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  1. Imagine if all of us joining for a bit revived the server because other people see high pop
  2. servers about to die, may aswell give it to him before it goes
  3. i think my ban runs out then so sure
  4. +1 Idk man something the server needs
  5. Although TDM is pretty fun I completely agree with Patrick on this one. People who spawn who aren’t in the tdm eventually always get accidentally shot and leave once they’ve had enough. It also stops and people from being able to role play and do what they want as jobs like SWAT are being filled up by the people DM’ing. I think a pretty good way to go will be to organise about 15-20 people to play on the server a few times until the population slowly rises and becomes steady. I am sure there would be some people including my self that would be willing to just hop on and play just a little bit everyday. This could be done through the discord and it will really accomodate to get the server rolling. Most of the bugs found have been patched pretty fast which was some thing that also had contributed to killing the server and players. However last night alone I found a few bugs relating to the climb-swep and reloading which I guess I’ll send a video of to Jimmy as they’re not too major and hard to do. Something that also kept the population up was the variety of new content and updates almost comming every week, it kept the server flowing and stopped people from leaving. I remember when I first joined the server a bit under 8 months ago where I would play for hours a day with friends and we wouldn’t get bored. The problem is now that most people have done a lot there is to offer especially when not many people are actually role playing. Working everyday on the server with not many people playing would be pretty boring and you would feel as if there were no point which is why we would need to get a consistent player base first. Anyways (tl;dr), a jumpstart is really what the server needs. We need to get players together and have them play for a bit until population rises and some updates could get rolling.
  6. Damn, I've been able to get up to about level 40 from this today only... and it's decently cheap for me as well as it only costs 10 CNY (2 AUD) for me to increase my limit by 400. I'm up to about 5k now.
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^ What if you accidentally hit your dog while playing a game
  8. Nick

    Three word story

    goto the kitchen
  9. Nick

    Three word story

    Russia, he was
  10. Nick

    Three word story

    kfc chicken tenders
  11. Nick

    Three word story

    also really liked
  12. Nick

    Three word story

    Forearms and triceps
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