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  1. Nick

    Neutral You don't really brake the rules and all however you aren't too active and don't have many hours. (15 as of writing this). I have seen you around but I think you need to work on your OOC presence and also play a bit more..
  2. Nick

    Heres a toaster https://www.amazon.com.au/Sunbeam-TA1900K-Diamond-Toaster-Black/dp/B076JQDRFJ/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=toaster&qid=1558087951&s=gateway&sr=8-4 And! 10 things you can do with a toaster! https://www.amazon.com/101-Things-Do-Toaster-Oven/dp/1423606485/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=toaster&qid=1558087908&s=books&sr=1-5 About 45 bucks, your welcome!
  3. Nick

    Yeah I know I'm retarded, It was just my way of putting it, considering it's one of their major lines of products, and known world wide..
  4. Nick

    My phone is a iPhone.... The thing about this is an iPhone is pretty much its own brand (by apple) and a phone is the category
  5. Nick

  6. Nick

    I agree Its not fully balanced and either needs a damage or recoil nerf. It's way too easily to kill with... In this video here, I'm literally moving my mouse a centimeter. I tested from short and medium ranges as it doesn't really change from the longest point I recorded shooting from Personally, I love the gun and I don't think it should be removed. That being said, it's clearly a bit to broken in terms of recoil.
  7. Nick

    +1 I've waited a bit to reply, you're really active now, you've majorly improved your OOC presence and became trust worthy and respectful. Good luck.
  8. Nick

    Honestly 100% agree I didn’t even think of that
  9. Nick

    Yeah, never mind my last reply, although he made the threat, you did say "yeah I got his IP address" which was probably empty since GMOD or steam doesn't leak them through shit like wire shark..
  10. Nick

    Yeah i just saw this on the other appeal... Well on one hand, I wasn't in the situation and based of the video is wasn't excessive but It's still of course a threat and all Neutral
  11. Nick

    Huh Well honestly I and a lot of other people were surprised in OOC when you got banned and it's not really something I would imagine you would do.. However I kinda wanna see what Majin will say if she reply's because apparently you and this other dude were threatening to DDOS some dude..
  12. Nick

    +1 Talked about this in discord, its really fucking annoying
  13. Nick

    +1 Major behavior improvements as stated above and extremely active. It would be good to have more staff that actually play now days...