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  1. Submitted my Trusted Application a while ago, go check it out if you haven't ?

    1. Shadowwar1234™


      Application Accepted.

  2. Thanks, I will be trying to improve my OOC activity, I usually only said stuff in OOC when something was wrong or someone needed something. I will try to be more active in the chats and more assertive.
  3. +1 Agreeing with @Echo on this one.
  4. +1, Seen and played with Greg, very good in RP scenarios and good in ooc.
  5. -1 Throughout reading this comment section and the events that took place, I have seen him play and talk around in-game, but not much has come to my attention. So I was previously neutral however, now my opinion has changed. Since reading this my conclusion has come upon doubt and mistrust. I believe in first impressions being the last impression, and as a unbiased observer I can say with almost certainty that you should not be trusted right now, and should remain a normal member as long as you haven't, A) Improved your attitude, B) Improved your gameplay knowledge, and C) Earned respect. Mostly my reasoning for downvoting is the idea that you are playing yourself as the victim when you were the cause (Mayor event), saying things such as "I'm also disgusted that vera would do that. She knew I had not been mayor long," Just because Vera did a hit on you, does that warrant you getting angry and overreacting about a videogame event? I think not. Another part of the equation that I don't particularly like is the fact that you painted us, the community, as attacking you and we were wrong "So stop complaining that I'm an Immature Minge, Because I'm not.", when it was someone pointing out the way that you represented YOURSELF in the community. By getting angry and irritated at someone because you died seems immature (logically) don't you think? If it was really a problem you could've called a proper sit and discussed whether it was a legitimate hit, and if you did and you got denied as the hit was legitimate, all is said and done and the admin/mod/etc. has already decided the intention and you have no right to complain. Saying that you can criminalize someone such as Vera without actual evidence is what you put out with quotes such as "That's all the facts I knew, and from these facts" with this quote you're saying hey I don't know the full story, but even still I'm going say I'm not at fault and blame someone else just because that's all the facts you have doesn't mean you should immediately draw a conclusion. My main point is that the criticism of YOUR actions in the community had a first response of hostility and the ideal that It's not my fault, it's Vera's fault, or I'm not in the wrong because of this. If you seriously wanted trusted, you would make an effort to control yourself and understand all points of view rather than say that it was Vera's fault from the get go or that you deserve to go unpunished or uncriticized for your misdeeds. Remaining objective is a very important thing for someone who wants a future in leadership positions as deduction is one of the most important skills a leader can have other than communication. So all in all, downvoting for 3 reasons, A) He has lost my respect and trust. B) Used deductive reasoning with little to no evidence in order to criminalize someone and didn't value other points of view. C) Got angry, didn't control his feelings and lashed out at a member of the community. Also more things to solidify my point is Hagop replying with "OT: Last night I had to warn you for Fail RP, not that trustworthy for trusted right now," This implies that he either A) made a mistake, B) didn't know the rules, or C) Didn't learn from the criticism received. further solidifying the idea that he is untrustworthy and quick to change to appeal to the masses. Quotes from earlier posts: - (All accessible quotes from earlier in this forum) "I'm also disgusted that vera would do that. She knew I had not been mayor long," "So stop complaining that I'm an Immature Minge, Because I'm not." "That's all the facts I knew, and from these facts" If anyone has anything to say against my opinion I'd love to hear it, but please remain unbiased and understanding. And if i don't have any of the facts right please reply with the incorrect parts or features. Also this event is old, I'm merely identifying where he has made mistakes and he has made the wrong decision under my opinion.
  6. + 1, for being a cool guy and fun. -0.5 for advertising his app (I was there when he was doing it btw), I still think he's reasonable eligible for the position, but i'm not certain whether he's completely knowledgeable on a rule standpoint.
  7. Player Description: Name: Shadowwar1234 RPName: Select Rummage Steam Profile: https://steamid.uk/profile/76561198055346279 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:47540275 Steam3: [U:1:95080551] Donations: None Application: The reason I want this rank is for the community, I wish to help newer players out with their experience playing on the server to make it smoother without any rule-breaks and to help them enjoy the roleplay experience further. Since I plan to play on the server pretty regularly I will be pretty active in the future and a friendly face, also I believe I'm pretty trustworthy since I'm a Former Trusted on the now closed Poseidon SCP Breach Server. Not former due to rule-breaks, but because the server closed. With the tools provided I will attempt to stop severe rule-breakers when Staff aren't available using commands if necessary. I will also use the building tools to help me or others build their bases, shops, decorative pieces, etc. I Agree to use the tools provided to the Trusted Rank fairly and within the rules on: Thanks, Shadowwar1234
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