purposeful. @bat
  7. Nick

    Thanks for all the positive community feed back. I appreciate all the support.
  8. Nick

    Nah that was a joke edited my opinion straight after dont think it updated though Also agree with the subsections part.
  9. Nick

    +1 Would be a great implement and make staffing more simple for the players and the staff themselves. A useful usage of this was if: A new player breaks a rule such as FFRP, the staff could force open the section of the motd that explains FFRP. This is useful because most people arn't bothered to read the whole part of the MOTD and usually just skim over the first part and continue on.
  10. ~ Steam name: Nick~ Game mode: DarkRP~ RP Name: (if applicable) Tyrone F~ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:83692589~ Ban Reason: Accidentally damaged 12 people because i exploded (ARDM x12)~ Banned by: John Cologne~ Length of ban: Permanent~ Your Evidence ( that proves you're innocent / should be un-banned - NOT your ban screen ) 1. I'm trusted and never got a single warning or ban during my time playing 2. I was taking meth at the DJ's base thing and someone spawned violate blood, i knew that if i died i would explode however i thought nothing of it as i didnt think it would lead to it killing me and then me exploding. ~ Reason you want to be un-banned: I believe i should be banned and i take full responsibility for my actions, however i believe my ban should be for about 2 weeks or something with my rank removed as i have never done a single thing to harm the community in any way. I have a lot of play time on this server (almost 7 days) and used to play 4-5 hours a day in the holidays with a few of my friends. What happened was something that i regret and something that occurred in the wrong place and the wrong time. I completely understand how "ARDM x12" and is quite extreme but then again it was all from 1 drug in 1 place that happened to have people around it. I am decently known in this community and i don't see why i would do such a thing purposely with all the time I've spent on this server (and donated), making base dupes, raiding with friends and even making some more. Thanks and sorry, -Tyrone F
  11. Nick

    +1 Was a friendly dude and have seen him around more recently. Things like adv dupe would heavily benefit this guy as he does build a lot and I've even saved a few dupes for him.
  12. +1 Never see this man get into trouble and he is also very kind and deserves trusted. He has proved he is very fimiliar with the rules and i think he is a great candidate.
  13. Nick

    Basically yes. Usually give between 50k - 200k
  14. Nick

    +1 Have lost 9 million doing this
  15. Nick

    Neutral Haven't seen you around and don't know you so i'm going to leave at at this. (This could be coincidence or a bad on my part.) Note: I had to zoom in 500% to even be able to slightly read everything you said.